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Inside Cycling’s Lockdown – Hope In Dark Times | The GCN Show Ep.376

Inside Cycling’s Lockdown – Hope In Dark Times | The GCN Show Ep.376

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All: -the GCN Show. Dan: Welcome to the GCN Show. This week, we
are going to be looking at the very best of cycling humanity in the face of the COVID-19
pandemic and although it is only me in the studio today, we will be joined by Si live,
broadcasting from social isolation. [music]
Dan: This week in the world of cycling, we learned that Swiss Bigla-Katusha rider, Elise
Chabbey has recently swapped [unintelligible 00:00:41] for hospital scrubs. As a newly
qualified doctor, she decided to take the opportunity of an enforced rest from racing
to give an extra supporting hand to Geneva University Hospital.
Simon: That is awesome, isn’t it? We also learned this week that cycling clothing brand,
Santini, are going to be swapping making cycling shorts for face masks. They’re hoping to gear
up to be making 10,000 masks a week in a help to support the beleaguered hospital supplies
in Italy. Dan: Absolutely brilliant stuff. Vermarc Clothing
in Belgium are doing something very similar as our Kitsbow over in the US and I must say,
those ones look particularly stylish. Simon: To be fair, Dan, I think any face mask
is going to probably make us look more stylish but anyway, there are a fair few cycling brands
actually really trying to do their bit. 3T, who are based actually just down the road
from Santini in Italy, have partnered up with Elite another, Italian brand and Zwift to
create this heavily discounted bundle and they’re saying that all of the profits from
it are going to be going to help the hospitals of Bergamo which is a particularly hard-hit
part of Northern Italy. Dan: If ever there was a time to buy cycling
stuff guilt-free, I reckon now is it. There are a whole lot of other cycling brands that
are trying to help out cyclists in need at the moment. RGT Cycling thing for example,
that’s an indoor training platform, is currently free for all users.
Simon: Yes, that’s right. Normally, there’s a free version where you can make use of the
virtual roads and then a premium option, where you’ve got all sorts of added functionality
like structured workouts but currently, they’re making it all free which is pretty cool.
Dan: There’s another cycling indoor platform, Rouvy which are doing exactly the same thing,
that is free to all users at the moment, plus they have a fundraising initiative called
#RideForItaly. Simon: Yes, that’s cool. Then the last that
has come to our attention actually, is an Italian-based brand, they’re called by Bikevo.
That’s like a coaching and training app and that is also free as well at the moment. You
could get adaptive training plans and structured workouts, so you can do indoors. You want
to head over to their social media to find out a bit more about that one.
Dan: With that many different options for indoor training and so many of them now are
free, it feels like it’s the right time to address the question as to whether you should
be riding outside. Simon: Now clearly, this debate is all framed
entirely around what’s actually currently allowed according to either your national
government or your local authorities at the moment and guidelines are changing absolutely
rapidly all the time but even where cycling is currently permissible, whether you should
or you shouldn’t ride outside is even more of a hot topic than we thought it was last
week. Dan: Understandably so I guess. Actually,
I was reading an article on cycling tips where it said that French police are currently monitoring
Strava and handing out quite hefty fines to any rider caught contravening the very strict
lockdown in that country and quite right too, I’d say. Now is not the time to be breaking
the rules of [sound cut] Simon: Yes, that’s it. I’d tell you one person
who’s not [sound cut] about that, Arnold Schwarzenegger, famous cyclist that he is, he took to Twitter
to say that doctors are recommending that people still ride. This was as of last week
and so he was going to do so, but it was the only way he was going to be leaving his house.
Dan: No selfies though? Simon: No. He did say unfortunately, he was
not going to be stopping for selfies, which seems fair enough actually at the moment.
Currently, as we film this, it seems like in California, recommendations have changed.
It means that cycling is now allowed as long as you do it by yourself. That’s according
to the San Francisco Chronicle, anyway. Dan: The problem that can be there at the
moment, that it’s quite hard to find a place to be able to do a solo ride. Hotspots such
as Richmond Park in London might well have to close very soon due to the abundance of
cyclists and walkers that are using that particular park. It’s happening over in the US too. The
PhillyVoice reported there’s been a 471% increase in bike traffic on one bike path in the Greater
Philadelphia area and a 151% increase in the region as a whole.
