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Our Favourite Moments Of 2018: The GCN Christmas Show | The GCN Show Ep. 311

Our Favourite Moments Of 2018: The GCN Christmas Show | The GCN Show Ep. 311

♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells ♪ ♪ Jingle all the way ♪ ♪ Oh what fun it is to ride ♪ ♪ In a one-horse open sleigh, hey ♪ – Merry Christmas, everybody. And welcome to the GCN show,
brought to you by Wiggle. – This week we are gonna be bringing you the very best of 2018
from the world of cycling. – Yeah, well the world of
GCN as well, aren’t we? We’re basically bringing
you our work highlights, which is pretty unbelievable. We’re a lucky bunch, aren’t we? – Yeah, well, it is Christmas day, Dan, and I’m spending it with you. – [Jon] Yeah, and I’m here as well. – Jonny B’s here!
– True, yeah Happy Christmas, Jon.
– Yeah, Happy Christmas, Jon. – Hey! (adventurous music) – This year in the world of cycling, we learned that it’s actually really hard to come off a bike coming
off a corner on the road. – Yeah, this is MotoGP star Scott Redding illustrating that point perfectly. Here he is. – [Dan] Knee down, almost knee down. – [Simon] Yeah and then
ooh, into into the bushes. – He couldn’t even come off
when he tried, could he? – No, he couldn’t.
– Proving the point as well was our very own Hank. Although he did eventually manage it. – He did, well. I don’t think anyone’s questioning that that’s not Hank these days. – Yeah, we did establish it was a stuntman in the end, didn’t we?
– Yeah, we did indeed. I think the problem with
Scott, and indeed with Hank was that the corner
wasn’t quite sharp enough. – I think so.
– Yeah, there we go. We also learned this
year that there’s a huge amount of interest from you and us, the cycling world, in getting
rid of the derailleur. Because the ceramic speed
concept drive train, well damn nearly broke the internet. – [Dan] It did, didn’t it? It got an enormous number of
views from that, didn’t it? We also learned this year
that over in California in the good old US of A, they’re having a helmet debate of a different kind. – [Simon] Yup, that is a naked
dude riding down the freeway. (birds clucking) – We also learned this year that the world penny-farthing record
is safe for another year after Mark Beaumont failed to beat it earlier on in 2018. That record next year is
gonna be 133 years old. – Wow, yeah, we also learned this year that Geraint Thomas is
a fantastic bike rider, but even better at celebrating. – Yeah, partying.
– Here he is. Here he is again.
– [Dan] Partying again. – [Simon] And here he is again. – [Dan] And partying again. I bet he’s partying on Christmas day, and not at work like we are.
– Probably, yeah. – And what I find incredible is that despite living life to the excess, there’s just no sign of it on him. – Yeah, not at all. Now we also learned this
year that bikes have feelings after, well I offended the entire fleet of bright yellow Yo public hire bikes in my hometown of Bristol. One of them sent me a message. – [Dan] Yes, I did find
that particularly amusing when somebody sent that through. – Yeah, I mean it was kind of funny. Cut to the quick a bit, really. – Yes, and also we learned this year that diving, normally reserved for sports such as football or diving
into a swimming pool has now infiltrated the world
of professional cycling. (Holly Jolly Christmas instrumental) – To this day that is
still my favorite clip from professional cycling.
– Absolutely, I’m so glad that was caught on camera.
– I know. – Bet he’s not, though. – Yeah, has he got a
contract for next year? – I don’t know. – Anyway, that’d be in
WorldTour, wouldn’t he? Right, a CCC rider, if
he has got a contract. – It could be. Either that or it’ll be with
Barcelona playing football. – And should we take one
minute and actually check with the power of the internet? Hold on, cut. (beeps) – Not only is he still racing, he’s been upgraded to the WorldTour, CCC. – Talented lad. Right, now finally this year, we. What are we doing here, Dan? I mean, it is Christmas day, isn’t it? And as festive as I feel,
and as much as I love– – I know, well the others are
all here as well, aren’t they? Should we just go out for a ride? – Yeah, to the pub? – To the pub.
– To the pub! – Christmas ride to the pub.
