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How To Choose A New Gravel Bike

(dramatic tone) (typing) (whooshing) – So you’re thinking of buying a new gravel bike, which one to get can be a difficult decision because there are a lot of different types. So we got together with Shimano, who this year launched the first gravel specific groupsets, GRX, to put together this video to help to […]

How To Fuel Your Cycling Recovery | Emma’s Spinach Protein Pancakes

(soft jazz music) – Welcome to Oat Cuisine with GCN. This is a recipe for savory spinach pancakes made of surprise, surprise, oats. Let’s get crackin’. So savory spinach pancakes. What do we need? We need some oats, two eggs, 50 grams of spinach, baking powder, some lowfat milk, squeeze of lemon juice. And then […]

5 Nutrition Tips For Cyclists | Eat Better & Ride Faster With GCN

Want some quick pointers to get your nutrition on track? Coming up are our top nutrition tips. (upbeat music) In this video you’ll see I’m using products from products form Enervit, and that’s because they are our nutrition partner. But there are of course other products available. (tribal music) Hydration, hydration is crucial to maintaining […]

8 Essential Cold Weather Cycling Clothing Tips

as a lifelong cyclist an ex-professional I’ve ridden in literally every single type of weather that you can possibly imagine sometimes for hours on end and I’m not gonna lie it was pretty grim but it’s left me with a wealth of experience that I can share some tips and tricks from with you in […]

How To Shoulder & Run With Your Cyclocross Bike | CX Skills

– An essential cross skill is how to get the bike up onto your shoulder and start running with it. We’ve already talked in an earlier video about how to dismount, get off the bike, and get on the bike, but today’s video is going to be all about how to get the bike up […]

How To Fuel For Cycling | Bike Ride Nutrition Explained

– Nutrition and training go together however if you have one without the other, you’re not going to get the desire effects and ultimately, you’re not going to get fitter, stronger, and faster. After all, we are all aspiring to be better and more well-rounded cyclists. (playful electronic music) Right, let’s start off with a […]

World Championships Road Race Course Preview 2019 | Yorkshire Men’s & Women’s Route Recce

– The UCI World Road Cycling Championships are coming here to Yorkshire on September the 21st. Now as a proud Yorkshire-man, I’m extremely excited about this. It’s gonna be mint. So, I’m going to take you through all the courses, the races, what you can expect, the key locations, and we’re gonna get some insight […]

How Cycling Can Boost Your Mental Health – GCN Does Science

(logo swooshing) (gentle orchestral music) – I know what you’re thinking. That is a seriously cool hat. Probably out of your budget though, and with good reason. It is no ordinary hat. It’s monitoring and recording blood flow in my brain while I’m doing a fitness test. The reason for it is to demonstrate that […]

5 Essential Gym Exercises For Weedy Road Cyclists

– This might be the only gym video on YouTube that’s not about getting buff, ripped, shredded and hench. Instead, it’s about getting stronger. Hopefully. (smooth music) (energetic techno music) – Cyclists are not renowned as being a particularly muscled and buff crowd, even if you wouldn’t get that impression from the two you see […]

The Ultimate Cyclist’s Breakfast | Emma’s Blueberry Lemon Pancakes

(light happy music) – A stack of pancakes might sound like a bit of a guilty treat, but this recipe for lemon blueberry high protein pancakes, is actually remarkably healthy. It’s also based on oats, as part of the GCN Oat Cuisine Nutrition series, is super easy and super tasty. (light happy music) For this […]