Simon: It’s funny, we wouldn’t normally complain about loads of people riding bikes. I’m not
complaining about it at all but it is difficult trying to find that space when you’re out
and just seeing so many people. Dan: Yes, and you do feel like say, “Look,
we’ve been cyclists for a long time. We were here first. Don’t come out on our bike lanes
and club them up now.” Simon: Yes, exactly. Exactly that. Now, I’d
tell you one tweet I did catch from a guy called Brent Toderian who was basically saying
that the authorities in Bogotá, Colombia. That’s Colombia, not Columbia, I’ll stress.
Basically, they’ve had to put in emergency bike lanes in order to get people off public
transport and onto their bikes to help combat the pandemic. They’ve just carved out 130
kilometers of bike lane from normal traffic, which I think is amazing.
Dan: Yes, that is very cool indeed. I’m going to show that there are plenty of people who
are still riding their bikes outside. Now, this is a question that we posed to GCN viewers
over on the GCN app. I’m basically asking whether you’re riding your bike outside as
normal or indoors or not at all at the moment. Half of you said that you are riding outside
but you’re making sure that you do it on your own. A little bit worryingly, 24% say you’re
riding outside as normal. If as normal means group rides, that is not cool and not something
we’ll condone here at GCN. Simon: That is absolutely not cool at all,
is it? Group rides absolutely have to stop. Even if you’re riding as a pair or a three–
unless those people are part of your quarantine, which is a hashtag I saw the other day and
I really quite liked. Yes, you just can’t ride. You can’t mix socially like that. We
did joke, didn’t we, about blown snot rockets last week? It happens when you’re out on a
pushbike and yes, so you shouldn’t be riding with anyone else. No way.
Dan: No, not least due to the risk of an accident and ending up in the hospital.
Simon: Well, yes. That’s another point entirely. Anyway, there are plenty of people, obviously
like we said commuting to and from work which is great at the moment. There’s also quite
a lot of companies that are taking to bikes to do some last-minute spur-of-the-moment
deliveries in order to help people who are stuck at home. There’s one company that we
saw on Twitter called Velove, who specialized in last-mile pedal-powered deliveries. They’ve
been helping out a brand in Stockholm Sweden, who have basically got rid of four vans and
replaced them with four Armadillo e-bikes, which I’ve never seen before.
Looking at this video, I really want one. Dan, you probably do too. Imagine how much
beer you can fit on the back of that. Dan: Well, I’m just thinking exactly the same
thing. I’m actually talking about beer. That’s a very neat segue into the next part because
we’ve been looking at what [unintelligible 00:07:32] has have been doing during their
enforced rest from the competition. We’re going to start with Lucinda Brand of Trek–Segafredo.
She posted a video on social media the other day of her cool workout. To do it, she was
using a giant bottle of Kwaremont beer which she’d been presented with on a podium recently.
Unbelievably, that was not an empty bottle side, that was unopened.
Simon: I know. The restraint that she must have exercised in order to not open that giant
bottle of beer. Then, that might, Dan, explain why she’s got a rainbow jersey hanging up
in her workout room. What did you get a jersey for the southern area Divisional Road Race
Champs in 2002? Dan: Well, it was a Wessex Divisional Championships
at the time. Simon: A Wessex.
Dan: No. No, I didn’t. Simon: Well, there we go.
Dan: Meanwhile, Thomas De Gendt, like many of us is trying to keep, not just himself
sane but also his kids. Here he is, encouraging a bit of healthy competition out of the Gendt
household with the Tour de Quarantaine. Simon: Yes, it’s a proper taste of road racing
there, isn’t it? With all that road furniture out there, it’s not far off racing in the
Netherlands dodging the old park bench and post.
Dan: It did look a bit dangerous, didn’t it? Also, apparently his son, Timo, is now under
house arrest for five weeks for that shoulder barge against his younger sister. Rather than
the conventional 800 Swiss francs fine. Simon: To be fair, it was straight out at
[unintelligible 00:08:55] playbook. That wasn’t it but anyway, everyone seemed all right.
There were no shrieks or anything like that, so all good. His teammate at Lotto Soudal,
John Degenkolb was also looking after his kids but he managed to find a bit of peace
and quiet as well by actually sticking them in a trailer and taking them training with
him. He’s got a bit of pace on that, isn’t he? His obviously got formed John at the moment.
They’re tiptoeing around that corner a little bit.
