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Noticias CICLISMO Hoy | Nairo Quintana | Tokio 2020 | Adios a 2 Leyendas

Kind regards subscribers. Tea we share some relevant news of cycling for today. The world of cycling has lamented the departure of two cycling legends in the latter week. it’s about former cyclists professionals the Italian Felice Gimondi and the French Raymond Polisher. Polisher who passed away last week at the age of 83 he […]

Bicycle Touring Provence Day 2 – Woke Up In A Flooded Tent

Fun start to the second day of this bike tour! I was basically slepping in a puddle of mud and water I had to bail the tent and I’m now just waiting out the rain here in the restroom of the campground It’s raining like crazy now It’s been raining on and off the whole […]

Winter Cycling in Edmonton

Winter Cycling in Edmonton

[MUSIC PLAYING] I didn’t really intend on being a winter cyclist. I just sort of kept going, thinking that it would become really unpleasant and I’d stop in the middle of winter. And it just never seemed to get that bad. I decided I was either going to stay inside forever until I die or […]

Analytics in Cycling: How It Works

There are few spectacles in sport as riveting as a sprint finish in a road cycling race. Dozens or hundreds of kilometers can come down to a 200-metre dash to reach the finish line. Cycling is a team sport, comprised of Sprinters, Climbers, Domestiques and All-Rounders, each playing their roles in support of an overall […]

Choosing the Right Triathlon Bike Saddle

Choosing the Right Triathlon Bike Saddle

– Who, what, why, where, when, saddles, and how to select the right one for you. Now as far as split nose saddles go. (grunts) (upbeat instrumental music) What’s up, trainiacs? Very quick video today because I just got in from a 30 hour saga of flying yesterday and I had a bad Larabar this […]

My Complete Tool Kit for International Motorcycle Travel – TOOLS, SPARES & REPAIRS

My Complete Tool Kit for International Motorcycle Travel – TOOLS, SPARES & REPAIRS

I’m Bret Tkacs. I’ve traveled five continents and over 50 countries and I’m telling you it’s important to always be prepared this is all the things that you must bring with you on every trip you have a hammer need to have a spare hat don’t forget your tools duct tape fixes everything and don’t […]

Top 10 Cycling Insults

– [Matt] As we know, cycling has its own rich lexicon. Words with etymologies built over decades. This expansive vocabulary extends to a wealth of insults too, some of which we have listed here. And they’re just about fit for family viewing. You need to harden up mate. Glass cranker! – [Si] Amateur! – Top […]