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StrideTek Good Form Running with Chris Thornham of Flo Cycling

StrideTek Good Form Running with Chris Thornham of Flo Cycling

My name is Chris Thornham, owner of Flo
Cycling, a carbon fiber bicycle wheel company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have been a triathlete and runner for about 10 years and today we’ll be talking about Good Form Running. Some of the benefits of Good Form
Running are improved efficiency, improved speed and reduction in injuries. Today will
focus on five key topics those will be posture, forward lean, foot strike, cadence
and arm carriage. Good posture when running will keep your body in a strong and
stable position to help you spread the load properly through your joints and
ligaments. Starting from the head – you want your head in a straightforward, neck
and a nice straight line neutral position. We will want to lift the sternum keep a nice tight strong core, and rotate the hips forward to help engage the glutes.
When running will want to use the force of gravity to help pull us forward
instead of trying to use our muscles to drive us forward. Forward lean is what we
use to do that. Instead of driving forward with our muscles, all we want to
do is lean the entire body forward from the ankle joint. So if we are to stand in
place lift one leg and then lean forward, we
want to naturally run. Next we’ll talk about the midfoot and forefoot strike.
From the side a midfoot or forefoot strike will land under the runner’s
center of mass. This allows the runner’s body to easily roll through the foot
strike in contrast to a heel strike which causes a braking force. Cadence is the
number of steps you take in a minute while running. A higher cadence will help
promote the midfoot or forefoot strike by naturally shortening your stride
length. When we’re running down the road we want to focus all of our energy in one motion which is forward. So instead of having arms
cross our body like this, we’ll want our arms to swing forward to move in the
same direction we’re heading. So the next time you’re out running try to focus on
the five things we talked about today posture, foot strike, forward lean, cadence, and arm carriage. I hope it will help you improve your running technique so you
can enjoy efficient and injury-free running.

3 thoughts on “StrideTek Good Form Running with Chris Thornham of Flo Cycling

  1. I'm not an athlete or sport runner. I just run I done marathons. I think those stuff happen naturally. I never heard about any of those terms, mid foot, steps, strike, cadence … whatever. I don't know how to incorporate what you said when I run even if I wanted.

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