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New Cervelo Aspero Cyclocross Bike | Joris Nieuwenhuis’ Custom Designed Pro CX Bike

– I’m here with Team Sunweb’s Joris Nieuwenhuis’ Cervelo Aspero. A complete prototype bike. We’re here in Belgium at the
Superprestige in Ruddervoorde and not a single person has this bike. Joris is the only rider in the
bunch to be able to have it and we’re excited to dig
into it and check it out. (mechanical whoosh) (chill upbeat music) So this bike is using a
special fabric called Dyneema, which is also used in Team Sunweb’s kit. Apparently, the material
protects the riders that when they crash on the ground and their bibs hit, the Dyneema is weaved into the clothing to prevent abrasions and
allow them to heal faster. Like if they were doing
a Tour de France stage, they crashed, this fabric
actually helps them not hit the ground as
hard, have less injury. It’s been woven into the
down tube here on the frame and apparently, I don’t
know the exact reasons but it has a property
that makes this frame unique from others that are out there. (chill upbeat music) So up top, it has Shimano’s
componentry brand, PRO, all throughout. The cockpit, the bars, the
tape, everything is PRO. Joris opts on all his
bikes for a 2x setup. He’s got Shimano Dura-Ace all throughout. It’s a 46/39 up front and an
11/28 rear cogset in the back. The Dura-Ace rear derailleur has a bit of a longer cage on it, presumably for these bigger
gear sets that they’re using. (chill upbeat music) The wheel set is Shimano Carbon. I believe C38s, which is always the choice for the professional cross riders. They love this wheel. It’s the wheel that Sven Nys also used throughout his career. It’s not a super deep
dish but it’s very stiff, really good for cyclocross. On the brakes, he’s using
160 mil rotator up front and then a 140 in the rear. Something that we don’t always see but is unique to this Cervelo. These are handmade cotton
tubulars by Dugast, size 32. This is the Rhino tread made for all nasty, muddy conditions, which is what we’re going to
see out on the course today. You can see by the paint job, decked out in Team Sunweb-Cervelo colors. It’s the iconic red, white, and black that we’d see on Tom Dumoulin, climbing up at Tour de
France and big Grand Tours. The color scheme fades down
and the bike looks super sharp. (chill upbeat music) Moving to the top of the bike, it’s got a proprietary Cervelo seat post, which looks to have bits from
FSA on it to hold it together. But it does have the traditional
binder bolt that we see, but also what we see on
a lot of the top pros is this safety bolt that’s here. In case something happens, this, when they’re jumping
on and off the bike, will prevent a major
mistake from going down, so they can get to the
pits and get a new bike. Up top, he’s got a
Shimano PRO Turnix Saddle. He’s using Shimano XTR
Pedals, traditional, nothing unique about these. These are out of the box
stock, Shimano XTR Pedals, and a Shimano chain. Now for some measurements. We don’t have a scale here with us today but the mechanic told us that
bike weighs 7.5 kilograms. Checking out the top cockpit here. Joris looks to be running
a center to center, about 42 on the tops of the bars. They measure the same in the bottom. The frame set is a 56. The Asperos is Cervelo’s gravel bike but this bike has been
manipulated and changed to be a cyclocross specific bike, dedicated specifically to Joris. The bike has a different
bottom bracket height than the traditional gravel bike. It’s also got some more clearance
in some different areas. So the bike is truly one of
a kind and unique for Joris. It wouldn’t be a GCN pro
bike without a hub check. Let’s hear how we’re doing. (bike hub whirring) (chill upbeat music) That is the Team Sunweb Joris Nieuwenhuis’ Cervelo
Asperos cyclocross bike. I hope you guys liked this video. If you want to check out other
cool cyclocross pro bikes, check them out right here. If you want to GCN, click
right in the center. Leave us a comment below, let us know what you think of his rig.

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