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Iran / Tehran – Bicycle Trip 2012

“Siemano!” / Hi! 馃檪 First live video recording just landed [in short] There was no problems with Visa I’ve got nice, quick 14-days one.
VOA (Visa On Arrival) So.. everything went nice and smoothly I have Just exchanged money Here is money, This is… half a million of… “Tomans, Iralans..” or something like that..
which actually is 50 euro but, I’ve got half a million
what makes me “half a milliner”. Box with bicycle looks pretty good. however there are some loose
parts inside. I have lost some bearings balls
when packing, so not sure if I can assemble it all.. but… [Polish]
-Jak leci? -Potrzebujesz pomocy? -Wporzadku. Dziękuje, mam rower,
będę jechał na rowerze do znajomego. -Jade do znajomego w Teheranie. -Teheran?
-Tak. “Człowiek Iranu” coś oferuje
[wymiana waluty, “podwózka” Odmawiam, dziękuje za pomoc. Siemano! I have just arrive.. I actually said that already.. I was on the airport and meet super
nice Iranian guys. This is Sehil [Polish] -Cześć Mamo! And this is his brother. -Hello! -Peter, my friend!
-Piotr to mój przyjaciel. -Peter is my heart, is my friend!
-Piotr jest moim przyjacielem! -Yup, we meet on the airport they said that I’m their best friend. and I can not travel on my own on
the bicycle to Tehran and they have to give me a lift. Yeah, they also have a laugh about
it all, we’re going along Many things happens on the road,
everyone is pushing each other.. Yeah, all looks very promising.. Pare minut pózniej, środek miasta. Goodbyes went forever as my Persian
friends just dropped me off. They have left me at roundabout,
because as we know.. it’s best to stop at the roundabout. They have explained me that I have
to go through the tunnel.. Straight, straight, straight.. then straight, straight straight, straight.. straight, straight.. and later turn left. I’m putting my stuff on.. and somehow I’ll have to go through
all that. Everyone is smiling it’s cool :). Ok, I’m going for spin. every car here is scratched and
damaged. everyone is blowing horn, waves..
awesome! I would like to use an opportunity
that I can very safely stop here.. and show you.. how cool is driving in Tehran. I feel truly safe.. generally 1,5 meter safe pass rule for
cyclist doesn’t apply here.. but is replaced with 0,5 cm rule, for sure I have to go there, over there.
And here from right.. they racing from right..
flying from left.. Yeah, it’s fun, loads of fun. But everyone is smiling..
and that’s important. With all the language cycling is
very uncomfortable. I will have to get rid of those
kilograms, yet not sure how.. but some how will have to.. and for now
I’m going as there is still 10km.. Pózniej tego samego dnia. -Ok, teraz bede mówił po polsku. -Co takiego?
-Bede mówił po polsku. little confusion 馃檪 -jesteś nagrywany teraz! By the way this is two of my new
Iranian friends. This is Azim. -A to jest…
Jak wymawia się twoje imię? Erish? -“Erish”
-and this is Erish. And today we’re cycling,
we have cycles.. here.. -Bo to dla moich przyjaciół w Polsce
(nagranie) -Jak mówicie 5 po Polsku? -Piec -My mówimy “piec” po Kurdyjsku. Jeden.. yek, do, se.. Co masz na myśli mówiąc “po Kurdyjsku”?
Ty mówisz w farsi. -Ja jestem z Kurdyjskiej części Iranu. -Aaa.. jesteś Kurdem? -Tak jestem Kurdem, mówimy po
kurdyjsku. mówimy “piec” po kurdyjsku. ..Piec.. takie podobieństwo.. prawdopodobnie Kurd pewnego dnia spotkał Słowianina
bo Słowianie mówią “piec”, po rusku mówi się “piać”. Tak, wiec pewnego dnia Słowianie
i Kurdowie musieli się spotkać. -może.. To jest “piec”. Piec wielbłądów,

Biorę! So once again, This guys are my new
friends and we came here on bicycles. to cruise on the cycle track.. and what? And we are crusing here
and that’s about it.. so.. till next time. See you later! Ścieżka rowerowa dla mężczyzn. In Tehran there is loads of mountains. You can not see them but their there
for real! Apparently cars struggle up this hill
on 3rd gear, some on 2nd. and after 8km pedalling uphill.. with no luggage I’m out of steam. And this is only
very beginning. I haven’t left Tehran yet. I’m bit worried about it all. but.. yeah.. I’ll keep rolling. Today I was at my friend Erish place. Actually I was there yesterday but
stayed over. I have meet “whole” family all
friends as usually.. as usually they feed me a lot,
as usually I wasn’t allowed to pay it was super nice. and then.. oh, and we’ve been in park yesterday
riding bikes etc. later I’ve went to bicycle shop which was very good stocked up.
