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See Andrew Yang’s reaction to plan to send Americans checks

See Andrew Yang’s reaction to plan to send Americans checks

76 thoughts on “See Andrew Yang’s reaction to plan to send Americans checks

  1. This shit is all about destroying the US strength in private business sector so outsiders can come in and take over

  2. Can this buffoon ever ever stop talking about what he could have made it's never what he's done to help people self-centered….🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🔵HAWKFISH🔵🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. The nerve of CNN, yall didnt want to speak with him when he was running for president. But now yu want to talk to him.

  4. "Coronavirus" is the New Name of the Common Cold restyled as "Covid 19" — which is the World Health Organization name for the Common Cold.

    Let's tell the Queen, the Pope, and yes, the President, too, what we really think of their attempt at the Biggest Lie yet.

    And let's send the patent holders the bill, too.

    What we are looking at is the Common Cold, restyled as "Covid 19" — which is the World Health Organization name for the Common Cold. Read on.

    Mr. Trump, you've declared a National Emergency over the Common Cold.

    Can you imagine how stupid that makes us all look? Yes, us, too, for not knowing WHO jargon and not picking up on the joke earlier, but especially your Administration and all the members of Congress look incredibly lame.

    And all this money spent on ventilators? Masks? Gloves? Well, we agree that more should be done to serve the elderly during flu season, but this is ridiculous.
    We are all familiar with the fact that the Common Cold can develop into pneumonia. We are all used to dealing with it, every year And we all know that many people die of cold-related pneumonia every year, too.

    We still get up and go to work and buy our groceries and read books and accomplish all the other functions of life despite this Big News.

    The disaster in Wuhan was a microwave radiation blast, not any infectious disease. We now have the proof of that massive microwave burst, too, though it's classified, and strictly speaking, still not clear who was responsible for that horrific "test" on a domestic population.

    But as for the corona virus —

    How can we respect or support a government, or in this case, a subcontractor providing government services, that does nothing but lie to us and manipulate us and claim nonconsensual "powers" over people who are not within its political jurisdiction?

    Read this from Larry Hannigan, and see the citation from the 1989 American Medical Association Encyclopedia and weep:


    And then read this little gem about how the Israelis (the Israelis, again) have developed a vaccine for the corona virus, aka, Common Cold, from the Gateway Pundit, released February 2, 2020:


    And then, go here and see who actually owns the US Patent on this "novel" corona virus—- the British (again) Pirbright Institute:


    And then, go here and see the facts about the "tests" they are giving out to diagnose the "corona virus" — aka, Common Cold — and see that they are turning up 50 to 80% "False Positive" results. This means that these tests show that a person has the disease, when they don't, more than half the time—- making these tests useless as diagnostic tools:


    And finally, go here to G. Edward Griffin's Need to Know News site and read the analysis of an expert about all the above, leading him to wonder— does it exist?


    The estimates we have seen are $1000 per hit for vaccine, which when charged to us would result in a huge windfall for the vaccine producers — Israel, while all the medical care extras amount to a huge windfall for Big Pharma and medical equipment suppliers overall.

    No wonder the Israeli banks in back of the "Federal Reserve" are willing to extend unlimited credit on the back of their victims, but we say they are counting their chickens a bit too early:

    (1) The actual government of this country in international jurisdiction, The United States of America [Unincorporated] has not declared any emergency of any kind;

    (2) The actual government of this country does not recognize any special "war powers" granted to any President of "the" United States of America beyond his control of the Armed Forces, under Constitutional Contract, as Commander-in-Chief. Read that — we don't give a rat's rump what FDR claimed with regard to his hegemony over Territorial and Municipal Employees and the operations of the Subcontracting Federal Corporation Service Providers. No such authority applies to American State Nationals and American State Citizens who are peaceably going about their business on their own soil.

    (3) Americans are not subject to any enforced vaccination program for the Common Cold, though members of the U.S. Military and their Dependents may be;

    (4) We have made it clear that the "price" of murdering any American by any means on our soil is one (1) trillion USD and that amount will be charged and assessed against any government or corporation perpetuating, aiding, or abetting such crimes on our soil;

    (5) We think that these facts when duly appreciated remove any presumed authority for or financial benefit from continuing to promote this deplorable, destructive hoax and the damages being inflicted upon the elderly population worldwide.

    We note the following facts, too:

    (A) The greatest medical care costs of a person's lifetime on average occur during the last three years of life. By killing off elderly people worldwide (the average corona virus victim's age is 80) the corporations are saving themselves trillions of dollars in government guaranteed medical costs.

    (B) There is a pattern here of abusing the Public Trust via semantic deceits attached to medical terms and drugs. The Common Cold has been renamed "Covid 19" to create a seemingly new Bug-a-Boo, when in fact it is the same old familiar monster. This deceit is being used to claim the existence of a "medical emergency" that doesn't exist, and is leading to the abuse of the Public Purse and the abuse of Police Powers.

    The actual problem, that Municipal Police Forces have been de-funded by the Municipal bankruptcy needs to be addressed in a sensible and honest fashion. We are competent to deal with this without any undue concern or supervision.

    (C) Similarly, an intermediate byproduct of epinephrine's conversion into adrenaline has been dubbed "adrenochrome" and demonized toward the same ends— creating a new Bug-a-Boo and cover story for drug abuse that is very profitable. The actual "drug" is adrenalin — not the precursors that merely stimulate the production of adrenalin in the user's body.

    Read that: epinephrine and the next chemical step dubbed "adrenochrome" in the triggering of adrenalin, are not the real problem. The problem is that adrenalin is addictive and millions of American Service Men and Women and other military personnel worldwide have unwittingly become addicted in the course of military service. Many of them have learned to self-stimulate. PTSD is a direct and known result of adrenalin addiction.

