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Cyclo-cross Legends: A Day In The Life Of Sven Nys

– Hello everyone. I’m Jeremy Powers, and I am here today with one of the greatest of all time, Sven Nys, and Sven thank you for coming on. – Thank you. – We’re here at the cycling center, your cycling center, The Sven Nys Cycling Center in Baal, Belgium, which is home of the GP […]

Cycling Endurance Training Special | Ask GCN Anything

– Welcome to Ask GCN Anything. – Coming up this week we have all your questions on endurance; so, multi-day cycling events, fasted fat-burning training, and more. – Endurance for January, I like it. – Endure and enjoy. – Yes, and remember if you want to get involved in next week’s show, then use the […]

5 Essential Skills Every Cyclist Should Learn

5 Essential Skills Every Cyclist Should Learn

– In this video, we are gonna show you five essential skills that will help make you more confident on the bike. These skills do take practice, but they will make you become a more well-rounded rider. – The good news is that they are not too difficult to master but it is really important […]

The Worst Things To Say To A Cyclist | GCN Show Ep. 352

– Hi, this is the Jones’ with Springfield Brewing Company. – On Red Mountain Pass in Ouray, Colorado, welcome to the GCN Show. – Welcome to the GCN Show. – This week, phrases that no cyclist wants to hear. Now you can either avoid using them, or deploy them with devastating effect. – We’ve also […]

Can Simon Survive A True US Gravel Race? | Racing the Steamboat Epic

Can Simon Survive A True US Gravel Race? | Racing the Steamboat Epic

– (claps) Let’s do this. (beep) Let’s do this. (beep) Was it you in there? Right, let’s do it. (dramatic music) (tires screeching) – Steamboat Springs in Northwest Colorado is a hidden paradise. For snow sports in winter and two-wheels in summer. The mountain biking is off the scale, but it hasn’t been well-known for […]

What To Wear While Cycling In A City

– As former professional cyclists, we’ve probably spent more time wearing lycra than bears thinking about. – Yup, and although the tight cycling shorts and the tight jersey and all the other tight cycling kit might be appropriate for longer training rides, sometimes lycra is just not the answer. – No, not for city cycling. […]

Get Fit In 4 Weeks Ep. 1 | Planning & Preparing

– Has this month’s Tour de France inspired you to get back on your bike, to become a little fitter, faster, maybe even ride a little longer, take in some more challenging terrain perhaps? – Though maybe, like me, you’ve left a little bit late to train up for that big event that is fast […]

8 Performance Enhancing Supplements, Foods & Nutrients For Cyclists

8 Performance Enhancing Supplements, Foods & Nutrients For Cyclists

– Most nutritionists recommend a balanced diet for the general population, but intense exercise is likely to increase the demand for certain nutrients. Here, we explain some of the best nutrients, and supplements, that you might wish to consider to help boost your performance. Totally legally, I would like to add. [Music Playing] – Number […]