– Ah, there we go. – Gonna check my e-bike battery’s
fully charged, just see. – It’s a long time since you were on the Cervelo test team, wasn’t it? (bright instrumentals) Well, whilst we’re out
for our festive ride, we thought we would have a little bit of Christmas indulgence. Not in the form of
overeating, not just yet. That comes later. But actually in recounting our
personal highlights of 2018. – And I’m gonna go
first, if you don’t mind. As you might expect. If I had to pick out one highlight of 2018 here on GCN, I reckon it’s the GCN presented challenge on the fearsome and infamous Anglero over
in Spain, that was amazing. – [Simon] But you got beaten by Oscar, mate, what are you talking about? – [Dan] Well, I got second
which I was quite pleased of. But that day I fell in love. – [Simon] With Oscar? – Not with Oscar, no, with my bike. And I’m still using it to this day. In fact, I have got a
new motto since then. No pain with gain. (laughs) – Funny that you didn’t
fall in love with it when you were riding it next
to Mick Orlando, isn’t it? – Oh well, he still put the hurt on because he kept on riding up the climbs at 26 and 27k an hour. – [Simon] Ahh, he’s a canny lad. He knows your weak spot. – That was a hard day. And if I could have a second highlight it would be saving that sheep. – Yes, yeah, good deed well done I think. – And finally, at the same place in Wales, saving my own ass on that ice. I still can’t believe I held that up. – [Simon] I can’t believe
you held it up either. – Thankfully I did. Anyway Hank, what was
your best moment of 2018? – My best moment, Dan, was the redda-crit. I mean, I was a bit
dubious when you and Si sent me there, and I did
actually did contact the HR. – [Dan] You didn’t, because we
don’t have an HR department. – [Hank] Well, well that’s true. I mean, although I did crash,
I still really enjoyed it. – That’s good. Like another crash though, in your career? If you enjoyed it that much, though, I think we might send
you out again next year if that’s alright, and
maybe to Brooklyn too. – Brooklyn, yeah, it was
the most unique event I think I’ve ever had
the pleasure of riding. – More crashes equals more views. – Yeah, you’ve got to love crashing, mate. – Right, alright, let’s
relive your best moment. (shouting) – Right, Ollie, what was your highlight? – What, you mean apart from this? – Apart from this, yeah, obviously. – It was definitely a
case of type two fun. I don’t think I’ve ever dug as deep or suffered as hard mentally or physically as when arrested the
Passo di Valparola, but. – [Simon] Aha.
– [Ollie] You know, looking back on it, it was a great day and one that I will remember for
the rest of my life, amazing. – [Simon] Yeah, and probably
never try and repeat either. – Definitely, I’ve done it now. What about you? – I got a couple actually, well many. But I’ll condense it to two. First you go way back to January, me and Dan went to Gran Canaria for that epic ride that
totally took me by surprise. First get you’re getting around with Dan and actually enjoying it, which was weird. And the riding was awesome,
the scenery blew me away. And the roads were some of the smoothest I’ve ever ridden on, it was great. – [Ollie] Well, what
about the Cafe Bombon? – Absolutely disgusting. And then the other one, going to Morocco, my first taste of bikepacking. Which was completely the
other end of the spectrum to Gran Canaria, but
that night particularly where we rode off the road
over the Atlas mountains, sleeping out, brewing
coffee in the morning, and then the epic gravel descent. It was just absolutely fantastic. Once in a lifetime. – Well, my standout moment
of the year had to be that trip out to Japan. Not only did I get to go to a careem race, but more importantly I reckon, I got to go to that Corsa Corsa shop. And well, I was like a kid
in a sweet shop in there. My grubby little hands were
getting elbow grease everywhere and the owner, well, he
virtually had to kick me out because it was nighttime. But he did walk us back
to the train station and I’d love to go back there just to get stuck in to all
of that beautiful kit. – Yeah, it did look like a
bit of a paradise, didn’t it? And talking of a cycling paradise, Jon, my standout moment of the year, after retiring and joining
GCN, was the Maratona, which was absolutely beautiful. Although I did get destroyed by Emma on every single climb we did out there. I wanna go back and have another go. – Yeah, why not? Go and do it again, mate.
