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Improve Your Jumping Technique In 30 Minutes | MTB Skills

Improve Your Jumping Technique In 30 Minutes | MTB Skills

– So here are a few
tips that are gonna help improve your jumping, nearly immediately. – Yeah, there’s one really common mistake when it comes to jumping,
it means that people can’t make enough height
to clear those jumps. So we’ll show you what
that is and how to fix it. (upbeat techno music) So this is the number
one problem I’ve seen, in all my years of coaching,
when it comes to jumping, and it’s all about timing. So a lot of people, when
they hit the take off and jump, the front wheel
goes up into the air. That’s when they want to
just launch the whole bike. And you see people’s
hips go up and forward. And often that means that the rear wheel actually takes off a little bit early. Or even if it doesn’t, you’re not just using that take off for both wheels. So, it’s really a case of
getting that timing right. Launching your front and
then your rear wheel. Right, so let’s diagnose a few of these problems that you’re probably having. And that is, with clearing this jump. So you probably think you’re
coming in with enough speed, but you’re not consistently
clearing this table top. So, this is where you have a good friend, such like myself, with a mobile phone. What you want to do is get a
camera out, put it in video. If you’ve got slow mo, that’s even better, ’cause you can see that
whole technique slowed down. So, let’s get this in line
with the take off, go on. Oh wow, okay, can see the issue already. Alright Neil, look at this.
– Was that a sweet jump? – Kind of ‘ish yeah, it’s
alright, see it in slow mo, look. It looks like, you’re coming in, when you lift and look
your back wheels kind of… – It looks like I’m lifting
the back wheel too early Blake. – You are lifting it too early. – Well I know how to fix
this, and it’s not on a jump. So you need your front wheel to take off at the very top of the up slope, but also your rear, we’ve worked that out. But to get that timing, the
easiest way to practise it is to find something on
the floor like a stick. Like this one I’ve found,
or a rock or anything. What you want to do, is use
that bunny hop technique that I always go on about, for
jumping, for making height. What you want to do is actually
bounce your front wheel off the stick, so do your manual bounce. And then a lot of people
who are going early, will then try to lift the rear wheel, and it will actually hop
up and over the stick. Let’s imagine that stick is
actually the top of the takeoff. So you want your rear wheel
to touch that stick as well. So bump, manual, bounce your front wheel. Now the hard part, you’ve got
to pause for a split second, with your hips down and
back, wait, wait, wait, as your rear wheel then hits the stick, then stand up and forward
to lift the rear wheel. That’s the timing that you need on a jump. So that’s the timing, it should feel like pop, pause and then another pop. So just leave your hips down and back, until your rear wheel touches that log. Don’t worry about it leaving
it too long to begin with. You’ll get the hang of
it, and then take that very same timing to the jump. You’ll be getting more height guaranteed. – Right, so after a number of hours of Neil practising that skill of jumping. Out on the fire road,
he’s finally done it. Take a look at this, he’s coming in with exactly the same
speed, but he’s clearing it because his technique is different. Just remember, pop, pause, pop. The most important thing is,
he’s using his body weight to bring that back wheel up. What you don’t want to do is this. By curling your feet on the pedals to bring your bike up into you, you’re gonna limit yourself. Because you’re gonna be
in this crunch position. And if you’re gonna case, you’ve got no where to bring that bike up anymore. Where is, if you’re in
that other position, you’re ready for it. You’re in a body position like this, and when you’re gonna case,
you can bring it up a bit more into you to clear that jump. There you go, he’s finally done it. Well done Neil, well done. (clapping) – So there you go, a few tips to help you
improve your jumping. Whoa, if you’re struggling,
keep watching this video. But if you’ve got it,
share it with your mate. And if you’ve enjoyed it,
give it a thumbs up, whoa.

100 thoughts on “Improve Your Jumping Technique In 30 Minutes | MTB Skills

  1. Give these skills a try! We reckon about 30 minutes of practice and drills will improve your skills right there and then! Prove us right…get out there and practice! 🤘

  2. Easier done than said. On the mountain biking track I like Whitetail Ridge, river falls wi, what I do on Jump #2 is I put my feet in front of pedals, lean back, prepare to lift, and sit back down and lean forward while in air. On this jump, i literally feel my front wheel hit the ground first. I like your ideas on your videos as they helped me with landing the tabletop jump at the same trail at the skills park with the manual.

  3. When springing "up", is that opposite gravity or away from the slope? (The difference is more noticeable on steeper ramps.)

  4. Great vid as I struggle with jumps and have had some nasty offs due to no second pop for the back wheel, and coming up short on gaps. I also then started tucking the back too early. Practice doesnt make perfect…perfect practice makes perfect, doing it wrong practice hurts…alot!

  5. Thanks guys can't afford a coach at the moment , this is a big help. Please keep up the tips. A little bit of detailed knowledge makes all the difference.

