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Simon Yates’ SCOTT Addict Race Bike | Michelton SCOTT Pro Bike

(dramatic music) This is the Scott Addict RC, belonging to Simon Yates of the Mitchelton-Scott squad. And while Simon, he rides
a size extra small frame, and he sized down, actually this year, from a size small. Now he stands at one meter, 70 in height, which is around about five foot, seven. His brother, his twin brother, is just two centimeters taller, and rides the size small frame. So there we are, apparently, they’re
trying to get him to go onto an extra small as
well, make it a bit easier for the mechanics, but well
more confusing for them too because they are very similar, naturally. All right moving forward then
onto the handlebar and stem. It’s an integrated unit all
one piece made out of carbon. And it’s the Syncros RR1.0. Now the stats around them,
the stem is a 130 millimeters and the bar’s 38 centimeters wide. Fitted onto it we’ve
got a K-Edge mounthead for the Garmin head unit. Now these actually are
specially made for this bar because not all integrated
bars are made the same which is somewhat annoying
really for those of us who like to buy these mounts. They’re fitted onto the handlebars too, we’ve got a climbing shifter here. Now this is where things
start to get a little bit interesting I’ve got to say
if you’re a bit of a geek like me because he’s got it
fitted around the other way. So normally we operate
them with our thumbs, change gear, but what
Simon’s going to be doing he’s actually using his index
finger and his middle finger to swap between the gears there. Now if we move down around the
actual curve of the handlebar sprint shifters they’re
fitted pretty low down too. Normally, riders have them
just one or two centimeters beneath the brake lever hood,
but there’s probably four, maybe five centimeters there. And also the brake levers
they’re dialed in really close to the actual curve of the bar there too. Probably on their limit. Handle bar tape that’s provided by team sponsor Syncros, too. It’s got a nice grippy finish
there, a nice silicone style. Big fan of that. Black as well it’s not going
to get dirty very easily. Now the DI2 cable that’s
been shrinkwrapped onto the actual rear brake cable here which goes backwards and
enters the head tube. Seatingwise while Simon’s
opted for the Syncros RR1.0 carbon railed saddle and
the actual underside of it, so the shell if you like of the saddle, it’s got these hexagon slots cut out, almost like honeycomb
so it’s going to save quite a bit of weight there
once you start channeling away at those you can see there the yellow foam actually poking through and
that’s mounted onto a Syncros FL 1.0 seat post there made
out of carbon fiber. Here the actual seat
clamp is from Carbon-Ti so a relatively small
Italian manufacturer, and that’s going to be
super light, actually. Let’s move onto the wheels
and we’ve got a pair of Shimano Dura-Ace 9100 Carbon tubulars. Rear one that’s 60 millimeters
deep, so that’s the C 60. On the front we’ve got
the 40 millimeter C 40. Fitted onto them is a pair of
the Pirelli P0 tubular tires. Now the squad of Mitchelton-Scott
they swapped onto Pirelli about midway through the 2018 season. Still using them, still going strong. And I do love a pair of Pirellis. That’s very a classic vintage brand there from the cycling industry, of course moved into the motor industry too. Now stopping these Dura-Ace
rims are a pair of the Shimano standard made brakes rather
than the direct mount which use two points to
actually attach onto a frame and fork. And fitted into the
actual brake shoe housing is a pair of the Shimano Dura-Ace carbon specific pads, of course. Fitted just in behind
the brake caliper here we’ve got the number mount
there so it’s a really nice small little bit of kit, actually. Right, let’s talk about the gearing then. The Shimano Dura-Ace 9100 is an 11/28 things start to get
interesting though we move up the chain set because mounted
onto that Shimano Dura-Ace 9100 P dual sided power
meter are a pair of chain measuring 54/42 which is
somewhat unusual really for a climber I reckon,
so possibly they’ll be getting changed out for when
those tough mountains come, but still 54/42 that’s impressive stuff. Now fitting in to the
end of the crank arms are a pair of Shimano
Dura-Ace SBDSLs the 9100 model and the release tension it’s
around about middle mark. And crank length that’s 170 millimeters. Let’s talk then about this rear derailleur because yet it uses
the direct mount option on this Scott frame. So you’re taking a link or pivot out of the actual standard design and therefore you’re going
to get slightly more crisp and accurate gear shifting
’cause you’re going to be removing part the puzzle
of the jigsaw if you like and then what Craig the mechanic
has done here I love this. He’s tucked the DI2 cable
through the hollowed out section then ran it through into the port there. Now front derailleurwise
that too is Shimano it is the Dura-Ace 9115
model and fitted to it here we’ve got a little chain catch here so that’s going to help prevent
the chain from getting jammed if it was to fall off over
any rough roads or anything. Just on the bottom you can
see there some CC and C machined out kit in silver. We’ve actually got a magnetic
there and that’s to capture the cadence then relay it
to the Garmin head unit. Moving on then to the
finishing touches on the bike. Well as you would expect from
a GC Rider it’s relatively light in them because obviously
they want to keep their bikes as light as possible so
we do have a pair of Elite Leggero carbon fiber bottle cages. Let’s talk measurements then. Well the top of the saddle to the center of the bottom bracket
that’s 68 centimeters. And the tip of the saddle
to the center of the bars 52 and the drop from the saddle to the handlebars 9 centimeters. To weigh the bike over there 6.86 kilo which is pretty light
considering it’s got 60 mil deep rear wheel on there. There’s not going to be
many much lighter than that. In fact, while they can’t be
any lighter than 6.8 kilos. They we are then the bike of Simon Yates. Let me know what you
think of it down there in the comments section below. Personally, I’m a big old fan of it, sadly I’m a little bit too big to ride it. Remember to like and share
this video with your friends and also remember to
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videos how about clicking just on the Syncros saddle
and just on these bars.

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