Had expensive accessories. and I was charged for bicycle service
of.. head steam bearings.. adjusting brakes, tightening,
oiling everything.. 40 minutes of work.. One euro fifty pence.. or something
like that. But apparently this is only because.. we’re
in Tehran and here is expensive. Well.. it’s quite cool game.. that you can ride bicycle here
on the motorway. I wanted to record it properly.. I think that London couriers would
be all happy for this play. this looks very interesting. However it’s difficult to capture
it all.. when you ride holding your camera
in your hand. and filtering in traffic. it’s possible to ride 30-40 km
between the cars. It’s good fun, everyone changes lanes
constantly without any warnings. I would love to record that but.. but to record that I would need one
free hand. so for now, only those slow actions. yeah, it’s super cool, have a look
yourself. fun! I’m telling you. When you going fast, it’s all good. They wave and say: “It’s good you
Gringo cycle on motorway” I only regret that you can’t catch
those “spicy” moments.. because you need to keep your hands
on steering :). but I think if someone has imagination
,he can imagine it. I’m out, see ya! Po wizycie w Ambasadzie Azerbejdżanu. ..and actually I have been
there second time because last time
I’ve forgot my passport. being little clumsy. so, today I went second time I have lined up in long queue.. at first people wanted to let me first hoverer they changed their mind
that I should go last so I stood there for
an hour or hour and half and embassy is open only three hours. […] …they have sent me
to bank and in the meaning time i have
meet “chef” he was very interesting figure guy drives nice sport hyundai
looks like a “bum” himself he offered me lift to bank
despite i didn’t wanted. I wanted to go by bike
but he insist to take me there ..and take back. to make long story short story… “Chef” drove in to parking.. he get lost in one way systems etc.. drove car counterflow..etc, etc… during that he scratched his car and someone else peugeot as he couldn’t fit his car
through narrow street other guy wasn’t bothered
“chef” ignored it too. we have continued.. I went back to embassy five to 1pm. (1 pm close)
5 people in the queue this time I decided to be cleaver
and force my way to the front saying: “I’m back from bank”. and so? 5pm I should be back
to pickup my Azeri visa 馃檪 to be honest to tell the whole story it’s impossible and it’s not worth to waste battery
or card space. so that’s it for now.. and beside this, it’s raining today
which is quite unusual in this
time and place I’m wearing shorts as forgot my
waterproof wear -Właściwie to będzie film.. Mehdi:
-Powiedz mi jeszcze raz co tutaj mamy?
Co to jest? W języku perskim to danie
nazywa się: Dolme -Ok, wiec mamy Dolme. -A Dolme to..? -Jest zrobione z
liści winogrona, ryżu, zioła także mięsa.. -A to w środku czy to coś jak
fasola albo ciecierzyca?
-Wydaje mi się ze to ciecierzyca. -Nie wiem jak to się nazywa po angielsku.
-Ok. So we take one like this.. wrap it in bread/ naan.. and you just eat it :). -Wspominałeś ze jest to podobne do
Polskiej potrawy. Gołąbki! tak jakby.. -my także mamy coś podobnego
do gołąbków. -ale jest to bardziej tradycyjne.. -Gołąbki są zrobione w podobny sposób także zawijamy w liście
ale w smaku bardzo się różnią. -Smakuje jak kwaśne? Nie.. to jest.. danie mięsne wiec nie wiem
dokładnie jak opisać smak. -That means: “Go, move!” -Such amusment is waiting for
drivers in Tehran -Tak znowu nagrywam. -Ponieważ to co zobaczyłem zaskoczyło
mnie trochę. -Zastanawiałem się jak ci się to uda. -Poszło. -Poszło 馃檪 Yep, this is quite amazing as
driving here require you to operate by centimetres or milimiters and as you’ve seen earlier,
there is no mercy here and our friend Sarah Rock it! That’s it. Cya! Dla moich przyjaciół
(tłumacze dlaczego nagrywam). The situation is as follow.
I am at new friends place they have invited me to their house after I’ve been in restaurant trying
to buy hamburger they said that they have to buy
me that hamburger and invited me to be guest
at their house. ..i wtedy jest ok.
