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Moustache Bikes – Née dans les Vosges

Moustache Bikes – Née dans les Vosges

Moustache started
as an idea, an instinct almost 10 years ago. In Scandinavia, in Northern Europe, we saw electric bikes starting to appear. In France, we saw a few urban models appear, but on the contrary
mostly Chinese entry level products. Nothing corresponded to
what I wanted from an electric bike. Being a passionate cyclist,
I wanted to open the usage of bikes to a whole bunch of non riders,
and for me, electric bikes were an incredible way of achieving this aim. Manu had an idea in his head. Manu needed someone whose skills
were complementary to his own. Everything happened naturally,
we met at the end of the year. I met Greg a little while after
and we shared this same idea we were both on the same wavelength. And then, several months later, we were totally aligned in terms of vision and then we set off at 200% in our project. From the outset the bikes were high performance because we chose to work only with Bosch which was in fact one of
the characteristics of our products. We weren’t satisfied with
what we found on the market. From the first range, we covered urban use to MTB, passing by touring bikes
or more sporty urban riding. The evolution happened very quickly.
We passed from 2 to 100 colleagues, so 100 we could say that
it’s a lot but at the same time it happened quickly and we try to keep this contact with our colleagues just like
we could do at the start. We all come together around this idea of excellence, of a premium touch at every level, whether it’s in the design
from the conception of products to the level of service
that we offer to our retailers or consumers
and I have the impression that it’s something
that’s very well ingrained in us. We developed a wider,
more varied range. We innovated everywhere. We have high performance full suspension MTBs, that continually evolved over several years. Welcome to Moustache! I’m going to take you on a short
guided visit of our premises, follow me! Here, we are in the showroom which is an exhibition space
to show all our products all the Moustache families. We’re now in the offices, with different departments,
accounting, management, and commerce which we find here, and be careful, the top secret R&D department
which is in the back, a little hidden away. Usually, any needs come
from a lot of observation, a little bit of evolution
of the world, of riding style, and sometimes it’s feedback from users that creates our new needs. Some bikes are born simply
from comments from consumers who tell us “I want to do this with my bike,
but I also want to do that”! I push the teams to think as a user and to know exactly what we need,
how to improve things, what we can do knowing that
electric motors open up the usage of bikes, we must be open minded in order
to imagine everything we can do with it. We live electric, that’s to say
that we get about on electric bikes, we ride electric MTBs, we ride electric road bikes, we have plenty of little projects still in our
heads around electric assisted riding. We are an electric pure player, that’s to say that we only make electric bikes, we think, we sleep, we ride, we only do electric. This gives us an edge over the others from
the fact that we were one of the first to make them and even if the competition
is intensifying, inevitably, we keep this edge. We were convinced from the start that
in any case the full range of usages would eventually tip over and become electric. Now we are in the production section with the various people who
work on building our bikes. It’s an essential part of course, but another essential ingredient
for us is the quality section, with a very rigorous quality control, that enables us to ensure that bikes
come out of the factory without any faults. It comes from an idea, it comes from an analysis, behind which we are a team of engineers
who are going to work on this idea, a whole team who are going to work
beforehand to develop the product and then we are going to choose the components such as Bosch, we have chosen to have
essentially European parts. And once all the parts are received, we go onto the assembly stage
that we see behind me, and here we have an operator
who is going to build an entire bike, that is an important
Moustache characteristic in order to have the best quality,
and the greatest pride for the operators. Once it’s built, we go onto quality control and it’s ready to be sent out
to one of our dealers. The end of the process,
the Moustache bike is now fully assembled! We are at reception and dispatch and it will go to a store to find
a new Moustache owner! We have an incredible territory
for all riding styles! In just a few minutes we are in the forest, we have magnificent forests! We are both from the Vosges,
we have our roots here, our families, we are used to riding here and we are also really proud to highlight the area through the development of Moustache! If I recall the first
moments of difficulties with Greg, the first employee, the second, etc. Creating a business isn’t easy, having
a fast development isn’t easy, but the thing of which I am most proud today is not even the amount of products
but it’s having created a hundred jobs! The idea that we could be here today was neither in Manu’s head, nor in mine. Obviously, we are incredibly proud of that,
it’s what we are most proud of, to have created a hundred
jobs around this project. Finally, my deepest satisfaction,
is the impact that we can have locally, it’s all the guys who are here,
all the girls who are here, who work with us, and that’s my greatest satisfaction,
even above the bikes.

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