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How To Hang A Bicycle – DIY At Bunnings

Today, I’m gonna show you how to hang a bicycle.
Great way to store it where it’s out of the way and where it’s not gonna get damaged.
The first thing you need to do is find a nice place that you’re gonna be able to store it.
And I’m gonna choose this wall. Over here, we’ve got the tools that I’m gonna be using
today. So we’ve got our personal protective equipment, our glasses, earmuffs. We’ve got
our drill, our hammer drill and our impact driver. We’ve also got screws, spaghetti,
our pencil for marking and, of course, our bracket for hanging up our bicycle. So take my bike bracket and measure it up
where I want it on the wall. Our next step is gonna be drilling into the brick. Little
handy tip is if you’re going into any material and you don’t want your drill going too far
in, take a little bit of electrical tape like this. Measure out how far in you want your
drill bit to go and then wrap the tape just around the bottom and that way it’ll stop
your drill bit from going too far in. Make sure you put on your personal protective equipment
and plug in your hammer drill. Once we drill our holes, we just need to take some spaghetti
pushing it into the holes. The spaghetti provides something for the screws to bite into so that
they can hold your bracket to the wall. Next thing we’re gonna be doing is taking our impact
driver, our screws, and our bracket. And we’re gonna be screwing the bracket to the wall.
Now that that’s done, make sure that your bracket is secured to the wall then you can
just hang your bike up. Easy as that. If you’ve got any kids’ bikes lying around,
a really simple idea is to grab a bracket and attach it into a rafter. I’ll show you
how to do that now. Grab your drill, suitable drill bit, find a good spot. Next, just take
your bracket and you should be able to just use your hands to screw this in all the way.
The further it’s screwed in, the more stable it will be. And now that’s attached. Next
thing, you just need to grab your bike and hang it up. This sort of hook is excellent
for kids’ bikes. For more great how-tos, feel free to visit our website.

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