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Can I Crash At Your House?, Officer Steve McKenna, COPS TV SHOW

SUSPECT: I didn’t do anything wrong. Can you stop? Can you just– Officer, it wasn’t me! I was in the passenger seat! [MUSIC – INNER CIRCLE, “BAD BOYS”] (SINGING) What you want, what you gonna do when the Sheriff John Brown come for you. OFFICER: We’ve got an issue with fictitious 68 tags. And I […]

Sarasota Police Bicycle Donation: September 2019

Sarasota Police Bicycle Donation: September 2019

It’s in perfect working order. The tires are fixed up really good. Tom from Resurrection House had something going on and we worked together.Thank you guys!I think it was like two months ago I ran into her on 10th and Cocoanut You were going through your belongings and you were just honestly doing an inventory […]

Criminal Charges for Failure to Register Bicycle in Montgomery Co. (MD)

Hey Everybody, this is Steve. I’m going to share a personal story abut how police use ill-conceived laws to punish people who assert their rights. A few weeks ago, I was in Maryland District Court facing two criminal charges from an incident that happened last June. And through the discovery process that’s where the prosecution […]