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Inside women’s cycling

Inside women’s cycling

Gary Baños, carer: “For a stage like today’s, we put on the musette a piece of turkey with cheese, a salted bread roll…” “… some more sweeter pieces with cocoa cream and two bars, easy to digest and with plenty of energy.” Lorena Llamas: “What are you seeking for – a four leaf clover?” Malgorzata Jasinska: “Yeah!” Eider Merino: “Even if you don’t know them [fans], they do know you.” Eider Merino: “And then the kids come, they ask: ‘A picture, Eider!’ It seems like you’re important to them.” Konstantin Gubanov, carer: “At the end, you’re being an example to them.” Eider Merino: “Also, when we were kids, we also looked at the riders like that.” Konstantin Gubanov: “Exactly, exactly.” Kids on the background: “Movistar, Movistar!” Jorge Sanz, DS: “After this lap, which is the first one, one bottle goes out!” Eider Merino: “And after the climb, it goes up and down, but if you’re into a group, it’s easier to handle.” Jorge Sanz: “Don’t get too obsessed on staying with the top five guys. Remain calm, OK?” Jorge Sanz: “Second ascent, bonus sprint…” Jorge Sanz: “Eider, you must be strong there. If they start out fast, you stay within the top five. Same near the top.” Jorge Sanz: “Red is QOM and green is feed zone.” Aitor Elduaien, speaker: “They were big protagonists of yesterday’s stage.” Jorge Sanz: “Yes, yes, Manolet [Manolo Francés, mechanic] remains there. Where are they?” Manolo Francés: “I’m coming, I’m coming.” Jorge Sanz: “Eider. Eider! Manolet will take this from you later.” Jorge Sanz: “Girls, now we go down this little climb and in 2km, we’ve got a roundabout we’ve got to take on the right side.” Jorge Sanz: “Eider, as soon as you reach the summit, eat and drink, eat and drink! It’s really important.” Jorge Sanz: “Keep pushing, keep pushing, you’ve got to reach the summit with her.” Jorge Sanz: “After this, it’s up to you. Stay calm, see what you can do and save some energy for the end. OK, Lorena?” Jorge Sanz: “All of you, grab some food at the top, OK, grab some food.” Jorge Sanz: “For the sprint, you’ve got to enter the last turn first.” Jorge Sanz: “Come on, come on!” Jorge Sanz: “Watch your left side, left side, left side, left side!” Jorge Sanz: “Bravissima, Jasi, bravissima.” Malgorzata Jasinska: “Thanks to all girls and boys of the team. Thanks to Movistar. ‘Eskerrik asko!'”

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