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BIKE MAN PART 2 (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 115)

BIKE MAN PART 2 (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 115)

So after what happened last time, you’re still keeping your beard and riding your bike? What happened? I watched it on youtube, you went and carried a mad man. So because I carried a mad man I should not become a bike man again ? You guy I’m a hustler read my lips HUS-TL-ER Ive […]

How Eritrean Cycling Made it to the Top of the Giro d’Italia | Africa’s Cycling Revolution

(AFRICA CYCLING REVOLUTION) (TSEAZEGA VILLAGE, ERITREA) We are just farmers. At first I didn’t know anything about cycling. My plan was to make good farmers. (SOLOMON DEBESAY, FARMER) I never saw this coming. My name is Mosana Debesay Abraham, I am elite road cyclist. (MOSANA DEBESAY, CYCLING ROAD – ERITREA NATIONAL TEAM) (GOLD MEDAL – […]