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So You’re Mad But It’s OK… | The GCN Show Ep. 278

So You’re Mad But It’s OK… | The GCN Show Ep. 278

– From Amelia, Romana, Italy,
welcome to the GCN Show. – Welcome to the GCN Show,
brought to you by Wiggle. – Can your love of cycling go too far? Yes, and we’ve got the
evidence to prove it. You left some of the
funniest ever comments under the GCN Show last week,
and we run through them. – Really looking forward
to getting on to that. We also let you know where the best places in the US are for cycling
after a recent study. And we’ve got a Chris Froome update. – Dun, dun, dun! (energetic music) – This week in the world
of cycling, we learned that pro cyclists really
do ride pretty darned fast. Now there’s a surprise for you. Alex Dowsett tweeted that he rode over 60 kilometres per hour average for the last 40 minutes of
Giro d’Italia’s stage three– – And that actually did
take me by surprise, That was fast!
– Absolutely incredible. Mike Woods of EF Education First Canada– – No, EF Education First-Drapac,
presented by Canada. – Always get it wrong. Regardless, he hit a maximum
speed of 98 Ks per hour. – Yeah, he clearly means business in this year’s Giro d’Italia. Here is a picture of
him and his teammates, and he’s the one on the left, clearly trying to resist
that cream cake really hard. I mean look at him (strained groan). – I think he only resisted
whilst the photo was being taken. And we also learned this week that the longest tandem in
the world is 20 metres long. Rather than just taking two
riders, it will accommodate 35. – Yep, strange, but true. Right now, let’s get on to
those comments, shall we? Last week in the show, we
asked what it would take to show that your love of
cycling had gone too far. And you responded in your hundreds. – You did, and the
conclusion we drew was that, for most of you, your love of cycling has indeed gone too far. – Yeah, sorry. – But that led us to think
maybe your love of cycling can’t go too far, and it’s absolutely fine to be obsessed with this wonderful sport. – Yeah, okay, so let’s
tackle them, shall we? First of all, while some of you, maybe, are not being deceitful to your loved ones about how much your cycling
equipment costs you, many of you are clearly getting
creative with the truth. So, like this one from tobortine. – (laughs) We have so many
along these lines, didn’t we? Along, we have David
Mulligan’s comment who said, – (laughs) Yeah, I tell you
what, here’s a tip, right. If you want to get a
different coloured one, just stop cleaning the white one for a bit and then you can get darker colours. Genius, that was Lloydy, always thinking. Right, how about this one? I like that one, well
done, Randy, genius there. – We also had quite a few
people picking up on our stories about buying a car solely
based on how easy it is to get your bike in the boot or the trunk. Darryl Protheroe-Thomas said that he recently sold his BMW 4 series Coupe and bought a X4 purely
because he was sick of jamming in the bike box every week. He took his bike box to Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Land Rover, and finally that BMW garage. – Slightly different kind of situation to when we were looking, wasn’t it? Instead of those premium marks, it was Kia and–
– Skoda. – Yeah, they were secondhand dealers. – Did you go to Dacia? – I did go to Dacia, yeah. – And they weren’t the actual
dealers either, were they? They were secondhand cars. – Yeah, they were, yeah. Anyway, at least Darrel
hasn’t gone one step further, like Toady ToadFace, who’s
actually bought a van instead of a car. – Yeah, that does solve a
lot of problems, doesn’t it? If you haven’t got a family. – Well, yeah. – Which many of you are
finding you’re not having even if you once had one. – Yeah, funny that! – Next, we love these next few comments. I don’t even know how to
pronounce that, shzykh. (laughing)
– Perfect. – I’m banned from speaking
about bikes or cycling at family get-togethers. I once casually mentioned
something about a bike, and my mum made me take time
out outside, I’m 30 years old. (laughing) – Jonthedoors, Apparently the surgeon did get the joke. – He might well’ve done. – Yeah, to be fair, yeah. – Trbeyond says, Alright, these next two have left us a little bit concerned, haven’t they? – That’s right actually, yeah. Hello there said, I mean that actually–
– Yeah. That probably is going too far, isn’t it? – You’ve gone too far there.
– Yeah. – And standardlamp, – Yeah, yeah, maybe that is actually– – Yes, no good. – That might actually not be very good. Harri Wilson, When a romantic weekend away with your boyfriend turns
into a three day training camp he wasn’t impressed. Yeah. – Three times a day training camp, not just three day, eh? – Oh my days!
– Yes. – Triple days, who does that? Crikey.
– Yeah, that’s a lot of riding right there.
– That is going too far, I’m sorry Harri. – Mislav Bago hasn’t
lied to his girlfriend, he just hasn’t, well, there’s
not been a recent update (laughing)
– to verbalise. – That’s genius, I mean really
weird, but very, very cool. – At least you’ve still got
