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New Cervelo Aspero Cyclocross Bike | Joris Nieuwenhuis’ Custom Designed Pro CX Bike

– I’m here with Team Sunweb’s Joris Nieuwenhuis’ Cervelo Aspero. A complete prototype bike. We’re here in Belgium at the Superprestige in Ruddervoorde and not a single person has this bike. Joris is the only rider in the bunch to be able to have it and we’re excited to dig into it and check it […]

How Much Faster Is A Modern Road Bike & Kit? | Retro Vs Modern Wind Tunnel Tested

– Over the years, bikes have advanced. – A lot. – I love retro kit. – Yeah, and I love modern, aero bikes. So much so, that we’ve decided to combine our two passions and come to the Silver Stone Sports Engineering Hub, a cycling specific wind tunnel to pit the latest, most high-tech cutting […]

Tips For Buying A Used Or Second-hand Road Bike

– If you’re buying a bike, then buying used is a great way to save money and make your budget go further. So in this video, we’re going to give you a guide as to what to look for so that you can avoid getting a clunker and make sure you get a good deal. […]

5 Nutrition Tips For Cyclists | Eat Better & Ride Faster With GCN

Want some quick pointers to get your nutrition on track? Coming up are our top nutrition tips. (upbeat music) In this video you’ll see I’m using products from products form Enervit, and that’s because they are our nutrition partner. But there are of course other products available. (tribal music) Hydration, hydration is crucial to maintaining […]

Is Riding In The Rain For Serious Or Stupid Cyclists? | GCN Show Ep. 359

– [Cyylists] The top of St Agnes Beacon, welcome to the GCN Show. – Welcome to the GCN Show. – This week, is riding in the rain for serious cyclists, stupid cyclists, or just soggy cyclists? We try and get to the bottom of whether to cycle in wet weather. – Dan’s adventure got off […]

8 Essential Cold Weather Cycling Clothing Tips

as a lifelong cyclist an ex-professional I’ve ridden in literally every single type of weather that you can possibly imagine sometimes for hours on end and I’m not gonna lie it was pretty grim but it’s left me with a wealth of experience that I can share some tips and tricks from with you in […]

Hot Tech From The World Championships | GCN Tech Show Ep. 92

– Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. This week we’ve got all the latest hot tech from the World Championships in Harrogate, as well as your upgrades and the bike vault. Oh and, John’s back. – All right (electronic music) – Myself and John are back from the awesome World Championships in Harrogate, Yorkshire where […]

How To Prevent Cold Hands & Feet Whilst Cycling In Winter

– Do you seem to suffer from cold feet or cold hands in the middle of winter? – In this video we are going to show you all the hacks that we have learned over the years to make sure your feet and hands don’t become ice blocks. – If you haven’t already done so, […]

Are Road Pedals Faster than Flat Pedals? | Clips vs Flats Hill Climb Challenge

(metallic whooshing) (hypnotic EDM music) – Three, two, one, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up! What is the best upgrade you can make to your bike? Now, some people would say making the transition from flat pedals to clipless. – Clipless is a confusing name because you do, indeed, ride clipped in, […]

GCN’s Guinness World (Penny Farthing) Hour Record!

– [Hank] Last year Mark Beaumont tried to break the 136 year old Penny Farthing World hour record. It turns out that riders in the 1880’s were not hanging around and Mark narrowly missed the mark by 35.55 kilometers. That record is what’s called pace though. Meaning that you can have other riders on the […]