Dan: I bet the kids are absolutely loving that.
Simon: I bet they are, yes. Dan: Finally, a pro cyclist Rui Oliveira of
UAE Team Emirates is rather costly demonstrating the difference between the haves and the have-nots
in this video. Simon: Are you referring to the football skills
that we don’t have or the toilet paper that we don’t have?
Dan: The toilet roll. [music]
Dan: It is now time for your weekly GCN inspiration. This is where you submit your inspirational
cycling photos or videos to the GCN app. We pick our favorite three of the week and each
three wins a different prize. This week, we are going to start in third. That person is
going to win some Contrast Edition socks in black.
Simon: All of you got them in the studio, mate?
Dan: No, I thought you were going to be demonstrating at home.
Simon: No, I’m brought them home with me, mate. I left quite quickly the other day.
[crosstalk] Dan: We should put a picture up.
Simon: Okay. Dan: To be honest, given how you looked at
the very start of the GCN Show, I’m quite glad that you are not demonstrating the socks.
Simon: [laughs] I got chances on that, I promise. Anyway, let’s have a look at photo, shall
we? Dan: Yes, this came in from Shortays, who
wrote, “With everything going on in the world and Vancouver basically shut down, decided
I take advantage of the empty roads and bike paths. My first 100 kilometer ride appropriately
reached on one of my favorite sections. Probably, the only time I’ll get this shot without hundreds
of tourists ruining the view.” Simon: That does look like an amazing shot,
doesn’t it, to be fair? Dan: It does.
Simon: There we are complaining about bike paths being overrun by people and Shortays
there has got it all to themselves. Yes, it does look great, doesn’t it?
Dan: That is a thoroughly deserved pair of socks if ever I saw one.
Simon: It is, absolutely it is. Second prize then, what’s this week, Dan?
Dan: It is the stripes t-shirt in black and red and the stripes t-shirt in red and black.
Simon: Nice, have you got them in the studio to show people?
Dan: No, but we haven’t gotten any of them in the studio because I thought you had them
all to wear at home. Simon: Okay. Anyway, let’s have a look at
the photo, shall we? Dan: Another great one. This one came from
Westernslope02, who wrote, “Great day to ride over the Colorado National Monument.”
Simon: That is amazing actually, isn’t it? Fantastic.
Dan: If I was going to be a critique, I would say that the sky is not particularly blue
in that photo, but the view is amazing nonetheless. Simon: [laughs] I’m not sure beggars can be
choosers at the moment, Dan. That to me looks like an empty landscape and it looks like
it’d be pretty hard to catch coronavirus there. Although there might actually be a massive
queue of people just behind, I suppose. Dan: [chuckles] It’s time to announce the
winner and the big prize this week for first place is a classic zip hoodie in black and
white, a classic t-shirt in maroon and black and a baseball cap in white and black. Actually,
Si, I did receive a baseball cap the other day. It’s my first ever GCN one.
Simon: Wow. I bet you look great in it, Dan. Dan: It takes 10 years off me, mate. I look
about 20. Simon: Yes, I believe they sell them in online
shops, Dan. Dan: [laughs] Yes, they do. [crosstalk]
Simon: The winner. Dan: In first place this week and this is
a brilliant one, it was sent in by Samjelliff, “Loads of traffic in Norwich so decides do
my district nurse visits by bike. Patients were impressed.” I’m not surprised.
Simon: Yes, that’s super cool, isn’t it? We got to maybe take this opportunity down to
just give a huge shout out to anyone who is currently working in the medical profession.
They always deserve a shout out, but particularly at the moment when things are looking so so
tough. It’s fantastic to see, isn’t it? Really is.
Dan: An incredibly deserving winner I think this week. Actually, over the GCN app, we’ve
had so many inspirational photos submitted due to the current situation in the world.
Make sure you get involved ready for next week’s GCN Show. All you got to do is download
the app if you haven’t done so already and upload them there.
Simon: Hey, Dan. You know last week mate, we were talking about Chris Froome needing
a beard tattoo in order to race gravel. One problem that the medical profession are having
at the moment is a lot of the male doctors are having to shave off their facial hair
in order to have the face masks attached. Actually, they’re going to really struggle
to race gravel this year. We should probably spare a thought for those as well because
I think it’d be frowned upon to get a beard tattoo if you’re a doctor. Yes, not being
able to grow a beard and then not being able to race gravel when the restrictions–
Dan: That would be the worst thing just as gravel racing resumes, you’re still not able
to resume yourself for a further three or four weeks.
