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I Biked My Way Around Taiwan – Bikepacking Route One – Huan-Dao Bicycle Touring – 環島1號線

I Biked My Way Around Taiwan – Bikepacking Route One – Huan-Dao Bicycle Touring – 環島1號線

Thank you for joining me, this is a video
and slideshow of my bicycle tour in Taiwan. Starting in Taipei, I spent a week
photographing architecture and trying all the wonderful food. First order of business was finding a
bicycle I use I’ll leave with description in the link below. When I cycle I carry two Ortlieb
waterproof panniers, a waterproof North Face duffel bag, and a forward Ortlieb
waterproof handlebar bag. All of it can be carried at one time as you
can see here. here. Follow those brown signs with the number one
on it. That is the cycling route one, the Huan-Dao, you’ll find them all the way around the country. I did time-lapse on these long stretches where
there is not much to see. There was some rain on day one on the way
to Daxi. Nothing too bad. This is Sanxia Old Town,
midway between Taipei and Daxi. Things dried up the next day and I hit the
coast. Check the wind direction before you
leave. Check the wind direction before you
leave. You don’t want to be facing the same way as those turbines. Many cyclists skip the west coast of Taiwan. I won’t blame you if you do, it is highly
industrialized from Hsinchu to Kaohsiung. Expect three days of flat but gritty riding. Good news is that the roads are perfectly
maintained These are Suzuki Carries made up to look
like VW buses. These are Suzuki Carries made up to look
like VW buses. this is Dee Goo Cafe, where the owner gave
me a chilled beaker to try the pour over coffee both hot and cold. It was delicious, and he was very kind. He also told me to check out the Chimei museum
right down the street and Tainan. It stood in contrast to its surroundings. Taoist temples are everywhere, you’ll see
the dragons on the rooftops 7-elevens are also everywhere, the junk
food is good and the internet is often free. This is the rest of the way to Kaohsiung. I stayed an additional day in Kaohsiung to
check out the art scene, the architecture, and to rest and recuperate. Nice shed there… Many of the bike paths here were first
class leaving Kaohsiung the mountains close in to
the sea. “The Shouka climb should be first thing tomorrow” It’s a 500 meter climb
over 20 kilometers This is not a concern for an intermediate
cyclist. This group all work together, they climbed
the Shouka as a team-building exercise The Shouka Service Stop, this is the highest point on the climb. The downhill lasted almost 30 minutes. Within a few kilometers it opens up to
the sea. These concrete barriers are here to protect
against erosion, and possible military invasion. Some other interesting buildings there. I camped here on the ocean side one
night just before reaching Taitung. “This is a bike path exiting at a Taitung.” Custard apples grow in this region. Heading northwards and inland from
Taitung, you approached the East Rift Valley, which is full of rice fields and
small canals it’s a scenic area. traffic is much lighter in general on
the east side of Taiwan. this is the Mr. Brown scenic area was
made famous by a coffee commercial. Bring your camera. As you approach Yuli, these
decorative bicycles lined the streets, and mountains on either side. That’s a fried squid. Rice fields continue and planted forests line
the streets northward to Haulien. Manicured trees as well. Hualien had a lively night market. It’s the departure point for Taroko Gorge. That’s brown sugar bubble tea. This was the tropical bike bath leaving Hualien
to the coast. Beautiful flowers there. This was the most people I’d seen in Taiwan. The entrance to Taroko Gorge. Lanes are tight, but cyclists are common. Tunnels are never fun. I thought it would be in and out of
Taroko Gorge in a day, but it keeps going and going. Careful with the buses. It was getting dark, and I was prepared to
wild camp, but luckily there was a campground. and it was free. I saw a monkey there in the morning. There’s his butt. One riding a bike too. I would say don’t start with Taroko Gorge.,
because nothing else in the country compares. North of there things got complicated. Notice the sign there on the right. I considered making the journey anyway against
the council of my guide, but… “Screw that!” I took the train. It was a good decision to turn back and take the train. Because you are basically riding on a cliff
down that mountain range you see with no shoulder and later that day it began to rain. At the other end of the train is Jaoxi, which
is a spa town. I stayed an additional day, Those fish eat the dead skin off your legs,
by the way. so one last big climb before the final descent
into Taipei. Hairpin turns and “the works” Along with the tea. Taiwan is a coffee heaven. Back to Taipei. That mural is all tile mosaic. The tour totaled right near 1000km. 11 days on the bike. 14 days days gone from Taipei. I had rented the bike for three weeks, which
was plenty of time. You’ll need an extra week to explore Taipei
by itself. It has a wonderful system of bike paths. One of the many “scooter waterfalls” they call it.

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  1. Wow . . . what a fine thing to do ! I sort of skipped through, but I'm going to watch the entire vid, later. Awesome trip and thanks for thinking about us, as you did it. Love it !!

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