a girlfriend though, Mislav, unlike Stuart Marsh, who’s
really taking the biscuit. – Yeah, if I’m allowed to
read Stuart’s comment out. – Yeah. Well I’m very tempted,
Si, to ask our viewers for even more anecdotes
– Yeah, go on. about when their love of
cycling’s gone too far, but I dunno, think we should
draw a line under this? No, go on.
– Nah, go ahead. – If you’ve got any more anecdotes leave them in the comment section below. We won’t be mentioning them next week. Actually, we might do. – Well, I would quite like an update from Stuart Marsh, if possible. How did he get things back on track, with a more normal life, after 2012? Please let us know in the comments. – Right, I’m off to
Porsche and Land Rover. (jaunty trumpet tune) – It’s now time for cycling shorts. – We shall start Cycling
Shorts by heading over to bike advocacy group, PeopleForBikes, who recently listed cities
and places in the US in terms of where is the
best place to ride a bike. Five criteria they set, including historical data points for rider safety and indeed, the number of
people that do ride bikes in a particular place. Do you want to know who came out on top? – Not really.
(laughs) No, I’m only kidding, yeah. Yeah, no I would really like to know. – I was gonna tell you anyway. Fort Collins in Colorado,
Boulder in Colorado is third, as well, so that
state’s doing particularly well. – Interesting.
– Slightly worrying, though, is the fact that the
maximum rating was five stars and nowhere got more than
three and a half stars. – Right, crikey, where was Portland, famous bike capital of the US? – Oh, that’s north-west, isn’t it, just below Seattle?
– On the list, mate. – [Si] Oh right, fourth, they came. – [Dan] Really, that is interesting. It’d be good to know, wouldn’t it, how much they weight the importance of the number of people
already riding bikes, because you’d’ve thought that could skew the results a
little bit, wouldn’t you? – Well apparently one place
only has 141 residents, so I guess if 20 there
are riding their bikes it’s going to skew things, right? – (laughs) Yeah, it would, wouldn’t it? Oh, well and you know, safety
is of course always important, and thinking of that, back
in January you might remember at the Consumer Electronics Show, Trek and car manufacturer, Ford, announced that they were working together on a new bike to vehicle
communication system, okay? Well things have been
gather pace since then and they announced this week that actually a whole
load of big bike companies have come onboard including Specialised, Shimano, SRAM, Giant, Orbea, Cannondale, among others, so it’s really is gonna be quite a thing now. And those bike brands
have now formed the board for the innaugeral B to V committee. – Wow, sounds like a
positive step doesn’t it. – It think.
– Although, you’re going back to bike advocacy groups has caused some controversy with them because they are claiming
that in order to put a piece of bike hardware
communication stuff on your handlebars or your bike somewhere they’re saying that that’s
not really a positive step if that’s the only
way to stop you getting self run over. – I do see that point,
I see the logic there but you’re kind of extend it couldn’t you and say, “Well, high-vis
is in that category. “Day time running lights
are in that category.” We shouldn’t have to have them in order to stop getting run over, but if they help, then at
least you can do something positive about it. And bike brands, there’s
not much they can do is there really to help out
other than help to campaign and companies like Trek already do that. Any idea where Trek’s
hometown, Maddison finished? Thinking of I would say sixth I think. – Really?
– Yeah. – Oh they get in. They’re putting their money
where their mouth is, nice. And we’re very interested
on your thoughts on this actually before we move on. It is quite a hot topic, this whole bike to vehicle communication, so get involved in the comment section down below. Let us know what you think about it. – Hmm, what people could try doing if they don’t want that
communications device is just bless their bike. Sounds strange, but there
is an annual blessing of the bikes each year at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, in New York. That took place very recently this year. What ever your stance is on religion, it’s a pretty cool thing because first you’d have a moment of
silence to remember those that passed away over the last year and also it’s just a general celebration of the sport which we all love. – I do like that actually. Right that down, sorry ’bout this but from that story we’re always gonna have to let us down a little bit, but we’re gonna have to
let it down quite a lot because we’ve got a Chris Froome update. (upbeat music) – You know it’s an injury update because he did of course crash the morning of the start of the Giro. Actually his albuterol
case, remember that one. Basically there is new development that may well help his legal team because a study published recently in the British Journal
of Pharmaceutical Studies one of your favs Dan? – Top 20.
– Really. Anyway, the researchers there showed that actually the water