– Yeah, just amazing. – Now unfortunately Emma
could not be with us today because for some reason
she found something better to do on Christmas day. Even if she was with us,
let’s face the facts, she’d already be at the pub by now and probably doing some yoga. Anyway, we did ask her what
her highlight was of 2018. – Hi guys, I’m really
sorry I can’t be with you on Christmas day but,
well, I thought ahead and booked the day off as holiday so I’m trying to learn to ski,
getting loads more bruises even than I got doing Cyclocross. Anyway, my favorite moment of
2018 probably was Cyclocross. The one time that I managed
to do a flying mount on the bike, I mean
obviously I didn’t manage it in the race, only in training, but it still felt like a big achievement and I’m hoping that I
learn loads more skills, have loads more adventures in 2019. Have a very happy
Christmas and see you soon! (birds clucking) (action riff) – Next up, it is our duty and
weekly inspirational photo with three amazing prizes from
our friends over at Wiggle. Our third being 50
pounds, second 75 pounds and first 100 pounds, and those go to our favorite three photos
that you send in to us each week on the uploader
or using the hashtag #GCNinspiration on Instagram. – Yeah, and seeing as we are deep into the festive season,
we thought we’d pick out some festive looking photos! Which basically means
cold, doesn’t it really? – Yeah, snow. – Snow photos, or just cold photos. Anyway, who is in third place, Dan? –, I couldn’t find
the exact name of this person but that is a wonderful looking photo. Even down to the red kit
over there on the Ukraine. – Yeah, that’s really cool, isn’t it? A well deserved third place. – It almost looks like it’s on a filter to take out all of the other color apart from the red of the kit, but I think that’s genuinely how white it was. – Yeah, I’m gonna say no filter, genuine. Alright, next up we’ve
got this one from Felix. He sent this one in from
norther Quebec in Canada. Riding his Salsa Cuthroat,
that’s the ultimate gravel bike there, but in snow. Riding snowmobile tracks. In minus 20 he says, which, well that’s pretty cool, isn’t it? Inspiring me, certainly.
– [Dan] Pretty cold. – Well yeah, venture out into. Well, it was cold today, wasn’t it? When we went to the pub. What was it like, seven
degrees centigrade? – Yeah, maybe six.
– Yeah. – I’m glad I had my costume on. That did keep me a bit warmer. But finally the winner of 100
pounds of Wiggle vouchers, which you can spend as you
like on the Wiggle online shop, is Stephen, on his Scott four although he’s quite at a distance there. But this is the Damat near
Bruges over in Belgium. And that is a quality looking photo. – That is amazing. Taken on his TomTom Bandit
cam, whatever that is. So yeah, there you go.
– [Dan] I’m gonna get one. – Riding with his son
who chose this cycle path on the other bank of the canal. I’ll tell you what,
that’s brave, isn’t it? No slipstreaming between the pair of them. It’s like the ultimate–
– It’s a drag race. – The ultimate drag race, yeah. – Let us known who won, Stephen, and also what you spend your vouchers on. We’ll be in contact soon
to get them over to you. Reminder that the uploader
is the place to be if you want to upload
your inspirational photos or the hashtag is #gcninspiration. – You make it sound like
you can go hang out there. “the uploader is the place to be.” You can upload your photo and then. – If there’s a place you wanna
be apart from the GCN site on Christmas day, it’s at the uploader. See you there. (birds clucking) (whirring) Next up, it is hack forward
slash bodge of the week. We found some of our favorites,
haven’t we, from 2018. – We have indeed.
– If you’d like, our favorite clips. This one was fairly recent
though, but it is genius. It’s from Kayne Constantine. We didn’t see it the first
time around, check this out. It’s an ironing board that
turns itself into a bike stand. I can’t believe no one’s
sent us that before. So obvious when you look at it. – Yeah, I can’t believe
we’ve not done that with the GCN ironing board
yet, because there is one. Oh yes, I was told about
it just the other day. – Yes, I was gonna say,
you’ve never seen it have you? – No, no I haven’t, I don’t
know what I’d do with it. Clothes look great when
they’re creased, don’t they? – Yeah.
– Right. Next up, we got this from Kevin Schnebly. This is an internal bike
rack for his truck there. That’s pretty neat, isn’t
it, nice bit of woodwork. – [Dan] I like the fact that
you can pull it out as well. So you can get an easy
access to your bike. So that was a very good one from Kevin. – Fairly rudimentary clamping mechanisms, now I look at it again. – Do you want to take it
out of your favorites? – Well, no, you know.
– In retrospect. – Well no, just, perhaps Kevin could, or perhaps you could just
sort of fine-tune that design. – Well, maybe he has done
since that first came out. – Good point.
– This one from Iidarrrr over on Instagram I think
that was, maybe Twitter, has made good use of an Ikea bag there and made it into some kind of frame bag. – [Simon] Oh, that’s genius, isn’t it? Absolute genius. – [Dan] Well, I must admit,
he did make a neat job of it. These are all hacks, obviously, things I’ve chosen for the hacks. – Yeah, you gotta pay for those Ikea bags actually, haven’t you, so
it’s not completely free. – No it’s not, it’s
just a frame bag there. – No, no admittedly, but is it the best material for the job? – We’ve really, we’re not
supposed to be criticizing the hacks of the year, if we
did that the first time around. – Well yeah, but it’s Christmas. – Okay, well I’m gonna
criticize this one then. From Throwerphil.
– That’s rubbish. – An incredibly neat looking
battery external charger there that’s fitting.
