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How Hard Can You Ride On A Hardtail Mountain Bike?

How Hard Can You Ride On A Hardtail Mountain Bike?

– Welcome back, you beautiful people. And today is a questioning day. We all know that the enduro bike is capable of all kinds of disciplines, from down hill, enduro, XE, dead jumps, big jumps in a bike park, to free ride lines in the mountains. Ha, it’s like its the bike to go for. […]

How Not To Wash Your Mountain Bike After A Ride

– [Narrator] How not to wash your pride and joy, we recommend that you do not follow most of these practices. We had to show you how not to do it, so you don’t learn the hard way. This is for your entertainment purposes only. – Oh man, look my bike’s still muddy. At least […]

Riding Repack – A History Of Mountain Biking | GMBN Retro Week

(tv static) (electro music) (tv static) (rock music) (plane roaring) (air whoosh) – So, we’re here in Marin County just north of San Francisco. We’re going to meet a few really interesting people and learn a lot about the history of mountain biking. – Yeah, which of course mountain biking fundamentally started in Marin County […]

8 Good Habits Every Mountain Biker Should Have

– Right, we’ve all got bad habits. I’ve just done a video on all these bad habits and how to stop doing them, but there is good out there. So I’m gonna point out a few of these good habits and potentially help you start doing these. (upbeat music) First good habit I wanna kick […]

Are Fat Bikes Cool?

– I’m at a Mountain Bike Trail Center. Look at all the bikes. We got all sorts. We got hardtails, kid’s bikes, gravel bikes, ebikes, downhill bikes, gravel bikes. But no one’s got a fat bike, except for me. Am I mad, or is everyone else missing out? (upbeat music) Right, so I’ve got Blake’s […]

7 Ways You’re Destroying Your Mountain Bike | MTB Maintenance Tips

– Mountain bikes may well be tough old things. They can take a hell of a pasting out on the trails, but they’re not invincible. It’s entirely possible that you’re slowly, or actually in some cases, rapidly, aging your pride and joy. So let’s take a look at those things that really do kill your […]

Game Of B.I.K.E. – Who’s The Most Skilful GMBN Presenter

– Welcome to GMBN Game of BIKE, where I’m gonna put these professional YouTubers through their paces. They’re competitive. They’re hungry. It could get messy. Let’s get on to the first challenge. (peppy reggae music) Okay, challenge one, we’ve got two purposefully built trees. We actually made them ourselves. They’re not real trees; they’re fake […]

Riding Drops On Hardtails? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

Riding Drops On Hardtails? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

– Okay, so it’s time for Ask. This is the section of the GMBN week where we answer all your mountain bike related questions. So don’t forget you can fire your questions in to [email protected] or leave them in the comments below. – Alright, what we got Blake. Fire away. – Well I’ve picked out […]

Beginner Mistakes & How To Avoid Them | Mountain Bike Skills

– When you’re getting into mountain biking, it’s really easy to make some big mistakes. I know I did loads. – Yeah, we still make mistakes to the date. – That is true. This is some of the most common mistakes you’re likely to make when you start mountain biking and how to avoid them. […]