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Running For Cyclists: How To Get Started And Enjoy Running

– I know cyclist will always be cyclist, but sometimes we don’t even bring our bike, we don’t have the time, or it’s not the perfect weather. So running is the best exercise for a cyclist undergo. Today, because I’m not an expert, I brought our own Heather from GTN. She’s going to help us […]

Cyclo-cross Legends: A Day In The Life Of Sven Nys

– Hello everyone. I’m Jeremy Powers, and I am here today with one of the greatest of all time, Sven Nys, and Sven thank you for coming on. – Thank you. – We’re here at the cycling center, your cycling center, The Sven Nys Cycling Center in Baal, Belgium, which is home of the GP […]

How Fast Can You Tow A Caravan With A Bike? | The Worst Idea We’ve Ever Had…

(yawns) – Morning all. Right, in this video we’re going to see how quickly we can pull this caravan with a bicycle. (upbeat music) Okay, we’re off. (grunt) Man that’s hard. – [Narrator] Mark Beaumont is perhaps best known for his epic feats of cycling ultra endurance, most notably cycling around the world in just […]

How Do Bike Gears Work? | Bicycle Gears Explained

– Bicycles have gears to help you ride more efficiently when going uphill, downhill, and on the flat across all varied terrain. Without easy gears, you’d grind to a halt when trying to go up steep hills and without bigger gears, well you wouldn’t be able to pedal fast enough when going downhill. But how […]

The Hottest Pro Bikes Of The Tour de France 2019

The Hottest Pro Bikes Of The Tour de France 2019

– We’re at the 2019 Tour de France and myself and Lloydy are on the hunt for the hottest pro bikes. And my tech sense is tingling because I’ve heard there’s some new models lurking about as well as some tasty paint jobs. So before we get continuing with the hunt, make sure you subscribe […]

Ultimate DIY Roadside Bike Hacks To Get You Home

Ultimate DIY Roadside Bike Hacks To Get You Home

– It doesn’t matter who you are, if you ride enough, then sooner or later you’re going to have a mechanical at the side of the road. Now with luck, you’ll have the relevant tools with you and you’ll be able to fix it and get on your way. But sometimes, for whatever reason, you […]

NEW Orbea Orca OMX | Orbea’s Latest Lightweight Disc Brake Aero Bike

– This is the beautiful new Orbea Orca OMX. It’s Orbea’s latest performance racing machine. And the OMX designation represents the pinnacle in Orbea’s carbon fiber technology and construction. I’m going to tell you all about it. I’m going to go through all the new features, and I’m going to weigh it. But before I […]

The Worst Things To Say To A Cyclist | GCN Show Ep. 352

– Hi, this is the Jones’ with Springfield Brewing Company. – On Red Mountain Pass in Ouray, Colorado, welcome to the GCN Show. – Welcome to the GCN Show. – This week, phrases that no cyclist wants to hear. Now you can either avoid using them, or deploy them with devastating effect. – We’ve also […]

Can Simon Survive A True US Gravel Race? | Racing the Steamboat Epic

Can Simon Survive A True US Gravel Race? | Racing the Steamboat Epic

– (claps) Let’s do this. (beep) Let’s do this. (beep) Was it you in there? Right, let’s do it. (dramatic music) (tires screeching) – Steamboat Springs in Northwest Colorado is a hidden paradise. For snow sports in winter and two-wheels in summer. The mountain biking is off the scale, but it hasn’t been well-known for […]

Can We Ride And Survive A Stage Of The 1903 Tour de France?

(calm music) – [Mark Voiceover] I knew this was going to be a really, seriously tough ride. But I still underestimated it. This is utterly, indescribably tough. One of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever done on two wheels. – It is without doubt, the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. 60 km/hr on 100 year […]