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10 Essential Strength-Training Exercises for Cyclists | Bicycling

– We get it, knowing which exercises to do off the bike can be overwhelming. I have the 10 essential exercises every cyclist needs to know, let’s check them out. (upbeat music) For a Dumbbell Deadlift make sure you start with feet hip distance apart. You’re gonna be hinging at the hips, pressing the hips […]

Why Ashton Lambie is Track Cycling’s Wild Card

Why Ashton Lambie is Track Cycling’s Wild Card

– It’s awesome to show people from the Midwest, which isn’t necessarily a hotspot for elite level cycling, but show people that that’s totally possible. You can really train on gravel and go fast and have fun at the same time. There’s sorta that idiom that exists of like a fixie rider being different from […]