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Pre-race guide by Stuart Marais (Kamburg Classic)

Pre-race guide by Stuart Marais (Kamburg Classic)

How’s it, everyone? Yeah, I’m just off to
do an activation ride – we’ve got the Kamburg classic tomorrow. So, generally
the day before one of these events or any race, in particular, I’ll go do 5 two minute efforts. Not terribly hard. Just at about threshold or thereabouts just to ramp up the heart rate, dilate the blood vessels and to get things ready for tomorrow. Um, I’ve already started my low residual diet,
so rice and chicken and rice for breakfast and all the rest of it. So, ja I’m back from my ride now, washed my bike sorted all that out. Ride went fairly well – feeling pretty ready for tomorrow. As you can see bike is sorted out. Had it washed and just need to lube chains. And now its lunchtime! I’ll try videotaping this with the selfie. So it’s basically just chicken, rice and I made some tomato bredie for the sauce because otherwise, it’s really bland. So that’s pretty much what I’ll eat for
lunch and dinner and breakfast is just the rice with milk and some sugar. And that’s pretty much all I’ll eat leading up to you most of my races. I find that I’ll lose about a kilo to a kilo and a half depending on how long I do it for
just by eliminating most of the food in my gut. So ja, it works pretty well and it
makes me feel a little less bloated on the bike in the morning on the start
line – which I used to struggle with a lot as a kid – and up to about a year ago when I started this low residual diet.
Ja, so let’s see how tomorrow goes [music playing] Ja, we are about to start the Kamburg race. I got some good competition on the start line. I think it’s going to be a good day out. The sun has come out so it’s warm. Looking forward to a good day. [music playing] See how today’s race went – it went quite well. Managed to get away with Andrew and Tyrone and Willie up the first major climb of the day and then coming into the KOM, I was able to get away from the guys and basically time trial to the finish.
Really stunning part of the world to come race in, but really really tough riding. Pretty stoked for taking the win today. See how that’s a basic day and the life of a race for me. Hope you guys enjoyed it. We’ll chat soon. Cheers!

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