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How to Pick Bicycle Parts & Accessories : Bicycle Pedal Shoe Tips & Advice

Shoes that go with pedal systems for today’s
bikes kind of are an important choice to make depending on the use you want to use. People
commuting and who are going on more recreational rides where they may be mounting and dismounting,
would probably prefer a shoe that is a recessed cleat. In other words, when you get off the
bike the cleat system that engages the pedal is recessed inside the pedal. It doesn’t stick
out. Under this plate is a spot to mount the cleat, so when you’re walking you’re not feeling
that cleat under your foot. A clipless pedal shoe is not only specific in that it’s got
fitting to hold the cleat on, it also has a steel shank in it so there’s much less flex
in it and you get a much more aggressive interface with the bike pedals. You’re able to put much
more power in. Clipless pedals are a huge improvement over the original toe clip and
strap system that was very common in that you’re really able to engage and disengage
the pedal a little easier. There’s no need to tighten the strap to hold yourself to the
pedal. It really is invaluable in terms of using all the muscles in your legs when you’re
climbing. You have these 2 systems out there. Either a walkable shoe or more of a road racing
oriented shoe that where the cleat sticks out it’s setup to take a number of different
systems. The advantage of this shoe is a lot lighter because it doesn’t have any sort of
treading on the bottom to walk on to speak of, and definitely stiffer. You’ve got even
better power transferring to the pedal. If you’re really looking to get the most out
of your performance, then I would recommend a road shoe, but if you are looking for the
practicality of being able to get on and off through shopping, get around, then you go
with a walkable shoe.

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