    This creates a huge, ready-made pool of potential drug users and motivates the traditional drug-pushers, the British Crown and China (albeit, not the Chinese People— their forever strapped government) to limit access to epinephrine — which has already been done — and demonize adrenochrome to justify the sky-high prices being charged for it under its street name, "White Rabbit".

    Rather than address the truth and the real problem, these vermin are creating the problem by abuse of our military personnel as cheap mercenaries, and then, seeking to profit from the unseen drug addiction they have created.

    This disgusting, unaccountable, and deceptive behavior on the part of the "governmental service corporations" has to stop, or we will all have to join together to liquidate these organizations, nunc pro tunc.

  5. Yeah Amazon is part of this C-Virus… there will be a time you will shop at certain stores and of course Amazon is right there to help you. CIA approved!

  6. Talk of Checks in the Mail March 18, 2020

    There have been rumors that Mr. Trump is going to send everyone checks in the mail to help with expenses during this bankruptcy settlement process being euphemistically termed a "transition".

    I would be very careful how I signed any such check.

    Most likely, the rats are trying to establish a contract settlement quid pro quo, in which they claim to have paid you your share of the bankruptcy settlement — a pittance of what you are owed — and your unguarded signature on the back of that check would be taken as proof of your agreement.

    We have no intention of being sold short or losing our claim to be fully remunerated for losses and owed the return of our property assets free and clear of debt or encumbrance.

    So, if Mr. Trump sends everyone checks, sign yours "Without prejudice or settlement." in addition to your usual denomination of it as "lawful money".

    Keep a copy of the check and your limited endorsement on the back and send a letter and another copy of the check front and back to Mr. Mnuchin at the Treasury, informing him that you are not settling your claim against the bankrupt UNITED STATES, INC. and require the entire amount owed to be returned to you, together with your land patents, free and clear of debt or encumbrance.

    So, if they send you a partial payment, fine. Take it. But don't allow them to tell another Big Fat Whopper and claim that you accepted that check as settlement of your claim against the UNITED STATES, INC.

    Use your limited endorsement to restrict their "interpretation" of your acceptance.

  7. Centrist here, this is the man I would have voted for. Dude was honest and driven by the data, now it's either Biden who let's be honest he probably has dementia and it is quite sad that no one is telling him to step down and take care of his health. So no one with a brain, even if they hate trump will vote for Biden.


  9. Do men and women that don't get income taxes because of child support and have arears? Will we receive a check? I can only speak for myself when I say it sucks to not receive income taxes for several years!

  10. Pennies while they bail out the same people that touch the hot stove over and over I would let the fed central banks and companies die that think they just going to rob us all and get bailed out every time don't bail out banks and corporation is how you fix this let them die off like dinosaurs

  11. this government can suck my fucking dick.
    i still havent got my tax return and they want me to believe ill get more money on top of that….yea fucking right.

  12. That's Trumps thing… Blame any problems on the last guy, steal good ideas and call them your own… It's Scumbag 101.

  13. Thanks CNN I will get a check , ideally need it for this time . Thanks again . I will stay home for safe by our precident toll us . Hope to hear more positives news .this times we need stand together and help our country and our precident fight with civic 19 (

  14. This has been planned for a very long time Andrew yang was not the first person calling for UBI. The elites have been saying this for a long time because they all knew the American people were going to lose their jobs and never return. Zuckerburg was calling for UBI for 2 years now, and don't forget the jobs the virus doesn't kill robots will.

  15. 'Financial insecurity has been pervasive in this country ' 🤣😂 richest fattest nation on the planet that is financially struggling because of being totally rigged and fucked over by the banks

  16. Not giving a socialist a chance sorry; we can look to Italy as an example, they have almost the top healthcare system in the world ( socialist)and they are failing to manage this crises. But I appreciate Yang’s supportive suggestions and giving this administration some credit for what they’re doing and making it clear how difficult this situation is. I am a conservative and think Yang has good things to contribute to this country in other areas of government not in the executive branch.

  17. When he said businesses might not open back up she looked like she realized the news is not an essential business for us to survive and even her job is at stake lol

  18. God Bless America God Bless our Wonderful President who has sacrificed so much. God is great Jesus is king!


  20. This is an emergency measure–not a monthly payment in perpetuity for shiftless Americans, as Yang proposed with UBI. Big difference.

  21. This money is a joke. 1) The sum in question will do nothing for the average American, 2) most Americans do not need it, 3) this money will be better spent elsewhere for the betterment of the country's finances, or larger sums should be provided to key demographics (versus a blanket payment to the majority). Just ridiculous.

  22. That's it, keep every American feeding on the government teat. You will get your socialist world you wanted now and you will get what you deserve. Problem is, I will get what you deserve too.

  23. If over $1 Trillion is being printed, every American could receive $1 Millions and there would still be a crap load left over 🤔 Has no one else realized that? This check will come with a cost. Govt is already proposing a cashless crypto type currency…

  24. No cash for the poor though. People who do not make enough to file taxes in 2018 do not get any help either. The Republican plan is not Yang's plan. It's Mitch's plan so no humanity in it at all.

  25. I wonder how many americans SKIPPED filling out the
    "2020 CENSUS"?🤷🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. I would give each individual 10,000 dollars just for being put thru a crisis that could have been averted and I would give Families 50,000 dollars. And I would give each business in America 1 billion just for being shuttered thru a crisis that could have been averted and to help businesses get back on their feet. America will get thru this.
    America will come back stronger than ever. Pray for the sick and the dying. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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