test may well not be quite as accurate and therefore valid as previously thought, so perhaps, even though it showed something, Froom can get off. – Well we all thought his
lawyers might be usin’ this to begin with, didn’t we? This was a story which
came to light in the Times, the British newspaper. Subsequently though it was pointed out to everyone that these
same researchers last year did another study in which they concluded that EPO has no performance
enhancing effects. (laughing) – Maverick researchers you’d have to say now wouldn’t you? Weird though ’cause it’s
peer reviewed journal you know it’s in your top 20. It’s good isn’t it? It’s legit?
– Was, it was. Slumped down to possibly top 35. – Has it really, all right. And I take it there is not like dates for the trial? – Well, no it’s been eight months and we’re still not clear as to when this case will be resolved. The UCI President,
though, David Lapassion, was over in Israel I
believe last week and spoke to Mara Vinney who is the race director out in the Giro d’Italia, and promised him that no matter what the outcome
of the Chris Froome case or all the results that he achieved at the Giro d’Italia will stand. – Yeah, and then the UCI
puts out a press release the next day saying that
actually Lapassion has zero jurisdiction whatsoever in this case and it’s all down to water. – Yeah.
– And he’s completely impartial, so–
– rather embarrassing all around.
– Pretty much. – Which is par for the
course, really exciting. We’re very used to that now. Sticking to the UCI they
also announced last week that Gonzalo Najar had
return a positive A sample for the drug CERA.
– Not Gonzalo Najar. Winner of the Tour of
San Juan by an amazing 30 kilometre solo break. Saved Richie by two minutes over a group of select climbers. – Yeah, that’s the one.
– That one, yeah. CERA being a third generation EPO which apparently doesn’t work anyway. – Yeah.
– But yeah, he returned a positive A sample and if the B sample comes back positive we’ll presume he be handed a lengthy ban. – Yeah, well I assume that’s a good thing because his performance
was eyebrow raising at best, wasn’t it? And so the fact that
he has now been proven half proven to have
been taking performance enhancing drugs it’s cool isn’t it that you can see something and say, “Well that looks odd.” And it is odd.
– Yeah. – So you have positive, positive. – Yeah.
– And will continue on with the positive front actually because we want to give a shout out to the cycling legend that is Danny Chu. Unfortunately Danny, 20
months ago has a pretty bad accident we left him paralysed from the chest down, but the great news is
that he’s back competing. On Sunday he did his first
marathon as a hand cyclist. – Yeah, he’s something
of a Pittsburgh legend isn’t he, Danny Chu. He co-founded the
Pittsburgh Dirty Dozen Race. The twice winner of The
Race Across America as well. – Yeah.
– So yeah, great work Danny. We will shortly be
announcing who the lucky contestant is this week who will be going on GCN Wiggle of Fortune. Quick reminder about the prizes, a beer for me hopefully. If it lands–
– Well. – Right there.
(slurping) – About time the odds surely are stacking up. They must be shortening
the odds, mustn’t they? – I find that doesn’t happen.
– The beers are stacking up in the fridge as well. – Yeah yeah. – Alternatively, you could
get one of four prizes in terms of Wiggle Vouchers. Prize four being 25 pounds of vouchers. And prize one being 150 pounds. – What?
That was enough for a couple of weeks see don’t we. – We haven’t and actually Dan we’re gonna have to convert to Euros this week because the contestant is Mathieu Tisne from France. – It’s pretty fewer Euros than
pounds these days, isn’t it? – Yeah probably.
– It’s about 100 Euros. – Yeah right, come on then let’s start spinning that wheel, shall we? – Ellie, three, two, one.
(foreign language) (beeping) Okay, right then. Come on then, spin that wheel. Where’s the beer lordy where’s the beer? (ticking) Eyes on the prize, man, eyes on the prize. – It’s not looking good I don’t think. – Oh it’s got too much
velocity for the beer. – I’m not into-
– Ooh, that is closer. I’m sorry, was it, oh I tell you what. It’s looking good for prize number one. But two, you could’ve, you could, but– – [Both] Oh! – Prize number two, 75
pounds converted into Euros. – Yeah, we’ll be in touch with you to send out your prize. I lose interest every week
when it clicks past the beer. (laughing) – And Mathieu make sure
you get in touch with us and let us know what you’re gonna do with your voucher. Racing news now. And much of the cycle world attention has of course been at the
beginning of this year at Italia, the first
Grand Tour of the year, the 101st edition of the race and starting quite controversially this year in Israel. – And there were a lot of talking points before the race even started, not political talking
points, about crashing because a number of the
main riders hit the deck in training on the morning
of that opening time show. And not least Chris Froome
and Miguel Angel Lopez fortunately for them
though, their wounds were only superficial and the
