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GCN’S Commuter Challenge – What’s The Best Way To Ride To Work?

– [Off Camera] Okay guys nice one. Do you want to get uh, yourselves back to the office? – [Simon] Yeah. – [Simon] After filming GCN’s show in the city of Bristol, we need to get ourselves back to our hometown of Bath 20 kilometers away. Commuting by bike is the natural choice but it […]

Can Simon Survive A True US Gravel Race? | Racing the Steamboat Epic

Can Simon Survive A True US Gravel Race? | Racing the Steamboat Epic

– (claps) Let’s do this. (beep) Let’s do this. (beep) Was it you in there? Right, let’s do it. (dramatic music) (tires screeching) – Steamboat Springs in Northwest Colorado is a hidden paradise. For snow sports in winter and two-wheels in summer. The mountain biking is off the scale, but it hasn’t been well-known for […]

4 Fitness Building Training Sessions For Cyclists

– A new year, a new you. But that still involves cycling, doesn’t it? Well I guess that goes without saying, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to continue doing the same old training sessions you were doing last year. So coming up are four sessions that we can all do without any […]

10 Things Every Cyclist Should Know

– [Matt] Riding a bike is a simple pursuit. But being a cyclist is a lot harder. – [Simon] Yeah, there can be a lot to learn about this strange sport of ours. So here are the Top 10 things that we think every cyclist should know. ♪ [music] ♪ – When you first hear […]