Simon: No, basically like a beard quarantine, isn’t it? Really tough. Spare a thought for
those guys too. Male Speaker: It’s now time for cycling shorts.
Simon: Cycling shorts now. I’m going to start with some new tech because even though for
many of us, we can’t ride outside at the moment, it’s certainly not, in my case at least, quelling
my appetite for new tech. Dan: You mean like these brand new zip service
course, stem, seat post and bars, Si, in silver. Silver apparently being the new carbon.
Simon: How have you got them there in the studio? How did that happen?
Dan: They sent them over basically for the attention of Simon Richardson, but since you’re
at home in isolation, I thought I’d open it up and see what they’re like and they’re nice.
Simon: You don’t want to use them, are you, before I get back?
Dan: I might well do. I can’t deliver them to you, can I? I probably will put them on
my bike, but it’s like a bars, a stem, and seat post in silver. It’s really nice. I have
got something for you at home there, Si, that you can access. It’s almost a pun there because
it’s a new web platform called SRAM AXS Web. Basically, it connects up all of your connected
enabled components so things like your electronic Groupset and your Power Meter or even your
Quarq TyreWiz and then through your Garmin or your Wahoo coming soon, it then collects
all of your riding data. Simon: Tell you about that actually does sound
right up my street as well. It’d be fascinating to see. The data that it displays on that
dashboard, it’s everything from how long you’ve spent in each gear plus how often you’re actually
changing gears. You’d think short-term, it’d be interesting but actually long-term trends
that it would show could be really quite useful as well. Worth noting, Dan, that it’s not
just for users of SRAM Eagle AXS but actually first-generation Eagle will also work with
it and so will Shimano Di2 which is cool. Dan: We shall move on to a couple more bits
of cycling news now. Last week’s cycling tips reported on what is now the richest prize
in the world of cycling. It is a Strava change for female cyclists in the San Francisco Bay
Area. Simon: This is weird, isn’t it, but cool.
A guy called Mark Slavonia has put up $5,000 for the fastest time of Old La Honda which
is a 4.8 kilometer long climb, I’ve been learning, in the Palo Alto area with an average gradient
of 8%. It was going to be the fastest time up that climb by mid-April. Given the current
situation, that’s been extended to December the 31st.
Dan: At least if the record is taken during April sometime, we’ll know that there was
no drafting, would we? Simon: That’s true. If it was drafting, then
there’s a pretty high penalty because we went there last week, didn’t we? Let’s not go there
again. Far more community-spirited perhaps, [unintelligible 00:17:08] Orbea who are based
in Spain, remember which is– well, I need to be reminding, another country in total
lockdown at the moment. They’ve set up a Strava challenge the indoor 500 challenge. Basically,
a great way I think of getting people a bit more engaged and a little bit more infused
I guess about the indoor riding experience maybe, if you need it.
Dan: I think it’s great how much of good news is coming out of all of the bad through this
thing at the moment. Anyway, now seems like a good time to check in with a few of the
GCN presenters around the world. As we already found outside is an isolation at home as to
this man in the UK, not in the same place obviously, was Alan Marangoni of GCN Italia
is right in the hotspot over in Italy. Alan Marangoni : Hi, guys. How are you? Here
in Italy, we are locked down. That’s a sad situation but with GCN Italia, we organize
every day one-hour indoor training live on Instagram. We try to feed most of the show
and something else. We try to give our best for the channel but that’s not easy. That’s
not easy. Dan: Hack/bodge of the week now.
Simon: You know, mate, you can’t spring on me like that. I can’t even ever which way
it goes for me. Is it that way? Dan: It’s the same way as it is when you’re
in the set, Si. Simon: I can’t remember. I always take my
lead off you, mate. Dan: It’s from your top left and diagonally
down to the right. Have you got it? Simon: Yes.
Dan: Okay, ready, three, two, one. Hack/bodge of the week now. We’re going to start with
this one that was sent in by Cicero1906, “Too afraid to travel with my bike outside of the
car, I decided to purchase a fork-mount from my local bike shop. A piece of wood from the
local hardware store and some bungees to stabilize the bike inside the cargo hold of my CUV.