same couldn’t be said for the poor Constantine
Citzu riding for Bar & Rita who hit the deck and
fractured a vertebrae. He’ll apparently be out for three months. – Yeah, poor old Constantine Citzu. How also poor old Jack Haig as well, he also came down, but he
left until the actual race to hit the deck. He’s posted this, very
brave, very naked photo showing the extent of his injuries. And that does look pretty nasty. – Yeah it does.
– Doesn’t it. Not good, so anyway on
to the racing itself and Tom Demoolance
started this year’s race pretty much where he left off last year with a stellar performance
in the time trial. He took victory by two seconds over a very disappointed Rowan Dennis. Although his team, BMC
helped to make amends the following day they set him up to take time bonuses at the second
intermediate sprint. Well that looks really to be uncontested. Apparently he puts out nearly 1400 watts – Yeah.
– according to Velon data. So yeah fair play too for that. – Posted 900 watts for 24 seconds. Yeah, he did work for it. – Yeah.
– His spot Vivionny saying it was uncontested. Vivionny incidentally has been the king of the sprints so far
on the Tour hasn’t he? He’s one two from two
on stages two and three. The race has a rest day on Monday, but today, Tuesday everything will resume down in Cicely for some
well, a very typical Giro stages, quite complicated affairs which I for one am very
much looking forward to. – Yep, I for two. Now we’ve also got to give a shout out to Sander Armee of the Lotto
Fixall Team, he well, this is what he normally looks like. And this is what the
poor bloke looked like just before he started the time trial and that’s because he got stung by a wasp. Swelled up like a balloon. Poor chap.
– Wonder if he has more arrow?
– That’s a good point. I see that does look like an arrow face. – That does look very
sore indeed, doesn’t it? He could have applied along with his team for a TUE from the UCI for cortisone, an injection of which
probably would have solved most of his problems,
but this between them decided they weren’t going to do that. And he’s ploughed on through. He’s still in the race. He’s now down in Italy
and looking pretty much back to normal. – He says back to normal
there, not pretty much. That’s actually what he looks like. The men’s and women’s
Tours of Yorkshire were also incredibly well
supported this weekend. In fact the fellow that
couldn’t really have been Oxford by housing the entire county given how many people were on
the sides of the roads. Although disappointingly
it was only 2.6 million after the organisers
have actually counted. – Only? I always pity the person
actually who has to count the people on the roadside. That must be a tough old job. – Yeah, one, two three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven. – I presume he’s got one
of those clicker things like they have on an
aeroplane to make sure everybody’s on board. – Can your thumb move fast enough? – No, not for 2.6 million
people in five hours. – No.
– All right, never the less men’s and
women’s races produced some very worthy winners in the form of Grey Pinevalot the Olympic
Champion, he won the four day men’s race and Megan Guy, the American from Bouz
Dorman, she won the two day women’s race. Also, thank you to all of you from North and South America
who joined us here on GCN for our live broadcast
of the Tour of Yorkshire on Facebook. We really enjoyed doing that and we’re hoping, fingers crossed that’ll be the first of
many live races to come. – Yeah, Maverick song isn’t it? And if you don’t live in
North and South America, but you live in Europe
instead then also remember that we’re doing a
little stage recap videos for Euro Sport where
talking over the big news of the day and also race highlights. You can find that on
the Euro Sport website and also that app as well. Oh right, Dan, we’re
gonna move over onto the dirtiest side of the sport now. – We did that in (mumbles) – No, no I mean like
a mud, dirt, you know. Trying to sound cool.
– Trying? – Yeah, basically Mathieu Vanderpol Soccer cross star has
announced that he’s going to be flexing a mountain
biking in the run up to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 and wants to try and win a medal there. The reason I bring this
up is ’cause soccer tips have (mumbles) and when put this question about what does he think
about Mathieu Vanderpol he, his reply was, “Who?” Which I just think’s absolutely genius. – Yeah, he does that
quite a lot, doesn’t he? He’s pretty most piece
scan thing that he’s ever said though.
– Based on it, yeah. – He’s that famous. – Actually that interview was conducted at the inaugural Segan Fundo,
which was a gravel event. And he was a complete hoot
on his great tricked out gravel bike.
– As you would expect for a man of his technical standards. – Yeah.
– We shall finish racing news this week though
with news of Adam Hansen. If you didn’t already know
this, he’s currently riding his 20th Grand Tour on the trial. He’s finished all of them
which means if he finishes this 101st year Italia, he
would have done 420 stages in a row.
– Yeah, I see. A couple of stages got
