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Epic E-Bike Unboxing & Test

Today I received the most ridiculous box I have ever seen in my life. It would have made a refrigerator delivery look like Amazon Prime. I’ve had bicycle deliveries before. I’ve shipped them, received them, and even unboxed fat tire bikes. They’re all shipped in similar sized boxes. If it wasn’t for this tear in […]

CTS Research Makes an Impact: Bicycle and Pedestrian Counting Initiative

CTS Research Makes an Impact: Bicycle and Pedestrian Counting Initiative

[Michael Petesch] “It’s important to have good data about bicycling and walking, because we’ve been hearing for years people saying that there’s no one walking on the sidewalks, so why do we need improved curb cuts, or why do we need to fix cracks? And we’ve heard the same story about bicycling. If there’s nobody […]

The Daredevils Who Invented Mountain Biking

The highwheelers are kind of fascinating. High wheelers were sort of this thrill seeking technology ridden mostly by athletic young men and the bigger the wheel, the faster you could go. There are stories of practices where when they started going down hill, the pedals were directly connected to the front wheel, and so as […]

Ergo21 LiquiCell Bicycle Seat Cushion Review – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. And it’s product review time again. The folks at Ergo21 sent me their LiquiCell Bicycle Seat Cushion. It’s really nice cause it comes in two different sizes. This is the regular size that fits most bikes, and this is the large size for maybe something with a bigger seat like […]

Alto Cycling Aero Wheels Review for Triathletes and Road Cyclists

Hey, what’s up triathletes? Taren here. If you’re interested in buying yourself some instant speed without putting in any extra training or effort, and doesn’t involve pulling a, let’s just called it, Shmance Carmstrong, stick around, because we’re going to be talking about the new Alto Cycling wheels I’ve been rolling on for the last […]

Product Review – PlaSmart PlasmaBike Balance Bike Bicycle

this is the review for PlasmaBike introduced in Summer of 2011 PlasmaBike is a unique design encourages balanced coordination and motor skills development while offering a fun ride for kids older than 18 months and under 55 lbs the PlasmaBike has a rounded edges design the lightweight of the PlasmaBike but and it’s build-in handle […]

Clipless Pedals – Buying your first Mountain Bike for Beginners #4

mountain biking for beginners part four cloudless petals contrary to the name clip list petals allow you to connect your shoes directly to the bipedal an alternative to this would be toke lips or straps uh… benefits to put those panels is simple with the issue capture the pedal you can use your hamstrings to […]



Hi everyone, I hope you’re fine! Today we meet for a new video and today I’m not alone! I am with Coco Inspired! Hello ! Today’s first session on this Inspired Arcade, he is with his brand new Inspired Skye, We found some spots in Colmar, here we go! No more energy ! And it’s […]