– [Simon] I’ll be honest, before the criticism starts,
I think that looks amazing. – [Dan] It does though, it
looks amazing like that. But when you imagine that at some point you’ll have to put a cable in there too, to charge something, then it’s not gonna look so neat, is it? – [Simon] No, no it’s not. – [Dan] ‘Cause it’ll
presumably have a cable going up from his bar
length to a head unit in the center of his bars. – Or to back pocket, if
he’s charging his phone. – That would look even worse. – It would, wouldn’t it? Not to mention slightly,
might affect the handling if the cable was on the short side. Yeah, crickey, so these
were some of our favorites. (laughs) – They still are. – And now we think they’re rubbish. Anyway. This one, I don’t, this
can be faulted yet. This was sent in by Pixelian. Pixelian. And it is the ultimate rear
cassette storage solution. And these are of course, I
shouldn’t have said of course, many of you may never
have seen these before but back in the day you used
to have things called CDs and you used to store them
all in cases just like that. And ironically, Dan, he’s storing his cassettes in his CD storage. – I see what you did there. Anyone watching this under the age of 20, I know there’s about three or four of you, that might need explaining. Look it up on the internet. Next up from David Whelan, this is like your ultimate smart fan, really. It speeds up and slows down
as you go faster or slower on your indoor trainer, to cool you down the necessary amount,
which is also genius. – Well that’s right, it’s
like the Wahoo Headwind but he’s done it himself. – I think that came out before the Wahoo Headwind, didn’t it? – It did.
– Yeah. – Did it what, does David work for Wahoo, was that a prototype?
– Does he have a secret pattern that he might be able to? We’ll find out, I’m sure. – This one from Alex Pond
left us scratching our heads because it’s like an aero hydration system with a tube probably as
long as the cable you’d need (laughs) if you had a bar end mounted
battery charger as well. Anyway, presumably you need
quite a good suction for that. – These are our favorites, aren’t they? – Oh yeah, I think this is great, mate. This is the pinnacle of
hacks and bodges this year. – This is the last one,
came in from Chris Evans. The ultimate wooden bike,
absolutely incredible sculpturing there.
– [Simon] Yeah. That really is actually utterly, utterly jaw-droppingly
fantastic, isn’t it? – [Dan] I’d kind of
criticize that: the pedals. I mean.
– [Simon] Well, yeah. – I mean, if you’ve got a bike like that, finish it off with some non-plastic five pound pedals, come on. Everything else.
– Oh my goodness me, that’s ruined it for me now. – Tough now though, those were
our favorites of the year. Don’t forget to keep on sending
them in, ready for 2019. – Yes! – The hashtag is #gcnhack on social media or you can use our
uploader, a link to which is in the comments in the
description down below. – The festive season is
probably the perfect time for hacking and bodging, isn’t it? You know, all that
time, festive merriment, trips to the pub, does
wonders for your imagination. – And despite that, my hopes are not high for the first week of January. – Prove us wrong, please. (techno riff) Tech of the week now. And let’s head over to,
actually hang on a minute. Before we do go, what’s
with these little clips of this random race that keeps popping up? – Oh, that’s Turkey. Thought, you know, it’s Christmas day, everyone has turkey, so. – Turkey?
– Stage finishes from the tour of Turkey, I
thought it was a genius idea. – Ah, whose idea was it?
– It was mine, mine mate. – Ah, okay. (birds clucking) Yeah, fair enough. Right, anyway let’s head
over to Jon and Ollie, they’ve got something very special for us in the GCN tech show this
week and they’re gonna give us a sneak peak right now.
– Turkey. – Sadly it’s unlikely we’re gonna be having a turkey dinner today because we went out for
a bike ride earlier on with our colleagues, and let’s jut say things have taken a
slight turn for the worse. – Or a turn for the better! – He pipes up.
– Yeah. Tune in on Thursday for
the only awards show you need to see this festive period, yeah! – Fact. Thursday, be there. You alright mate? You’ll be alright, you’ll be alright. (techno riff) – This, normally part of the show where we go through our favorite comments from the previous seven
days’ worth of videos but today we thought we’d
just say a huge thank you to all of you who have contributed by way of comments over this year. Very much appreciated. – Yeah, you make GCN what it is. I mean, without you it wouldn’t be global, it probably wouldn’t be a network. It’d just kind of be cycling, wouldn’t it? So anyway yeah, thank you very much. We read your comments,
even the critical ones, maybe ’cause we don’t know
they’re critical until we’ve already read them.