cancelled didn’t they? – That’s true.
– So 418. – Yeah, 418, not quite
as good that record then is it?
– Not really. – He should count on to the Tour. – Well, yeah, pretty much. We’ve got some results now for you. Last week we gave you the opportunity to win a pair of tickets for the Prudential Ride London
Surrey Classic Sport which is a closed race in central London and in Surrey. We got to see a continental tie, but not only that you
also got to win a pair of Continental DP4000 X2 tyres and also something to make, just
can’t do it with you. Although yeah, you
don’t have to share them with a friend, do you?
– No. – Just take an extra pair for yourself. – Keep ’em yourself. – Yeah, anyway, the results Dan? – Yes we are going to
have a list of the results in the bottom of our screen hopefully because there’s going to probably be some pronunciation problems. – No go on mate, give it a go. – First up, Luca La Ragione or Ragione. – Perfect.
– You don’t know that. – One of them was perfect.
– Yeah. Nick Strelczuk, Anthony James, got that one.
– Nailed it. Peter Rus, Dan Canavan, Arthur Viselskij, Viselskij from Denmark and also Bob Kelly. So sorry about all of that. (laughing) I’m pretty sure that Bob
Kelly and Anthony James right. – Well mate–
Well Anthony as well. We will be in touch in
order to send out your prize and also the ticket to the
Prudential Ride London. It’s a very cool competition prize indeed. – Super cool, yeah.
(whirring) – One of my favourite
times of the week now is hack forward slash bodge of the week. Don’t forget if you
would like to submit your hacks and bodges just
use the hashtag, GCNHACK on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or send them in as a
direct message on Facebook. First up this week from Dale Moore on Facebook Messenger. Spotted this outside his
local office, Denmark. Handmade using steam to
slowly bend and shape the two pieces of wood. – [Si] That is super cool, isn’t it? I mean that is just
about as cool as it gets. I love that. There’s not even a question that that’s anything other than– – [Dan] Well it’s not even a hack is it? That’s just beautiful. Well it might well be in production looking at how well finished it is. – [Si] Fair play, yeah,
let us know some more about that bike if you know it ’cause yeah, fantastic. Right, next one, I don’t
think this is either hack or bodge either ’cause this is also for sale, surely–
– Yeah. – [Si] It’s a cheeky
little six pack carrier slung over your top tube,
but that is a nice one isn’t it, look at that. – [Dan] You’d be surprised how many times I get tagged into that particular product. – [Si] Why is that mate? – [Dan] In various forms of Social Media. Yeah it is a hack, but it
isn’t in production though. – [Si] What most people
don’t realise when they tag down it is actually
that’s not big enough for Dan, he needs double the capacity. – [Dan] Well I need this size. Next hack forward slash
bodge from Alex Pond on Facebook an aero hydration system and look at that at the back. – [Si] That is brilliant isn’t it? And that is aero as well actually. – [Dan] As we found out
when we hit the wind tunnel. When we were testing the
best ways to carry luggage on a bike, actually giant saddle bags are as aerodynamic as no luggage at all, but image if you actually design something to wrap around your but, basically like through like bum-fairing.
– Yeah. – [Si] So that is the future actually of hydration systems, that’s cool. – That would have to be
a rather large hydration system for you if it
wrapped around your butt. Right, well this one
from Lurchimus Ratticus. This is just bizarre. It does have a bit of a back story to it. Lurchimus and friend Rosie are riding two centuries in two
days, then having a couple of days off and then two
centuries in two days back home again and they’ve
decided to do it with this to make it harder for themselves. Lurch was broken back
in 2015 and lost the use of his lower left leg. Rosie’s weapon of choice
is a mountain bike with a homemade trailer to
tow his Schwinn Stingray. – Yeah, Schwinn Stingray.
– Yo, go. And those are hard to
ride uphill aren’t they? – You found out.
– They’re really heavy. Great fun to ride downhill. I hadn’t recognised it initially, but I love my Schwinn Stingray. – [Si] It’s what I can’t
work out is someone actually riding the Stingray, or are they just towing it around? ‘Cause if they are riding,
that is a horrific bodge. Look at it, just is tied
on with a piece of rope. (laughing) Hack or bodge? – Well bodge.
– Clearly bodge episode. – Yeah as is this. The final one from this
week from Gabor Lehocky. Again on Facebook. This is not a hidden motor. It’s very much on show. On a bike which has been quite mangled. I don’t think I’d like to ride that bike with a motor in it. – [Si] Nope, I’m not sure I’d like to ride that bike without a motor then. It looks terrifying, put that strapping a petrol engine on as well, well good luck to whoever owns that bike. That’s a grade A bodge. – Yeah.
– Isn’t it. Not a great week for hacks I suppose apart from a beautiful work of art in the beginning. – Well and the hydration
