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Lonavala Adventure Bicycle Ride to Thokarwadi Dam!

Lonavala Adventure Bicycle Ride to Thokarwadi Dam!

It’s a lovely weather, Isn’t it ? Welcome to Honey Bee Adventures . We are right now in Lonavala and going towards Thokarwadi Dam Let’s see how it Goes ! In case If you are wondering Where am I Right Now I am Right Now in Malavli , we have to go there you see that Mountains ? Behind That ! Is Thokarwadi Lake ! and it is where we have to go ! So let’s go ! Let’s Go ! So , this is his house there ! So nice of him I met him on the Road ! Thankyou very much Sir ! So , Finally we have reached Anjeri mata Temple ! This is the Lovely Temple ! Nilesh is waving ! My cycling Buddy Today It’s so Calm Here To watch such Beautiful Videos , like This ! Do like my Channel , Do subscribe and Comment If you have any Request , I would certainly show You ! It would be a great thing for me. Thankyou !

2 thoughts on “Lonavala Adventure Bicycle Ride to Thokarwadi Dam!

  1. Hi Bro. I liked all ur videos. I am Chandan from Sion Chunabhatti Mumbai. Interested in joining your great team. But problem is I dont have a Bicycle. Its been like 25 yrs I have left cycling. I am 38 now and really wanna try after a very long time. I have been bzy with my call centre job night shifts fixed since past 15 years and sleep during day time everyday. I dont know how should I but really want to start something that can become good exercise

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