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What’s In Your Jersey Pockets? | GCN Asks The Pros At La Course

– I think I have 10 of everything. – [Interviewer] 10 of everything? – Something like that, yeah. – Secret stuff, okay? I’ve already had my carb, okay? – I think, there’s Haribo guys around, so I’m gonna try and get some Haribos. – Got some banana gels. – That sounds disgusting. – It actually […]

What’s Your Longest Ride? GCN Asks The Pros At The UAE Tour

What’s Your Longest Ride? GCN Asks The Pros At The UAE Tour

– In my seemingly never-ending quest to find out more and more about professional cyclists, today I wanna find out what’s the longest bike ride you’ve ever done? What was it for, why were you doing it, and what were you thinking? Come on, let’s go and find out. (cowboy music) What’s the longest ride […]

What Music For Warming Up? | GCN Asks The Pros At The Giro d’Italia

(funky horn music) – We’re here at the 2018 Giro d’Italia, and I remember when I was racing how important it was to me to have the right music in my warm-up. So we thought we’d ask the pros what they listen to while they’re warming up. Nothing, in Svein’s case. Question is, do you […]

What’s Your Hardest Training Session? | GCN Asks The Pros At La Vuelta a España 2018

– We’re at Vuelta a España, stage one, And we’re asking, what’s the hardest training session that the pros have to do? (huffing) – Probably long climbs, and with high power, but every training is hard, actually, if you want to be better. – I live up in Andora, on the border of Spain and […]