system that was aero too. Had couple in there we. – I suppose, yeah. – Right yeah don’t forget to keep sending them in using the hashtag GNCHACK. We’ll do more of the
same this time next week. (drumming) Caption Competition now
which is your weekly chance to win a GCN Camelback water bottle. Quick reminder of last
week’s photo was this one of George Bronzini on
top of podium at a tour of Chong Ming Island. We have a very worthy winner this week. – Oh we do to. This is an absolute belter. Maybe ’cause he’s taking a mick out done which we always applaud. This is from Mark Pyle. Congratulations to you. Bronzini jumping high
to avoid the tumbleweed as Dan makes another hash
as the caption competition. (drum roll)
Too bad, Dan’s the best we’ve got at captions, so it’s pretty much a slight
to all of us, isn’t it? – Yeah.
– You have a go this week? – Go on then, yeah this
weeks photo is this one on the podium at the Giro
d’Italia of Ellia Viviani take it away Si. – [Si] You want to know
the secret to Quick Step for success, look into my eyes. Yeah, see what I did there? – I think Johnny B will
be putting some tumbleweed effects overtop of that one too. – No don’t put tumbleweed on that one. – Leave your captions just
in the comment section down below and we’ll pick a winner for a decent Camelback water bottle next week. By the way, Mark get in
touch with us on Facebook with your address so that
we know where to send it. (drums) – Before we go onto what’s coming up on the channel this week
we thought we would take a little look as usual
at some of the comments that you’ve left under our
videos from the previous week including, starting with this one from SAF1981 of the how to win the Girod’. – I’ve got a few pink jerseys at home from that exact thing. – Yeah.
– Also underneath our Giro d’ Italia preview show somebody, Katospear Kiyo wrote which is a very good point. Actually there’s more Matt
of Matt on the channel this coming week isn’t there. Let’s get on to what
we have got coming up. Wednesday is how to prep
and train for a gravel race. That’s gonna be a really good one. – Yeah.
– Which I’m looking forward to myself. I’m not in it by the way. – You mean you’re not
prepared for gravel race are we.
– No we’re not. And on Thursday Matt is
back in a pre-recorded show unfortunately, top Italian cycling phrases part two, Friday’s ask detail and on Saturday it is the latest in our commuter train
sessions with Emma, part six. Now this week she has focusing
on strength and power. – Yeah and then Sunday, we’ve
got a big feature for you. GCN goes bike packing. Oh yeah you can find out how we get on bike packing around the Atlas Mountains. That’s sock ensure with
marathon with 36 hours consecutively in the same
shammy and other adventures so definitely well worth checking out. And also just for a
heads up over on the GCN Tech channel you can
also get a closer look at the quite amazing
bike I was able to ride for that trip as well, so do make sure you check that out. And then Monday is the
GCN Racing News Show. Loads to talk about of
course with this year Italia going on. Tuesday is the GCN Show and also another quick heads up to those of you who do live in Europe if you want to see the GNC Giro stage reviews for Euro sport make sure you look those up on their website. – Where sure is to find out that Emma as we speak in fact is down in Cicely doing some race day
content from Girod’ Italia and also from stages one and two. I think he gonna Matt
knows as well possibly. – She is indeed, yeah. – Stay tuned for some
extra Girod’ Italia content coming from Emma. (guitar chords) – Right unfortunately we are getting towards the end of The GCN Show now. But we of course have got
extreme corner for you. And this week we’ve got Mike Hopkins with Dream Ride 3 for Diamondback. Less extreme extreme,
but still worth watching. (drumming) – [Narrator] Life’s
little story means triumph puts me to stray. Not me, not today. Not now, I say. For sometimes life’s challenges can create something grand like castles formed from fine grains of sand. – Well I tell you what, that isn’t an extreme, but I do like that. Do you know what? It looks like the future
of gravel riding to me that last bit. – Is it of slight concern though that the future of extreme
corner is not extreme? – No, no, no, no, no. – Rename it dreamy corner. – Nah, we’ll have
something gnarly next week. – Yeah. – Gnarly corner, oh that would be good. – Gnarly corner, so if
someone that refused to say, “Lolly.” Their running the show. – Lolly’s not a verb. Gnar ley is an adjective. It’s fine.
– Okay. Yeah, okay, right. That is the end of the show this week. A quick reminder that we still have a few of these tee-shirts left in our shop, the global site at network dot com. You’ll find a link to that right now. There’s also the pink ones left. – But get in quick ’cause
there’s not many left, so head over to the shop
to have a look at those. And if you want, another video right now. Dan has got a cracker exploring, now hold yourself, ball barrings as ceramics beat. So this is seriously well worth the watch even if you might not think Tech is right up your street. – Exactly how they make their balls. (laughing)

