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Keanu Reeves Shows Us His Most Prized Motorcycles | Collected | GQ

Keanu Reeves Shows Us His Most Prized Motorcycles | Collected | GQ

100 thoughts on “Keanu Reeves Shows Us His Most Prized Motorcycles | Collected | GQ

  1. I didn't know Keanu was motorcycles collector. 🤔 well he deserve it. One of the most humble public figures I know. But hey go slowly 👈😳🤣.

  2. clearly i should have become a movie star so i could afford to keep all my bikes, and build new ones to order. kr is living his life well.

  3. Typical Hollyweird actor pushing the Hollyweird agenda even when he's pushing his brand. Millions of male bikers and this L.A cuck asked a female to teach him to ride?

  4. I wonder if he was not allowed to do his own stunts on the bikes. He mentions that he got to ride it..but feels as if he left out something.

  5. I am fully aware it will never happened, but i can tell that if me and him somehow started talking about motorcycles we could go for hooooours on end😁

  6. I thought, according with the title, we could see more about his vintage collectors bikes … but this shooting is mostly about H.D. / S&S custom ARCH bikes :((

  7. they're cool bikes but i hate the logo and name. It just sounds like the sort of name a bunch of dudes sat around a table going "think of a cool name"

  8. Well, I just subscribed your video just because, it's my BOSS, Keanu walking through his co-founded Arch Motorcycle..
    Lucky you, mate..

  9. There really is nothing like riding a motorcycle. Especially for me since I only get to ride 3-4 months out of the year living in Montreal, Quebec.

  10. I’m 36 years old and I look like 55…🤪
    I don’t have a bike I never ride one,, 😇
    I want the Ducati Pinigale V4R or the Yamaha YZF-R1M that’s my gold for 2020 ones I get divorce 🤣🤪😅

  11. My very first bike was a Kawasaki ZX1400 Ninja. Lol and I never rode before.. Haha. U can learn on anything, and now.. i dont want anything else.. its amazing.

  12. I'm going to tell you something that I like about Keanu Reeves and it's going to seem weird to everybody. Nice movies. It's not his personality. It's not the fact that he likes to date women in his own age range. What that says to me is he likes a challenge when he dates women in his song age range. Because at that age women ain't got no games to be playing with no man. Or no woman for that matter. It's the fact that after being in Hollywood all this time, Keanu has yet to bleaches teeth. Yes. His teeth are a natural color. I think it is so fake people bleach their teeth. Because they bleach it too bright to wear it doesn't look real. And he has his natural, higher power given teeth. And yeah they are not pearly white. But as you age your teeth change color. It means that you're human. You're probably thinking of all those things his teeth. Yes cuz when you talk to somebody you're looking them not in their eyes but in their mouth. And that to me shows confidence

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