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Gravel Bike Vs XC Mountain Bike: Which Does It All Best

Gravel Bike Vs XC Mountain Bike: Which Does It All Best

– Dan and I made a tongue-in-cheek video where we tried to answer two commonly asked questions. Firstly, what on earth is a gravel bike? And secondly, why might you want one? – You’re calling it tongue-in-cheek Si, but what I heard was more than bikes are boring. – Yes, well some of them are, […]

Cheap E- Bike Vs Super E-MTB | What’s The Difference?

Cheap E- Bike Vs Super E-MTB | What’s The Difference?

– You might recall a time when I took Kevin up to a peak in Wales, Mount Snowden. It wasn’t clever and it certainly wasn’t pretty. But how did this budget, 350 pound bike deal with the conditions coming down off that mountain? Well, today it’s time to reveal if you do actually get what […]

9 Ways To Make Bike Rides More Enjoyable | GCN’s Pro Tips

– We all love riding our bikes, but what if you could make your ride even more enjoyable? Well coming up, a whole load of decent hacks to do exactly that. (biker crying) What’s up? – I’m just crying tears of joy. Such a beautiful ride. (funky dance music) – A squeaking, creaking bike which […]

Top 5 Ways To Lose Weight Through Cycling

– [Matt] Christmas is over. It’s the new year, so no doubt many of you will be thinking about how to lose some excess weight ahead of the summer cycling season. – [Simon] The good new is, though, that you are in the right sport if you want to lose weight. Cycling is a fantastic […]

Save or Spend? Cycling Upgrade Hacks | Maintenance Monday

– Most of us upgrade or at least dream of upgrading our bikes. So, replacing individual parts for ones that perhaps work better, look better, or add new functionality. But not all upgrades represent good value. So, when moneys tight, this is where you think you should invest. It’s time for GCN’s, save or spend? […]

How To Shoulder & Run With Your Cyclocross Bike | CX Skills

– An essential cross skill is how to get the bike up onto your shoulder and start running with it. We’ve already talked in an earlier video about how to dismount, get off the bike, and get on the bike, but today’s video is going to be all about how to get the bike up […]