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Motorcycle Cell Phone & GPS Handlebar Mount Review

Are you looking for a way to securely mount
your cell phone, GPS or other personal electronic device to the handlebars of your motorcycle? If you are here are a few questions you may
want to ask yourself as you’re going through your selection process. Number one; do you want a mount that will
securely hold your device while you’re riding? Number two; do you want a mount durable enough
so it will not come apart on your motorcycle? And lastly number three; do you want a mount
that will look attractive on your motorcycle? If you answered yes to all three questions
you only have one choice, the TechGripper personal device holder from Techmount. The Techmount mounting system is crafted from
solid aircraft grade billet aluminum through their patent CNC process and are available
in either a chrome finish or anodized black finish and are available in two sizes. The most popular size is the 4-30912, which
fits all tubular handlebars from 7/8” to an inch and a quarter. And we have our larger size, part number 4-30918,
which fits all tubular handlebars from an inch and a half to two inches. Next the TechGripper personal device holder
is injection molded using Dupont Delrin Acetel Resin which as the strength of steel and has
internal stainless steel springs so it will never rust or come apart on you. The TechGripper’s gripping range is from
1.9 inches to 4.2 inches so it will hold a device as small as an iPod and all cell phones
including the iPhone 6 Plus, the Samsung Note and most GPS devices. And the TechGripper’s gripping power is
18 pounds per square inch and has been tested at high speeds, so you can be assured that
your device will never become dislodged while your riding. The handlebar mount only take a few minutes
to install by simply unscrewing the two allen bolts, separating the halves, then placing
the appropriate sizing sleeve on your handlebar and then putting the two parts together and
tightening the bolts. The Techmount system shaft has a 17mm ball
that interfaces with the various Techmount mounting cradles that includes their GoPro
camera interface, radar detector top plates and of course their TechGripper personal device
holder. Now if you like to extend the length of your
shaft, we also have two pivoting extension shafts you can choose from, one in two inch
and one three inch. We also have other Techmount mounting system
available on our website that will enable you to mount virtually any
device to any motorcycle including stem mounts, mirror mounts, control mounts, fairing mounts
and fork tube mounts. And if you’re watching this video on our
YouTube channel right now you can click on the banner on the top of this video which
will take you to our website. Then by selecting the motorcycle mount you’re
interested in, you can press the Additional Info button here to view the various motorcycles
the mount will fit. And if you have any questions, you can always
reach out to us, 24/7 by using the contact form on our website. This is Radar Roy, from,
thanks for watching and remember Ride Safe, Ride Smart, but most of all Ride

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