It does require me to remove the seat post and front wheel but I’m more comfortably the
bike inside the car than out.” That for me, Si, is a monumental hack.
Simon: Well, it is but it also suggests a little bit of OCD given that you could dispense
with a fork mount and just rest the bike gently in the back. Then you wouldn’t have to take
your seat post out which, for my own little bit of OCD, would do my absolute nut in. The
seat post doesn’t come out for anything unless it’s an absolute last resort. I’m going to
say that’s a bodge, mate. Dan: Hold your horses, Si, because he might
have extra cargo that he needs to transport which just doesn’t happen to be in the car
at the same time. Something that’s so heavy and sharp that he doesn’t want to rest it
on top of his bike. Simon: All right, okay. If his other cargo
is so heavy and sharp he doesn’t want it near his bike, then okay, that’s a hack.
Dan: I’m going for hack. Are you going for hack?
Simon: I’m going for bodge. Dan: 82% of people say that was a hack, Si.
Simon: Oh my word. Don’t get me wrong, it looks neat but I still think that that is
effectively a solution to something that isn’t a problem.
Dan: I disagree with you. Move on. Simon: All right then. Next up, this is from
Pedaleurdesham. This is called in the current situation particularly. “When your four-year-old
wants to zwift with daddy, pop the stabilizers on bricks, jam the front wheel, and put a
yoga roller behind the bike. Job done.” That’s cool, isn’t it?
Dan: It’s very cool indeed. I think we’re going to both say hack, aren’t we?
Simon: I’m not sure whether the power’s going to be accurate there, Dan, is it?
Dan: No. Probably not. Simon: Is that a bodge as well then because
she will not be able to have very accurate power?
Dan: How can you say that’s a bodge? It is a monumental hack.
Simon: Maybe if there’s a speed center on there I suppose, then that’s okay. Go on then.
It’s a hack, probably. Dan: You’re getting mad in self-isolation
at home. I rather see what the viewers said. 95% say hack, Si.
Simon: All right. Fair enough. Yes, okay. Dan: Anyway, moving on. Let’s see what you
think about this one. It came in from Jannis.Fritz. “Barbecue bike. Recycled my old bike, replaced
the fork handlebar, et cetera. Bought a bike trailer and mounted a gas grill on it.”
Simon: Whoa. [chuckles] I’ve never really felt the need to go out and about with a barbecue
before. It’s nicely done. I suppose there’s relatively not a massive amount of risk to
travel around with gas canisters and things, is there?
Dan: No. It is going to be made redundant anyway because I’m presuming that is not a
barbecue for one person on their own. Simon: No. That is true actually, isn’t it?
It’s bad timing, isn’t it? No one’s going to be allowed to go out barbecuing with their
bikes anymore, so you might as well just chop the bike off and just have it in your garden
again. Dan: I don’t think we can factor in timing
to whether or not it’s a hack or a bodge. Let’s pretend that everything is normal in
the world, I’m going hack. Simon: It’s a hack, pre-coronavirus. Bodge
in the current climate. Dan: Yes, and then hack in the post coronavirus
era. Simon: Yes. Okay, good point. 73% say hack.
Dan: Yes. They were able to put it in the same caveat about which period of time that
we were in. Yes, 73% if they were saying that was a hack. Moving on. Ez-rider– This was
on you Si, was it? Simon: Ez-rider. Yes. No actually, it’s not.
I don’t really have a lawn quite like that but that does look like a better way to mow
the lawn than your average hover mower. I’d be up for that.
Dan: Hover mower? Flymo, I think is what you were referring to.
Simon: That’s the brand, isn’t it? It’s like a hoover versus vacuum cleaner. Flymo versus
hover mower. Dan: Anyway, you say hack or bodge, Si?
Simon: It’s a bodge there, isn’t it? Dan: I feel I can agree with you on that one.
I’ll say bodge as well. 54% of people think it’s a hack, Si. Quite a close one that, but
it is veering on the side of hack rather than bodge.
Simon: I reckon that’d be a difficult thing to ride, Dan. You wouldn’t fall over, granted,
but there’s no way you’re going to be able to steer properly with that. I don’t know,
it’s [crosstalk] Dan: No, you might fall over if you hit a
molehill. There’s plenty of them in my lawn. Next up, we have this one from Hinrich.Aue.
“Extra stem to hold the Euro box at the front. I wanted the box at the front and to attach
it properly, I’ve added the extra stem and screwed it on. Served me well.”
