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My Bike Rack that also holds a helmet and shoes: DaHANGER

(door opening) – Morning, Trainiacs. Everyone, everyone is always asking me, “What are the bike
hangers in the backgrounds “of your videos over here?” Like this one, this one right here, where you hook the saddle onto
this little felt part here, and you got room for
your helmet and shades, or, even your shoes on top. So many people asked, that DaHÄNGER, the company that makes these things, reached out to me, and they’re like, “Hey, we’re getting a lotta orders. “Do you talk about our stuff?” I’m like, yeah, actually, it’s in the background
of a ton of my videos. And they’re like, “Hmm, can we send you a new one? “It looks like your thing in
the middle is not a DaHÄNGER.” So, this thing goes out, that thing goes in today. We’re gonna do that
later, ’cause it’s early. I need my spirulina and
bullet-proof coffee. (sips) Mmmm! And then we’re goin’
for a swim, hmm, ‘kay? (upbeat dance music) (slow techno music) Okay, so when I set up
this whole setup here, I had this first bike rack from Saris, and this is like an
award-winning bike rack, LED light that’s supposed to shine down, and it cradles your
bike in this nice cork, but to be perfectly frank with you, it was not great. A, because it just didn’t fit! So I had to have it
hanging here, like that, and then it scared the bejesus outta Mel, when it fell off the ground,
just a few weeks ago, because the cork came off. It’s not really made for
being hung by the seat, but that is. (tool noises) Whoever invented Philips head screws must have had a very
sad, lonely childhood. (tool noises) That’s better. Sick of havin’ that
Ventum be on the floor. It does not deserve that. Over the last few days,
since I announced the triathlon virtual camp,
and the series of them, the three of them that are available starting at the end of November through to the middle of December, there have been, say, about
a half a dozen questions that keep coming up over and over. So much so, that I had to create, like, an FAQ for No Triathlon Kim
to get back to everyone, ’cause it was just over, and that’s what frequent questions are. First off, a lot of people say, “Well, what if I don’t have somebody “to tape me while I’m in the pool?” Any waterproof phone is good enough. You don’t need a very fancy GoPro, and you don’t even need anyone
to tape you in the pool. The video that I did with
Brenton from Effortless Swimming, I did that entirely on my own, and I just set up a camera
and put it one angle, put it another angle,
put it another angle, and I’ll give you instructions
on how to do all this, and I did it all myself. Basically, if I can get a couple of shots that show somebody swimming,
that gives me enough to give some advice. The other question is a little tougher, a little dicier, and that is, what if your pool doesn’t allow filming? Well, my pool doesn’t allow swimming. I just did it once, and then I did it again,
and then I did it again, and then I did it again, and then, eventually, I asked for
forgiveness, not permission, and what I had to
explain to them was like, I’m literally just shooting myself, and in your case, if
you just set it up once, and inconspicuously have it set up on you, you should be okay. They’re not gonna ban you
for the rest of your life. They might just come
and be like (babbling). That’s basically what I
get, and then I’m like, ah, yeah, yeah, sorry, sorry, sorry, yup, yup, I was just getting myself, and then I do the same thing the next day. Now, how fancy does all of
this footage need to be? Like I say, with the swimming, a GoPro, an iPhone, just a little bit of
footage, more than enough. The running footage? Even easier. Just set it up off to the side, and then, in front of you one time, on a treadmill, like one shot. That’s all I need. I think, for most people, this is the biggest impediment to registering, but it’s probably the easiest
one to not worry about, and that is, “How am I going to deal
with different time zones?” For all of the workouts,
what I’m gonna do is I’m going to actually
prerecord the workouts, and the instructions for the
workouts that are coming, the next day, and they’ll
be sent out to you. You will have a prerecorded video that, whether it is 5am my time, 5am your time, 10pm your time, you can do
it a few days ahead of time. You can do it the next week. Because you’re going to
actually have the workout file, you’re going to be able to do this whenever you want. Then, what about the live
coaching calls that we do, related to those workouts? Really, what you’re looking to do with those coaching calls is: have any of your questions answered, and B, understand how we are applying the data that we’re getting
from those workouts. If you literally can’t
make one of the calls, you just email in your
question ahead of time, I say it in the call, or I
email you back the answer. As far as learning how to apply the data, like with the max heart rate, and how we calculate the zones, again, you’re gonna have the
calculator emailed to you, and you can just tune in to
the recording of the call later in the day, or the next day, and you’re not gonna miss anything. You’re always going to
have all of the information and all of the instructions that you need to be able to do it. Next and final thing is, how do we deal with the one-on-one chat that we are going to have
with all of the athletes, if you’re in a different time zone? That, you can’t miss. What I’m gonna do is, for
seven and a half hours, on the final day, I am going
to be in front of this, sitting right here, having
call after call after call with all of the camp goers. So over the course of
seven and a half hours, regardless of what time zone you’re in, if I’m starting at noon my
time, going to 7:30pm my time, that covers most time
zones around the world. If you can’t make that, we just do it later in the week, because it’s not like I’m
Chief Justice of the Peace, and have a booked schedule
for 90 hours a week. The next day, I’m just here anyway, so we figure out a time. So there isn’t going
to be a single workout, there isn’t gonna be a single call, there isn’t going to be a single one-on-one coaching session that you absolutely have to
make it at a certain time, so what’s the problem? So, Trainiacs, I hope that that has answered any questions that you’ve got. If you do wanna register,
it would be a very big help. If there’s something that you are thinking about supporting us with what’s going on, with
the training platform, like I said, I don’t want handouts. I don’t want Patreon. I don’t want people to
just send us money blindly. I wanna create products that I think are really good and beneficial, and this virtual camp, which you can go to and register at, this is something that’s
going to set you up to have an excellent season, regardless of whether you
are coaching yourself, whether you’re getting coached
by someone who isn’t me, or whether you are on Team Trainiac, so, and if you have any questions, email me at [email protected], but that covered a lot of them. Alright. Later, Trainiacs. Like that hanger. Thanks, DaHÄNGER. (shuffling sounds) (quiet giggling)

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