100 thoughts on “So You’re Mad But It’s OK… | The GCN Show Ep. 278

  1. Your love of cycling has gone too far when you work at a bike shop for six months but never get a paycheck because you keep buying new kit.

  2. I know my love of cycling may be going to far:
    -I hug my bikes on a regular basis
    -I can barely look at my bikes when I've been off the saddle for several days as I feel they're judging me and I feel ashamed and unworthy
    -Next planned vehicle purchase: a midsize SUV (I'm from the States) and an enclosed cargo trailer to pair with it to use for transport for trips and as a mobile bike shop (I'm not a racer either). Unexpected: my gf (not a cyclist) is fully supportive of it!

  3. Can I just say that I now live in Fort Collins (moved from Scotland). Whilst I do love it as a cycling town, I have just recovered from being hit by a car – operation, physio, and much beer therapy. Seven months out of the saddle. GCN did keep me sane.

  4. You know you've gotten too carried away with cycling when you get excited about a cracked rim … because you know you have to get a new set of wheels … and they're so similar to the current set that your wife won't notice.

  5. I'm tired of the whirl of drug abuse in pro cycling. Make it harsh, and maybe they'll stop. Positive A&B – give them the B A N.

  6. My love of cycling has gone to far when I chose to work the second shift and get home at midnight so I can ride every morning before work.

  7. Caption: ‘Elia, how do you time your sprints just ahead of your rivals?’

    ‘Easy – I use my Cycl-ic powers’

  8. You know your love of cycling has gone too far when you'e cleaning your drivetrain in the sluice in work whilst the patient is on the operating table! (The patient was having an appendicectomy and it was mid operation, they weren't' in any danger because a colleague was covering me, just to reassure you).

  9. Ok I thought it’s all gone too far when I heard of a cafe in Melbourne Australia that offers a “unique service”. The idea is that you upgrade your bikes as you like but store them at the cafe, leaving you to ride from home on the same old faithful you’ve had for the last decade, meet up with your buddies, swap onto your actual bike and enjoy your new ride. Just make sure you remember to swap back on the way home.

  10. Bike to “motor” vehicle (bikes are vehicles too) communication is a good thing. I agree that motor vehicle drivers should take more accountability, but it’s clear that this is not going to get any better…..and considering this new tech will not reduce the freedom of the cyclists, I can’t really see the issue. It maybe the case that these new devises May monitor the cyclist as well, and if this promotes better accountability from the cyclists then this is not a bad thing either.

  11. They should make their own gcn t shirts with narrower sleeves, to hide their straw like upper arms!

  12. Tell those Latin bastards that they can burn in hell. Yours sincerely Johnny, Demetry, Jantje. Aka The joker Sick off it!

  13. You know your love has gone too far when:
    it's a rainy day and you forget how to human…
    you hand in your math exam almost blanc because Dwars Door Vlaanderen starts in 20 minutes and you want to go get some autographs… (got Viviani and Ventoso)

  14. when you persuade your aunt to bike from London to Paris for Bloodwise and now she wants to bike round Scotland for 500km

  15. My bike has its own toothbrush and floss (for those hard to reach places).
    Maybe I should keep the degreaser in a mouthwash bottle for the full set!

  16. #askgcnanything #torqueback Are pro's contractually obligated to ride a variety of their sponsors bikes? I mean if you can have, a 6.8kg aero bike that's still comfortable or climbing bike(that's still 6.8kg). And teams invest all the time and money aero testing riders positions. Why waste the watts over a stage of a grand tour, or a long 1 day race??? Unless they're teams say right climbing/flat/2foot of cobble stage so get the right models advertised. (Example never see lotto jumbo ride specilissimas at a big event)

  17. You mentioned not having a family…. My family keeps growing…. most have Italian names…. Colgnago, Bianchi, Pinarello…..!

  18. When my wife ask me if this is a new something for my bike, I just say “I don’t know what you’re talking about”🤔 and go on about my day.

  19. If Vehicle to Bike communication gives me (and more importantly my wife) more comfort on the road, I'm all for it!

  20. Thanks, Dan and Si, the white-frame comment was a pearler, as you would say and I like that saying. And perhaps we need Dr. Pooley to start a counseling series for troubled GCN fans who take their bike love too far. And we could watch while stretched out on a couch. And for anyone who has yet to contribute to the conversation, I would respectfully say step up to the mike, you know you have a story, fess up, and know this is a safe place. We all belong here.

  21. your love of cycling has gone too far when you are supposed to be visiting your whole family (mum, dad, brothers, sister) who live in Mallorca but instead spend 12 hours a day trying to hunt down pro team training camps or chilling in the local cyclist cafebar ogling at all the rental beauties that are parked up outside, while wishing that you had brought your trusty steed over from the Uk.