-bez podziałów. ok, I’m watching my friend’s (Reza)
wedding movie and there are mens only, dancing. because when they have a weddings -he (Mahdi) will be filming
-when they have weddings.. women go on one side a have
their own party and mens go on their side
and have their own party it’s not allowed to have party together
as god would see it and that wouldn’t be ok. Iran je Git
Iran to bogactwo kultury, natury,
interesnej lektury, Mekka ziomali co
przed nami… ..a poza tym Jesień jest ładna ale z zima
troche przereklamowuja 馃槈 well.. it start to rain a bit. we are in the castle now. -Nieprzejmuj sie Ali, kerec “video bloga” nie przeszkadzaj sobie. start raining.. ..and.. ..there is very cool fog around due high
water condensation and low temperature.
[big bang ;] “Situation is”. That today we are on
“The Iranian Camping”. It’s has been offered to us
that instead of staying in tent, we can fo free sleep… at the camping. and “Iranian Camping” looks
like bunch of bungalows … emm
..with glass..
..and that’s it. theoretically they have mosquito nets
in the windows.. but it’s only theory.. as..
you can’s easy to skip those and so i wanted to show that there is few mosquitos
around and about few.. not sure if you can
see them or not also we have other creatures.. lubisz je Ali? lubisz je? -lubie je? tak, komary i te wszystkie.. tak, zjadlbym je. mamy darmowe sniadanie
i kolacje, nie? -chcialbym zjesc te komary. pewnie, zjedz je. “second attempt”
as previous clip I have been recording for 5 minutes
but ended up with a picture.. shoes. usually. we’re leaving Rasht in which we have “stuck” for 5 days for many reasons..
[Big up Parham]
[have you cleaned ure flat u lazy..?] and today is not so nice and easy.. it’s raining non-stop although we have waterproofs well.. for now these are water proof
in case of luggage when it comes to clothes.. it’s water proof from outside but from inside you are sweating a lot
end ending up wet anyway. but it’s alway like that. what else? we are riding toward sea
50km to go. Rasht in translation is
“City of rain” and we hope that when we leave here.. it will stop raining. sound naive but apparently it’s a fact
that 4 climate zones meet here [i think this apply to province..maybe :] what it means? I don’t know. in sea resort.. unfortunately we don’t know anyone,
don’t have hotel, address.. or we don’t know what to do there but its always like that. Pare godzin pozniej.. And this way today.. I don’t know when exactly 28 or 29 June if I’m not mistaken. Officially.. we have arrived with Mr. Ali! At Caspian sea. which.. not sure if It’s good to admit. till now I didn’t know that, this is inland sea which makes it worlds biggest lake
..apparently It’s raining all the time
we try to cycle in rain it’s possible however it’s
get colder and colder and less good.. less good. again and still we are by seaside
as we ride along the coast to city Astara. after 4 hours we’re taking brake we have decided to eat Fish as obligated by seaside tradition. Fish comes from basin. generally here is store with.. lifebuoy, sleepers, ball, kebab and fishes what else interesting? we’re about to go to village
to try.. find… “push” into
someones hospitality because it’s to cold for camping
and too wet everything is wet so.. ..also we drink tea now which perfectly suits current weather Nasz maly [“Domek Goscinny”] we have finally succeed it at last some childrends that
chased us around village they have get entry for us
at their home however home is a big word we have been given this.. not sure terrace or how to call it? we have here
Persian Carpet, pillows most importantly there
is roof available generally prediction for today was.. will be good weather however this didn’t exactly
work out. it’s raining all the time and this
roof had small leaks and at night it has been dripping
on our heads but it’s ok as everything
is wet anyway after yesterday and day before. so we will have to run from here as it’s not great here. we have used to Iranian
hospitality to much and failed there Today we are going by hitchhiking. with super nice guy. -“esm e man Piotr ast” -aha
-“And you”? “esm e man Piotr” [answear in Iranian- guess it’s “plesure”]
-“esm e man Tzara”. -Tzara so this is my new friend Tzara. -Tzara.
-Exactly, Tzara who picked me for hitch-hike. and we are going in these big mountains where clouds gather..
and you can’t see nothing That’s it.
I can introduce myself in farsi. and so… and he don’t know english
and we chat like this.. it’s fun and nice. Siemano! today for the first time i have
tried hitch-hiking in Iran because.. because.. long story. and so, in Iran they don’t
know what hitch-hike is and every time I was offer ride
either by taxi or bus or.. something else.. and i’ve said “no,
I’ll stand here and someone will stop” and of course it never took more
then 2 minutes always someone stop and gave me a lift of course alway for free and in the
meaning time they must take me for lunch or
buy some cookies or this or that.. or for sup and of course I never could pay
..traditionally. So hitch-hiking is unknown in Iran unless you are Tourist, then
its ok. It’s good. the thing is that all my
“arrangements” went messy [ustalenia;] Guy whom I supposed to stay over with phoned me, talked with my driver after he spoke with me unfortunately his phone died
or something like that and it get dropped.. everything with driver we misunderstand
each other he’s from Turkey
super nice guy I wanted to ask him whether
I should stay here. and he understood that I’m
informing him that will stay here. and so I stayed. I’m somewhere here..
