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Organizers celebrate launch of bike-sharing program with eye on improvements

Organizers celebrate launch of bike-sharing program with eye on improvements

IT’S THE FIRST OF ITS KIND HERE IN HAWAII. AND TODAY “BIKI BIKE SHARE” MADE ITS OFFICIAL LAUNCH. WEEK. THE STATIONS ARE LOCATED THROUGHOUT CITY OFFICIALS HOPED FOR SMOOTH SAILING WITH THE LAUNCH, BUT EXPECTED A FEW KINKS AS THE PROGRAM SORTS ITSELF OUT. BRIGETTE: THE PEOPLE I’VE BEEN MEETING AT THE BIKE STATIONS ARE BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS… BIKI BIKESHARE TELLS ME IT RAN THE NUMBERS FROM NOON TO AROUND 4 TODAY…AND SAW A You can find these bright- turquoise bicycles for rent at stations throughout urban Honolulu. downtown used the app to rent a bike. and said: ‘It’s a little BRIGETTE NAMATA: “I’m told 87 of the 100 bike stations were launched today, which means there were 500 bikes available… The rest should be launched Bikeshare will monitor each station to get a feel for how many people are using the bicycles. not working? Is there something to fix? Is there something to adjust? Is there a station not performing well? Is there a station that’s not safe? You know, that we JAMES TRPKOVSKY / MCCULLY “…grocery shopping, going to work, going to my friends house, going to the mall, and it’s good exercise, too.” “I think it’s about time…hopefully it’ll make Mayor Caldwell tells me he’s aware not everyone is sold on the program. MAYOR CALDWELL:”Let’s embrace change. Change occurs no matter what. We get older everyday! Many things in our administration are new – including things like BRIGETTE: I’M TOLD THEY HAVEN’T DONE THINGS, LIKE PAINT THE GROUND, BECAUSE IT’S ANTICIPATING STATION, BRIGETTE NAMATA, KHON2 NEWS. HOWARD: IF YOU WANT TO TRY IT OUT… HERE’S WHAT RIDE FOR 3 DOLLARS AND 50 CENTS… FOR 20 BUCKS .. YOU CAN RIDE FOR 300 MINUTES WHICH CAN BE USED FOR MULTIPLE

5 thoughts on “Organizers celebrate launch of bike-sharing program with eye on improvements

  1. I give it a year before all the bikes are stole and some riders get run over because people are wreck-less drivers here.

  2. Anyone else notice the mayor trying to promote the rail lol. If it was a good idea, you wouldnt be having such a hard time selling us on it.

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