  22. You know your love of cycling has gone to far when every room in your apartment has bikes, bike wheels or bike spares in it. Luckily I am single.

  23. Ya'll need to come out to PDX soon. Visit the Chris King HQ, meet with our robust custom frame building community and go for a ride or 2. It would be a solid destination feature, Not sure what requirements you have to make them worthwhile for you but I'm pretty involved in the hospitality and travel industry here and could see what factors and support need to be met.

  24. Your know your love of cycling has gone too far when you didn't drive your wife-to-be to the city hall in a car for your wedding but carried her on the back of your bike instead. And she still said yes!

  25. maybe vehicles could respond to the bluetooth or ant+ signals that mist cyclists will likely already have via their phones or cycling computers/meters..? it wouldn’t have to identify personal data, just the existence of the signal! likely good for pedestrians (that have a phone with bluetooth on) also!

  26. When you book a child free weekend with your Girlfriend to Milan and convince her Bergamo was a better option for a relaxing weekend and conveniently the
    depart for II Lombardia was on the same day. To this day i have maintained it's purely a coincidence. Lake Como this year perhaps 😉

  27. I used to get dreams where it would feel like I was falling and I would find myself waking up putting my hand out to brace myself. Now when I get these dreams, I find myself waking up moving my ankles out to unclip. (Does anyone else experience this?)

  28. Philadelphia is terrible. Drivers like to shout are cyclists……. even the cyclists are angry…….

  29. Caption Contest: (1) if I rub my temples like this, I won't cry after I miss a win. (2) when I put my fingers here, I can hide my canine ears (3) lalalalalalalalalalalala I can't hear you talking about that crybaby moment I had.

  30. You know you're love of cycling has gone too far when it's exam week and you decide to go for a 3h ride when you are supposed to study for a test you know you need to study for, and you tell your parents "don't worry I've already done all the studying"…

  31. kitchen table was not bing used so i threw to out so i could get more bikes ……..wife suggested i hang extra chainring rings on the wall did i go to far #4thebikeofit

  32. Yeah FoCo (Fort Collins)! Take that Boulder! This is the best place to live for cyclists. I've moved away 3 times and moved back 3 times. I left Honolulu, Hawaii and Redmond, Washington for this place.

    In past 5 or 6 year I always visited Giro in person in Italy but I can't this year… However, yesterday I wanted to watch the stage and could not. This is what I tried:
    => Regular TV: n.a.,
    => Eurosport player / Amazon Prime: Giro n.a. outside of the UK (btw I was paying for Eurosport player few years ago but (1) localized version did not have cycling and (2) it did not work anyway as I was travelling and often in different countries where it was blocked, yet this were two reasons why I bought it),
    => Fubo: managed american VPN, but I did not have american postcode on my credit card card so payment did not go through,
    => FloBikes: again american…

    I am eager to pay but apparently the industry does not want the money. Let's get inspired by F1 who went all digital this weekend and streamed the race online directly to the fans (I did not watch – just reading the news). If F1 can do it (understand see business opportunity in going direct to the fan) why cycling can't… This is immense opportunity that could solve so many teams' funding issues…

  34. I'm concerned Bike to Vehicle hardware will become like a helmet – you will be considered at fault if you don't have one, even when you did nothing wrong.

  35. When you are running out of space for a new bicycle, yet you are still looking at a new bicycle to purchase. your love for cycling went too far.

  36. Your love of cycling has gone too far when you are tyring to figure out what bike you are going to get with insurance money, I was in a neck brace, high on meds and about do a full ct scan. I had just arrived by ambulance after a head-on collision with a car at a combined speed of about 80kph. Radiologist wasn't impressed.

  37. Your love for cycling has gone to far when you plan a relaxing day at the beach on your honeymoon and sneak off the rent a superbike for a ride in the mountains.

  38. when you f**k with your girl and after that when she goes to sleep you secretly go out for a ride 😀

  39. Question for a future show….what's the best way of securing your bike at a cafe stop? It's not always possible or sensible to sit outside and a U lock is a bit of a pain to carry at times

  40. Bike to Car sensors? Please get Dacia, Skoda, Hyundai and Kia involved as they are the worst offenders for close passes! Old People Vehicles.
    GCN needs to organise a safety campaign in Saga, The Express and the Daily Mail!

  41. you know your love of bikes has gone too far when your girlfriend goes to the basement each day when she comes home, because she knows you are gonna be down there fiddling with your bikes. (We live in a 2nd floor appartement)

  42. You know when your love of cycling gotten too far is when your parents force you to buy a car in order for you to stop riding your bike. My solution is to get a folding bike to fit in the trunk.

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