10km away from city i was heading. however I think I’ll manage it somehow
not sure how.. will come out with something.
at last we’re in Iran it’s 10 pm and normally
somewhere else I would be little bit afraid but in Iran there is nothing
to be afraid ok I’m going to work on this… Plan. but, yet not sure where how
and what for Ok, “the situation is” as i have
been saying before.. I’ve been lost in the
middle of nowhere This is Beza. My new mate. -I was lost.. -He’s my friend
he’s my (..?) friend. and it turned out that this Friend who.. such a goodies we have here.. This friend I was calling,
the one with dead battery he went home, charge his phone, rang his friend and turn out that his friend
was 5 minutes away from me… I’m in safe hands.. at least i think so [Behza explain that I am
speaking Polish/Lahestan now] an so.. a I was standing on the
street 20 minutes ago where was dark and dangerous Now I’m well looked after generally it’s much more interesting so have a look by yourself Beza: It’s forbiden to film. Good morning! it’s 9th of July or something like that Today I’m hosted by Farid, Farid Powiedz Czesc,Siema -Czesc -to po polsku “jak leci”? Siema! Siema! Siema, Farid says “Siema” we’re at hometown in city populated with 100k people. it’s not tourist destination
therefore I’m the only one tourist ..since ages. second ago I was at barber’s place which said that.. I’m here once only, hence he can’t
take any money for me.. because.. because I won’t come
here any more. and it’s not good to take money from me it’s an interesting philosophy.. but it was impossible to convince
him to take any money. now, we are having lunch we have some pasta here on the top we have some
tomatoes, cucumbers. However, what I wanted to tell you it’s a little innovation. here we are eating herbs by putting all of them on th plate and everyone grabs hand
full of herbs put them here, here, we have chive here, apparently mint, parsley, and my favour..
emm what it’s called? Stary zapomnialem jak sie
mowi “dill” po polsku. eeee… dill of course!!
how could i forgot?! we’re garbing hand full of herbs
here.. little bit like a cow. not everyone must like it
but I’m enjoying this way, it’s cool ok, CYA! ok, today we’re in new place it’s again huge lake, almost sea. but, because of some reasons, someone decided to dry it because they collecting this
water somewhere (?!?) whole surface here is
covered with salt and there is “like sea”. I mean lake, very salty water you can’t see horizon ..generally cool view and here some “super unique”
mountains. apparently there are some castles
at the peaks it’s so salty that, water forms slurry nice, nice we are in ZOO I don’t like ZOO’s but we’re here. we’re standing by wolf cages, the one, over there.. when you approach him,
he’s aggressive but here is one more..
and look what’ll happen. You can stroke this wolf. he likes it. Today we’re siting in hotel’s cafe and we smoke.. “Lahestan” [Polish in farsi]
[Polska w farsi] We’re smoking now,
Hookah/Shisha and with it comes
different sweets regarding th pipe.. I’m not biggest fan, since I don’t smoke, but everyone encourage me that
it’s essential to try so.. I’m scarifying 馃槈 Pare dni pozniej.. w drodze do Azerbejdzanu. Pierwszym razem “odbilem” sie na granicy
jako że było zamkniete o 18:00 馃檪 Na szczęście miałem jeszcze jeden dzień wizy. “Siemka”
quick update yesterday I’ve fail to cross border
to Azerbaijan as frontier crossinf was closed at 6pm so I’ve slept in tent and today ..again it started apparently in Azerbaijan you need to
give bribes all the time the maximum so I was prepared and spent all my cash last hundred on tomato and cucumbers I’ve strike on the border today and it kicked off with
“bicycle documents” we have argued for ten minutes.. what documents? I was presenting passport saying
“this is my documents” they keep asking for
bicycle documents and me repeating. finally they given up. “do you speak russian?” little bit in russian little in english and so? yeah, they all said “good luck”
and “do svidaniya”[RU] and I’m heading at the “last gate” looks like I’ll cross bribe less to Azerbaijan I’m off, see you later! Koniec częście pierwszej “Iran” Kolejne części wkrótce. Podziękowania dla przyjaciół z Iranu za
niespotykana gościne i wspólny czas Subskrybuj się jeżeli chcesz info o
kolejnych częściach. Dzieki!

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