Simon: My word. I don’t quite know what a Euro box is. It’s ugly as anything, but I
guess it’s a hack. Dan: You’re saying it’s a hack?
Simon: Yes. What is a Euro box? Do you know? Dan: It’s like an American box but it’s from
Europe. Simon: Oh I see. I don’t know how they’re
normally attached. This is difficult, Dan. Dan: Yes, it’s quite hard to pass judgment.
I’m going to do so anyway and say that’s a bodge.
Simon: Okay. 70% of the GCN app users agree with you, Dan, so I’ll probably agree with
you as well. To be fair, yes. Otherwise, you’d have a load of spaces. Actually, it’s just
a bodge no matter what, isn’t it? I’m going bodge.
Dan: Mediumspiny commented saying, “That is going to move and ruin the forks.” Well said,
Medium. Next up, Stevenjohnbaines. Simon: Now this, Dan, is quite intriguing,
isn’t it? This really should be the ultimate easy rider. Actually, no. Lone ranger, isn’t
it? More to the point. Where do you sit? Dan: I have absolutely no idea. It was spotted
in a Bunnings car park in Perth. Simon: Wow.
Dan: Bodge? Simon: It depends on what kind of bike you
want. If actually you’d really rather just be riding a stallion, then maybe that’s the
bike for you. Dan: Maybe you shouldn’t be riding a bike
at all if you want to ride a stallion. I’m saying bodge.
Simon: All right. Fair enough. Then that’s bodge for me.
Dan: It’s a bodge from 84% of you at home as well. All right, that brings to an end,
a rather awkward edition of Hacks and Bodges here on the GCN Show. Don’t forget to get
involved next week on the GCN app. Submit your Hacks and Bodges over there. You lot
will vote on them then we will and we’ll see if we’re in agreement.
[music] Dan: Next up, it is Caption Competition. I’m
doing this solo because Si has run out of energy, lightweight on his GoPro, I think.
Anyway, this is your weekly opportunity to get your hands on a GCN elite water bottle.
All you need to do is put a witty caption for the photo that we’re going to give you.
Now, last week’s photo was this one over at Pyrenees which was the last race that we’re
going to see for quite some time. This was racer Max Schachmann being pushed by his teammate.
The winner this week is, I’ll do my own drum roll, Earthian who put caption, “Hey, Max,
that’s streaming on the GCN channel.” I see what you did there, Max. A thoroughly well-deserved
winner of this week’s Caption Competition. Let us know your address over on Facebook
as a message and we’ll get this bottle sent out as soon as we possibly can. This week’s
photo is also from Pyrenees, not much option at the moment. It is Nilkas Arndt of Team
Sunweb. I’m going to get you started. Are you ready? Oh, cheeky. See what I did there?
I’ve normally got Si next to me laughing hysterically at this point, so I’m finding it hard to judge
right now. Anyway, put your wittiest caption for that photo in the comment section down
below or over on the GCN app. One of you will win this bottle next week.
[music] Simon: Dan, can I just say I did hear that
caption and it was mine. I’ve written that caption down for you.
Dan: How did you hear it? Simon: Because I’ve got you on video call
as well. I can’t believe you tried to pass that off as your own. Anyway, never mind.
Let’s crack on with some of the amazing comments that you’ve been leaving on the channel over
the past seven days. First up, under how to train indoors. I’ve got this one from James
Woods that made me chuckle. “With all this extra time indoors, you should really straighten
out all those picture frames,” which is a really good point actually, Dan. They are
looking a bit wonky today as well. Just before you go home tonight, do you mind just giving
a bit of straighten? Thanks. Dan: Anyway, underneath your video, Si, on
Sunday from Colombia, we had this in from JC, “Every year at the end of January, there
is a retro Alto de Letras something like Alto de Letras challenge. Basically, the road is
closed and all the amateur cyclists can climb it. In January 2020, we’re around 5,000 cyclists
and hopefully, in 2021, it will be bigger. Are you going to go and take part if you can
win out of 5,000 cyclists, Si? Simon: [chuckles] In Colombia, mate, I don’t
think I have a single chance but no, that sounds amazing and actually too fair because
it is a busy road. I said in the video there are a lot of lorries. The idea of doing it
on a traffic-free day would be amazing. This comment from Mahl Zeit points out the next
challenge to be Mauna Kea in Hawaii. We have actually looked into that one.
