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Lifeafter Motorcycle gacha! new costumes! new pendant! and many more!

Lifeafter Motorcycle gacha! new costumes! new pendant! and many more!

Hello Arthurians! welcome back again to my
channel, arthur gaming! okay guys today is the day, lifeafter finally
has a motorcycle for us to ride, finally after nearly a year! and i know you guys want to
see the gacha right so lets go to the mall and see hows it is okkay so in here we can see these must be
the rare items you can get from this box you can get the new costume, the motorcycle and
the pendant, below is the not so useful items you dont want that
ok lets do this so we just got the headwear costume, i’ll
take it, aaannd we just got the new body costume as well, nice, now the suffering starts here,
the motorcycle part, hopefully we can get in few tries!
okkk we got it guys we got it, so in here as you can see we can get the other skin of
the motorcycles, by exchanging this motorcycle voucher for the skin you like or for the formula
shards, how to get the voucher is simple you just need to roll again untill you get another
bike, then it will be converted to voucher as for the skins i think there is no difference
between the normal one and the other one beside the looks of course
anyway lets go and try this baby on all maps first i want to test this motorcycle top speed,
i wonder how fast it is compared to the one in levin city
so we just hit one hundred and twenty kilometer i think this is the maximum speed for this
bike, ok wdheck trains coming ok shit shit shit
haha ok we did it guys that was so easy ok i need to test it on other maps anyway ok that was the test drive now im gonna explain
the motorcycle itself,in here you can set the driving permission and ride permission
so not everyone can use your motorcycle, you need to set it first, and this is the fuel
if you run out of fuel you can no longer ride it, to craft the fuel you just need to open
your crafting tab and craft it there, andd what else oh yea you can also shoot while
you re on passenger seat pretty cool, you can ride the motorcycle in all maps except
nancy and charlestown

100 thoughts on “Lifeafter Motorcycle gacha! new costumes! new pendant! and many more!

  1. Wait a minute. I tot you say you wont gacha that mouse mouse ce costume again. And now you have it???

    Look like shining colector edition devil won again. LOL

  2. Every time the bike hits something an HP bar appears and shows the motorcycle has been damaged, what happens if it runs out? does it explode like Levin bikes? is the motorcycle usable afterwards? ☹

    It's look like fun and my smile grind from the start engine until end. When it's crossing swamp, wth it's not sunk. LMAO. I want that vehicle too, but need to waiting for 6 month tbh. lol

  4. Spent 23k fedcoins, still no bike. Instead I got the mouse keychain TWICE. I’m starting to believe the rumor about netease unfairly increase youtubers gacha chance is true.

  5. Ingat, klian yg missqueen lari2 adj d map (yg sma sni pelukan :')
    Biar sultan naik spd mtor, wkwk
    Top up boleh, tp jgn lupa real life, y kcuali klian nolep wkwk

  6. That would be too op if can use in CT xD. My campmate spent 2k to get all outfit plus bike😭 while her husband around 7k plus.

  7. Bro.. Can u let me know wht spec your using, i mean full spec like this for example
    SPEC: Motherboard Gigabyte H110 | Prosessor Intel Core i5 6500 3.2 Ghz | RAM V-Gen 16GB | VGA GALAX GTX 1050 TI 4GB DDR5 | PSU Cooler Master Elite 500W | HDD Seagate Barracuda 1TB

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