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New Helmets, Custom Shoes & Concept Bikes | The Latest Pro Cycling Tech At The Tour Down Under

– Welcome to GCN Down Under. Where we’re gonna be showing you, the latest and greatest in bike tech. Now, a real beauty and luxury of being at an event like
this, is I can get up close and personal with the pro-riders’ bikes. And this looks to be a
prototype saddle from Bontrager. The shape of it appears
to be somewhere in between that of a Montrose and the Paradigm. So, if you keep your eyes peeled, maybe we’ll see something like this coming out in the future. So I’m here, joined by George Bennett. Check out these. He’s
got customised shoes. Tell us a little bit about them. – [George] Well, these were a pair of Shimano S-Phyre cycling shoes. And had a few custom design pairs done by my talented girlfriend,
Caitlin Fielder. Here this her latest pair. She was just sort of sketching around, on a bit of paper a few weeks ago, and this is what came out of it, and looked pretty cool and we chucked them on as a last minute thing before I jumped on the plane to Aussie. The pair that’s coming out
next, is all my influence. It’s all our favourite artists, and a lot of musical
influences gone on those. – [Jon] Brilliant, so keep
an eye out for George Bennet. Instagram I reckon. I think that’s where we’re gonna see them. There’s gonna be some music influence and it’s gonna be his design largely, so keep your eyes peeled. – Now, this is the Specialised
S-Works Evade 2 helmet. And this is actually the
second model of the Evade. It’s coming in at 247
grammes on my scales. Which is 11% lighter than the
previous model, which was 278. And I’ll tell you what, you’re
gonna spot Quick-Step Floors a mile off aren’t you, when they wear this colour combination. (upbeat music) – Right, I’m here with the Colnago V2-R, of UAE Team Emirates. It’s a lovely looking bike. It’s based largely around
old Italian componentry, bar a couple of little
bits here and there. We’ve got a full Campagnolo
Super Record EPS group set. Campangnolo Bora Ultra wheels. In 50 millimetre depths. Victoria Corsa tubular tyres. And of course the Deda
handle bars and stem. Let’s not forget, topped
off with a Prologo saddle, Power2Max power metre,
and these Look Keo pedals. Interesting little bit of gaffer
tape used on there as well. And a lovely little number
holder there on the seat post. Big fan of little bits like that. (upbeat music) – So, Team Katusha-Alpecin
and also Team Dimension Data, will both be using the
range of Oakley helmets. This one is the Oakley AR05. And this one in particular
belongs to Scott Davies, who’s newer pro for Team Dimension Data. On our scales it weighs in at 297 grammes. It’s got a Boa fitting system, something which is commonly
seen on cycle shoes. As well as a Mips liner inside. There’s also quite a neat vent, or port, on top of the helmet. It’s gonna suck in air and try and cool down the
rider’s skull on the rear. Look at this. Snapshot. The
new Shimano S-Phyre sunglasses. What you reckon? Any good? (upbeat music) So, the bike here of
Georg Preidler of FDJ, actually features these
nifty little shifting buttons here on the tops of the handle bars. These are the R9150 buttons
and they’re ideal for climbers. And also, I wouldn’t be
surprised if we see those in races like Perry-Roubaix, where you’re on the tops of bars and can easily change geer
with just your index fingers. (upbeat music) Now first up is actually
the HJC Furion helmet. Which is here. Now this is the more
aerodynamic version of the two. And for a medium size
comes in at 210 grammes. So that’s pretty impressive there. And the other model that
the team are offered, is actually the IBEX. And that’s slightly more vented, so better in the heat really. That comes in at 225 grammes. It looks pretty smart. I like that. (upbeat music) So, this time last year, I actually saw this
Pinarello Dogma F10 disc in Mallorca at the Team Sky training camp. Fast forward a year, I’m in the sunshine, and here it is again. Now, the paint work and graphics on this particular model is
actually called Mars Orange. I’ll tell you what. I quite fancy that. Now, coming in from Italian
manufacturer Wilier, is this, the Cento 10 NDR. It’s a pretty unique bike
in that you can actually mount disc brakes as well as
direct mount brakes to it. So, that’ pretty good if you’re
looking to buy a new bike. But thinking, hmm, maybe disc brakes aren’t quite for me yet. And you wanna future proof
yourself, I do like that idea. And also there, is an Elastomer, giving you a little bit of a softer ride. Now the Pinarello Nytro
was actually launched to us a couple of months back. And initially, when I saw
this bike from a distance, I didn’t see anything special about it. At first, I just thought
that was a humongous down tube like what we saw in the early 90s on mountain bikes. However, up close, you can in
fact see the battery there. The one thing that
certainly does give it away, is the control unit on the handle bars. So obviously adjust
your speed accordingly. (upbeat music) So, the Team of AG2R La
Mondiale are using this. It’s the oversized pulley
wheel system from CeramicSpeed. Now by using this system,
apparently riders save about four watts once they
reach 40 kilometres an hour. How do they do that? Well, instead of taking the
usual short route of a chain, it’s taking a slightly longer one. But in doing so, is a smoother run. Now one of the things I
love about coming to races, is you can get up close
and personal with bikes. You can truly see all of those
truly unique bits of kit. Check out this. It’s a custom made SRM mount to go underneath these new Vision Metron bars. (upbeat music) So I’m here with the
Specialised S-Works Tarmac, of triple world champion, Peter Sagan. The hat trick hero, himself. Now, what features are on this bike? Well, for a start you’ve got a very subtle iridescent style
paintwork that stands out, yet doesn’t overwhelm you. And at the front there,
we’ve got an old Zipp’s stem with the logos blacked out. (swoops) So on a recent episode
of the GCN Tech show, Simon Richardson and I touched on a rumour that we’d heard, about Specialised producing a power metre. And what I can say, is
it does look remarkably like that of a 4iiii power metre. In fact the cover, just
looks exactly the same, but with a Specialised “S” symbol logo. This is on Michael Morkov’s bike, he rides of Quick-Step Floors. Have a look at it yourself, and you let me know in
the comments down below, what you think of it. (bouncy music) Right, so this is the Concept 74 bike, by bike manufacturer Specialised. (bouncy music) Now the Concept idea is
actually to be the most advanced E-powered bike in the world. And the features on there include, a removable battery, as well as, motor. How about that? Now why
would you want to do that? Well, apparently they actually want it. So, a complete system can be built, and you can then put that
battery and that motor into different bikes. So, side-cross bike, mountain bike, commuter bike, hell, even a kid’s bike. Okay, as you can see, there’s
only a single-sided fork at the front, so no right hand fork blade. And the disc brake there
is nicely integrated and hidden away, I do like that. As well as a pair of tri-spoke wheels, they’re making a comeback that’s for sure. And at the rear of the bike, there’s just that single seat state. Again, the disc brake
is hidden away in there. Not to mention, that removable battery. Now, tell you what. That saddle doesn’t look very adjustable. Right, I do hope you enjoyed
looking at these new bits of bike tech and equipment. Now, do remember to like and share this video with your friends. And also, remember to subscribe
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