Sea level to over 4,000 meters but they basically don’t like people doing it because the altitude
is so severe and we couldn’t get permission to film either. That one is probably off the
menu for now, unfortunately. What’s coming up on the channel this week?
Dan: On Wednesday, we’re going back to basics and we’re going to show people how to hold
a road bike handlebar. Now, for a lot of you watching this, that will be very obvious indeed
because you’re experienced cyclist but when you get into it and it’s all new to you even
how to hold the handlebar can be quite confusing. Simon: Dan, I’m fading down. I’m losing power
again. Dan: Oh, good. Maybe you can practice holding
onto my brand new zip silver handlebar, Si. See you later. Then on Thursday, it’s Fact
or Fiction. We’re going to be busting a few myths when it comes to cycling’s racing legends.
On Friday, we have got the start of an indoor training challenge. How fit can we all get
over the course of four weeks? That could be a very interesting one, indeed. On Saturday,
we’ve got Manon Lloyd presenting her new bike. Sunday, we’ve got Ollie and whether or not
he can beat Blake in a game of bike on a gravel bike no less. That should be very interesting
indeed. On Monday, we’ve got the Maintenance Show and also the GCN Racing News Show. There
will be a good lead story for the Racing News Show, so make sure you check in for that.
Simon: I’m still here, Dan. I’m still here. Dan: You are still there. You could have done
some of it. [music]
Dan: It’s now time for Extreme Corner and you’ll love this week’s Extreme Corner because
it’s the only race you’re going to see for a little while. [music]
Male Speaker: Welcome back to the 2020 Tour de Quarantine with live images. Out on course
of our two leaders inside their final kilometer of racing as guy in the orange and lady on
the e-bike have found themselves with about a 45-second lead over the chasers behind them.
That means that they will stay away today and this race will be decided on the final
climb of the day. A decisive final climb, it is the Alpe D’ River, a beyond category
climb with an average gradient of 2%. This is where races are won and lost.
Already the attack starting on the base of the climb. Here is the lady on the e-bike
surges out of the saddle here. Guy in orange trying to respond but he’s having trouble
closing the gap. He just cannot get the wheel. This looks very good for lady on the e-bike
as she goes in the final 100 meters. She’s going to do it, lady on the e-bike wins stage
1 of the 2020 Tour de Quarantine. Dan: How close was that?
Simon: [unintelligible 00:31:00], didn’t it? Although, Dan, I couldn’t help but notice
that says stage 1 on it, so presumably if there’s a stage 2, we might get another one
too. Dan: I can’t wait for stage 2. That one was
enthralling. Simon: It was. Unfortunately, that is it for
the GCN Show for this week. For the first time ever actually, you can see there is light
in my personal studio and it’s going now, so it’s definitely time to wrap things up,
Dan. What do you think? Dan: Yes, I would agree with you, Si. How
would you rate our first remote GCN Show out of 10?
Simon: Absolutely brilliant, I’d say. We’ll leave that to the viewers to decide. I guess
we’ll probably get better at it, mate, and certainly, I will have two batteries.
Dan: I reckon if this was on the Hacks and Bodges section of the GCN app, it would be
a sort of 58% hack. We just need to teach a dad how to charge a GoPro battery. He’ll
be good for next week. Simon: Yes. Thank God, it’s not on the voting
section of the Hack or Bodge on the app. I’ll have a shave for next week as well. There’s
no excuse really. I might be in social isolation but I can still have a shave. Anyway, before
we go, just a quick reminder the GCN shop is still shipping. That’s one of the beauties
of an online shop, Dan, is that it’s not shutting its doors for coronavirus. Anyway, loads of
cool stuff as always. We’ve also got a few key lines on sale, particularly the fan kit
as well, so you might may treat something nice if you stop on your turbo. Get yourself
a new kit. Dan: Or maybe just the fans shorts if all
you’re doing is indoor training. That really is all for this week’s GCN Show. Let us know
what your current riding situation is at home by leaving that in the comment section down
below. We’ll both see you this time next week. Simon: See you later.
[00:32:48] [END OF AUDIO]

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    LeMond's place in history as a rider is secure but I feel his place as a 20th century innovator is under appreciated. As a Yank, I may be biased but I believe he was the biggest tech innovator of the 20th century.

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