  6. You have explained in short about going off sideways on jumps in other videos, any chance you can go into it in more depth? I have trouble with this…

  7. Great tips again, i make them same mistakes you mentioned, i will try this technique and see how it helps, thanks 🙂

  8. I see his legs are extended when the front tire pops up but his hips are still relatively behind bottom bracket. 3:27

  9. Good advice! I learned clearing jumps april 2017 in bike park Wales after watching your videos. The most important thing for me was an earlier tip: slow down and try to make height by actively jumping. This was a game changer. Now it is me jumping. Before it was my bike jumping with me on it, going too fast into the jump with more speed and sort of squashing it because I didnt want to go too far/high. That resulted in a case every time. Now Im in control!
    I can recommend ”popty ping” in BPW – some good jumps there to practice this!

  10. This is one of your best videos guys, really cool edit and helpful understandable advice… can't wait to go out and jump now

  11. Hey guys, great food for thought! Quick question though. A lot of my jumping is done on the DH bike. What’s your thoughts on technique there? Is it as important to keep more rear preload weight to get that pop out of the rear? Might be awesome to do a jumping vid on the big bikes

  12. So awesome! Slow mo really really helps to visualize what i need to do. now i just need to practice! Thanks so much.

  13. If any one wants to sub me I will return the favor.

    If I get monetization back I will release videos on bike fixes, you can't buy. I will probably release them anyway, but it would make more eager to do so. I am not competing, I just asking for help, I will do my best find unique things to post

  14. Wow, I tried this on my ride yesterday and was wondering where the ground went. I had no idea I was doing it wrong all these years! Thanks guys!

  15. great video. maybe you should get a person who can sort of jump, but not very well and do a tutorial with them and see their progression.

  16. So I can't help but do the 'crunch position'. How do I stop doing this? Is this the 'pause'? I can hit a stick with both wheels no worries.

  17. Guys I have issues practising the stick trick… If I hold the manual when I stand up the front wheel raises very high and I instinctively pull the brake.. Is that normal? Do I only need to commit or what the heel I'm doing wrong? Any advice would be helpful..

  18. mientras hagan videos pa aprender weas ta todo ok . Also wanna video of building jumps , types of , learning, risk, ,…

  19. I can do a decent bunnyhop (with platform pedals) but i struggle with transforming it into jumps. It is so difficult for me to drive the front wheel into the air. I think it is because I try to do it lake the way you do manual on the flat ground. I get with my hips too behind the center of the bike before pumping the transition. I do not even think you should get your hips behind, just make a proper pump and then stand up and pull with the bars a bit and lean backwards with your back a bit. The steepness of the lips helps you with the front wheel, am I right? I will be countinuing with the practise, since I feel embarresed by being able to bunnyhop anytime on the flat but not clearing the jumps…..

  20. Hi GMBN
    My issue is the contrary of what described here. My extension comes too late. Do you have some tips to correct this. I'm struggling with that from long long time and can't find the solution to apply a good bunny hop on the eject (no issue on the flat).

  21. Excellent! I once heard someone explain it in a way that you forget about your front wheel because if you have speed it WILL go into the air and only focus on the back wheel leaving the lip of the jump so it is less to think about while you are practicing

  22. Did you overlay the video footage normal and Slow mo? Am I the only one impressed by this ? 😆

  23. POP PAUSE POP, POP PAUSE POP, POP PAUSE POP, POP PAUSE POP,,,, trying to memorize in my brain 🙂

  24. That's some great editing guys, the whole video makes loads of sense but really helped along by the style, big step up from other how to's 👍

  25. Can you guys explain what I'm doing wrong? I always seem to "squash" at the top of the lip. ..fear? Fixes?

  26. You guys rock! These tips have helped me with my jumping technique. Keep doing what you're doing… Your efforts are much appreciated and help us weekend worriers out!

  27. I really enjoy your videos. In my 60's so a lot of the things are beyond my comfort zone but always learning. Thank you

  28. Great video guys – can't wait to start using your skills tuition vids when my new bike arrives! Loved the final scene with Blake talking and jumping at the same time – NICE

  29. Thanx so much! Brilliant idea, trained two days ( bit more than half an hour😢) but than i felt like an aeroplane!😀

  30. I love you guys, I gave you a thumbs up… But Sam pilgrims jump tutorial was still better. His head almost fell off.

  31. Been researching how to jump a lot recently (since I completely suck at it) and this is exactly how every good MTB coach will teach you how to jump properly. Never been so excited to go find a stick and practice on flat ground lol.

  32. I love that new play back thing you are doin. Its epic and perfect to explain the point. Keep it up and mix it up with different lines

  33. Slow-mo plus normal speed explanation is the most amazing thing I've ever seen thus far in online mountain bike tips/tricks

  34. Great video as always! And your video editing rocks! Great way to show in slo-mo while explaining at the same time. Thanks!

  35. Thanks! This is gold! I’m struggling hard with this. Thanks for showing that exercise with the stick on the ground. 👍🏻

  36. Hey @gmbn I would love for you guys to make a video on how to crash. I realize it's not gonna be a pleasant one but I think it would be really useful for a lot of us riders working the limit. I broke my wrist really bad in the summer. Surgery and metal. I think I could have walked away a little less bruised if I have had some awareness of does and don'ts on crashing.
    Thanks for all this awesome content! Love it!

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