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How To Start Riding On A Climb

– Now if you’ve ever had to come to a stop on a climb, then you will know just how difficult it can be getting going again, particularly on a steep one like this. So therefore, a number of you have asked just how exactly you do it. So coming up are a few tips […]

How To Bunny Hop A Bike | GCN’s Pro Cycling Tips

– The ability to bunny hop is not exactly crucial for us, as road cyclists, but there is no doubt, that on occasion, that skill can get you out of some serious trouble. And there’s also the fact that if you need to negotiate a curb on the way to a cafe stop, it gives […]

How To Keep Your Hands & Feet Warm | GCN’s Pro Tips

How To Keep Your Hands & Feet Warm | GCN’s Pro Tips

– A common question among cyclists is how to keep your hands and your feet warm when you’re riding in cold weather, but the answer is coming up, a result of some hard-earned lessons and indeed, some handy hints. See what I did there? So why do we get cold hands and cold feet, eh? […]

How To Stay Warm Cycling In Winter

– Winter cycling can be a pretty cold and wet experience in almost any corner of the globe, but that doesn’t stop people getting out and enjoying it. There must be ways that you can make it more pleasurable. – Yeah, and some of them are pretty easy too, so here, we’re gonna give you […]

Why Cyclists Should Run | Can Running Really Help Your Cycling?

– Right, brace yourselves. I’m gonna put a quite controversial case to you. Why cyclists should run. – Run? No, I mean, I know I’m dressed for the occasion but surely you’ve heard the old saying, never run if you can walk, never walk if you can stand, never stand if you can sit, never […]

How To Think Yourself Faster | Psychology For Cyclists

How To Think Yourself Faster | Psychology For Cyclists

– It’s no exaggeration to say that this GCN video could revolutionise your cycling, because your head could make or break your ability on the bike. So, coming up are some tips on how to get the most out of it, but first, we need to talk about pain. (intense rock music) When we’re riding […]

Simon Richardson’s Gravel Bike – Trek Crockett With SRAM 1X

– Global Mountain Bike Network presenter Neil Donoghue and I have just raced the Dolomiti Superbike mountain bike marathon. (invigorating music) It was brilliant. Really tough, but cracking good fun. However, despite it being a mountain bike marathon, someone thought that with me being a GCN presenter, I shouldn’t ride a mountain bike, and instead, […]

HIIT Indoor Cycling Workout | 25 Minute Sprint Intervals

(upbeat music) – Welcome to GCN indoor training session. In this session we’re gonna be taking you through some anaerobic sprint efforts on the Passo Sella. I have to say that I was never much good at sprint efforts. What about you James did you ever do this kind of training? – Yes, I did […]

Gravel Bike Vs Cyclo-Cross Bike | What Really Is The Difference?

Gravel Bike Vs Cyclo-Cross Bike | What Really Is The Difference?

(energetic music) – Go on mate, come on. – Guh. This Cyclocross bike, is the original, versatile off-road drop handlebar bike. Actually, it’s pretty fair to say that it’s one of the original off-road bikes. But, back in the day, they had tires that were just 25 millimeters wide and they had cantilever brakes. The […]