– Yes, that’s true! – But nevertheless, when, good feedback, we totally take it on board. So yeah, thank you very
much for your contributions. – I might actually skip
some of the critical ones if they were highlighted
as critical at the start. Just go on to the positive ones. Thankfully a lot of them are positive, so yeah, thank you to all of you. And not just for contributing to the comment section in fact, but also to hacks and bodges,
to the inspirational photos and to the welcomes to GCN, everything else that you help us do. I thank you all, and cheers.
– Absolutely. Righty Dan, what is coming
up on Christmas week on GCN? – Well, tomorrow or Wednesday, we have got our Christmas bloopers reel. – Yeah not many, they really
struggled to find ’em. – Have we been struggling this year? – Yeah.
– For some reason, haven’t we? – Yeah, this is like, there’s nothing. (beeps) – (beeps) hell you look young! – I know, I’ve aged a lot.
– Jesus! – Next up is A-aron. (laughs) Nah, I can’t do that?
– Yeah, go on. – No.
– It’s alright. A-aron! (laughs) Go on! – It’s such a normal name! You know what, Hank, you know what? You know what? (imitates record scratching) Rewind! You know what, mate? You know what, you know what? You know what? ♪ Ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ♪ Ooh, that was quite a gap. (beeps) – Yeah, and then on Thursday
we’ve got our top ten events. That you could get your teeth stuck into next year in 2019, os
that’s one to look out for. Plus that day we’ve also got something that a lot of you have been asking for: the first of our brand-new
indoor training sessions. So you can get fit in the new year. Friday, as ever, it’s ask GCN anything. – Saturday we’ve got the top five worst New Years’ resolutions. So ones to avoid there. Then on Sunday, this is a big one, Dan, Emma takes on the world hour record. Uphill! – Ah, that’s making it hard. She’s never gonna do
49k’s per hour uphill. – You just wait, Emma can do
anything she turns her hand to. Right, anyway so please do make sure you check that one out on Sunday. Then on Monday it is
the GCN racing news show where it’s the best moments of the year and I believe you’re gonna
hand out some awards. – We are, yeah, top male,
female rider of the year. Top team of the year and
best non-pro achievement we will be going through.
– Oh wow. – And then on Tuesday, well
it’s New Years’ day, isn’t it? And we’re back in the set. – What?
– I know. – You’re kidding.
– I’m not. – Are we gonna get any time off this year? – Yeah, I’m taking Sunday off to watch Emma’s hour record but that’s it. – Man alive. (rock music) – It’s almost time to go home, Si. Have some more turkey. – Ah, do you have a bit more Turkey now? Just one last bit?
– Go on then. (birds clucking) Right, enough of that. It’s time for Extreme Corner. You know the theme of the show by now. We’ve chosen our favorite from this year. (laughs) – I’m sorry, I’m just laughing
about what’s coming up. – We’ve just watched it, yes. This is Ludo May, who I think
I’m right in saying, Si, is a former professional
mountain bike rider. – I believe he is, yeah. – Well you can see from
these skills, check it out. (rock music) You shouldn’t laugh, should you really? – Well. – Even now I know what to expect, I’m still not expecting it. – Well you know, when
someone does something purely to show off, you
can kind of have a little– – You want them to fail? – No, I wouldn’t– – That’s why people often want me to fail. (laughs) – Mind the glitter. – Sorry, let’s not disturb the glitter. – We can pat that off and use it again next year, haven’t we? – Well, we got New Years’ day, haven’t we? – Yes.
– Right. – We’ll get Hank in
here to clear things up. – Anyway, let’s wrap things
up without further ado. Thank you very much for watching, as ever. I hope you’ve had a fantastic Christmas. We certainly have, haven’t we, Dan? And if you would like to
watch another video right now then we have the GCN
Alberto Contador challenge. (action riff)

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    see you soon in 2019 and hoping to actually see some of you in a near future guys and gals.

  22. Happy Christmas to all. Discovered GCN early this year and I’ve become a regular viewer. Great Programing; on camera, editing/production, set design and location production. I have learned a great deal while being entertained. Can’t beat that. Happy New Year.

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  24. If it weren't for your sponsorship obligations, you should have said "Welcome to the GCN show, brought to you by Santa"
    Regardless, MERRY CHRISTMAS and thanks for feeding my YouTube cycling content addiction.

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    "Mick Orlando" instead of "Mikel Landa" at 4:54
    "radda-crit" instead of "Red Hook Crit" at 5:24
    "when arrested the Passo di Valparola" (WTF 😂😂) instead of "When I everested the Passo di Valparola" at 6:18
    "careem race" instead of "Keirin race" at 7:21
    "our duty and weekly inspirational photo" instead of "our GCN weekly inspirational photo" at 8:58

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