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Motorcycle Windshields – How to Measure & Install – Video Guide: Tip of the Week

Motorcycle Windshields – How to Measure & Install – Video Guide: Tip of the Week

How to measure to determine a proper height
windshield. Welcome to this week’s Cruiser Customizing
tip of the week. This week I’d like to spend a little bit of time talking about windshields.
We’ve got handlebar mount windshields, we’ve got fork-mount windshields, but the overall
question: how do I properly measure the height of the windshield before choosing which windshield
to purchase? This week I’m going to show you not only
how to measure the correct height of a windshield, but I’m also going to show you in an install
on this V-Star 1300. This install is going to show you how to choose the proper height
windshield for the application you’re looking for, how to mount the windshield brackets
to the bike, and how to mount the windshield to those brackets. I hope this tip of the
week is going to be very beneficial for you. So what is the proper height of a windshield?
According to Memphis Shades, the best place to have your windshield set is right between
your nose and your lip. It’s going to have to have enough height so the wind’s going
to hit it and deflect up and over your helmet. This measurement can be done by yourself by
simply taking a tape measure, extending it, and holding it out in front of your bike,
roughly the same length as the forks coming out and getting a measurement. You can get
a rough measurement this way but I recommend hiring one of your buddies to come out and
help you. Jerry, do you mind? So what you’re going to want to do here
is you’re going to want to get your buddy to hold the tape measure out, go ahead and
lock it in place–now the key here is you’re going to want the tape to be just about an
inch or so above the headlight to compensate for the windshield curve and you’re going
to want to hold the tape at roughly the same angle as the windshield’s going to appear. From this point you’re going to run your
hand straight out and ask your buddy what the height of that windshield should be. [Jerry] Right at 17. [Kyle] So right here I’m measuring a 17
inch windshield. Now if you’re near a retailer who sells Memphis Shades windshields, they
should have a Memphis Shades demo shield. This shield is invaluable when trying to measure
for a windshield. Once again, I’m going to enlist the help of Jerry here, and Jerry’s
going to hold this windshield about an inch or so above the headlight and roughly the
same degree that the windshield will be facing. As you can see with the Memphis Shades trial
shield, it’s marked from 20 inches clear up to 21 inches. The proper shield for me
I’m going to measure the same way. I’m going to take my hand straight out and as
you can see, I’m right at that 17 inch mark. Now this is for Jerry’s bike so I’m going
to measure for Jerry and mount the shield according to Jerry’s specifications. Go ahead and run your hand out there Jerry. Jerry is once again right at about the 17
inch mark. So we’re going to pull the Memphis Shades 17 inch fats that we’re going to
mount to this bike after installing his Memphis Shades mounting brackets. Here we are with this Memphis Shades 17 Inch
fat installed at just the right height. Remember, when you’re sizing a windshield:
somewhere between your nose and your upper lip, directly in front of you is the height
that you would like to get the proper full shield fit. Thank you for watching this week’s Cruiser
Customizing tip of the week. Don’t forget to check out the windshield install video.
Until next week, take care and ride safe.

13 thoughts on “Motorcycle Windshields – How to Measure & Install – Video Guide: Tip of the Week

  1. What about for a smaller bike like my 1972 Honda CB100? You think I could find a windshield that will fit it? It's not big like a Shadow, but it is bigger than a Honda Metropolitan.

  2. It would help if you mentioned how tall you and Jerry are so people would know what size windshield is right for them.

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