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Live Rescue: Little Dirt Bike Accident (Season 2) | A&E

on a dirt bike when
they hit a wall. Sounds like he’s been
bleeding from the mouth. Right now, we got
reduced code 2, so maybe less of a critical call, but
we’ll get him checked out. – What’s up, buddy? – How’s it going? – He was, uh, in the
front of a motorcycle with this other young lady. Instead of putting his hands
on the actual, the front of the bike, he
actually gassed it. – OK. And they were sitting
on the corner. From the corner, they actually
crossed across the street and hit the wall. – OK. – No loss of consciousness. He got scrapes on
his hands, knees. You see a some
little bit of scrapes on his face, a healthy kid, not
taking any meds, no allergies. He’s got a little
gashes on his lips, but his teeth are all intact. – Cool. – And that’s really it. – How’s it going, bud? And we’re going
to sit right here. – It’s way up high, OK? – Here we go. – All right. – Ah, you got dad
to come with you? – Cool.
– [inaudible] – How’s it going, dad? We’ll let him sit
in the [inaudible].. – Bench seat for– – Well, uh, yeah whatever seat. – All right, sorry. – Sorry, buddy. – I think he’s–
he’s [inaudible].. They’re back to back, so– – Are you the oldest? – It hit a wall going about– it sounds like low speed. He’s not wearing any helmets. It sounds like instead
of grabbing the brake, he grabbed the throttle
ended up hitting the wall. He’s got some facial abrasions,
no loss of consciousness, so he’s doing pretty good,
all things considered. – Any, like, dizziness, blurred
vision, anything like that? – Uh, no. – No? And you remember
the whole thing? – Yeah. – OK. All right, and your head is
just hurting all right here? – Yeah. – Nothing here and
nothing back here still? – No. – There’s still nothing here? – No. – OK, good. He was probably going about
10 to 15 miles an hour. That– that would be our
guess from what we saw. Uh, the good thing is he
said he remembers [inaudible] and getting knocked out. There’s no neck pain. There’s no back pain.
– Yeah. – Of course he has a headache,
but you can see where there’s still some swelling on his
forehead and on his lip, but I know it’s scary. Accidents happen, but–
– Yeah, yeah. – Things are looking
pretty good right now. His vitals are phenomenal. So–
– That’s good. – It’s just a scary
moment right now. You comfortable buddy? – Yeah. – You want a blanket? – No. – No? I wish I had more stickers
to give you, but I’m out. So you play soccer. You ride dirt bikes. You’re a superhero. What else you do? – Uh, I– I, uh, I like basketball. – Yeah? Who’s your favorite team? – Uh, the Kings. – The Kings? All right. – So Louis, we’re going to be
pulling up in just a minute, kind of like when I told
you before, you know, we’re going to go
in, and we’re going to tell the nurses and
the doctors what happened. And I’ll take care of you,
might do some x-rays, um, and they’re just going to
get you all– all good, OK? – Yeah. – Awesome. We are here. Hey, you know what this is? – No. – It’s basically water. So when he opens the
door, just squirt him. Squirt him, squirt
him, squirt him. – Oh, did he spray me? [laughter] Nice shot. – For a second, I thought
he was going to get capped.

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