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Reshaping the DL Killer

Reshaping the DL Killer

Ok, right, this is the KS1 Di Luca road shoe. It’s a carbon hull. I’m just going to tell you a little bit about how to actually mould the hull to your foot. Now this process doesn’t have to be done. If the shoe fits you nicely when you actually receive it then there is […]

How To Install SPD cleats on Garneau shoes

How to Install SPD Cleats on Garneau Shoes Step 01: Pull out the insole Step 02: Loosen the shoe Step 03: Gently remove the Boa® with a flat head screwdriver. It should pop out with minimal leverage Step 04: Cut the cleat access panel along the perforated lines to expose the mounting area Step 05: […]

Triathlon Cycling Shoes vs. Road Shoes

Triathlon Cycling Shoes vs. Road Shoes

– Should I actually get tri shoes? Bam. Learn from my mistakes. What’s up, trainiacs? You know what? About two days ago when I first emptied out the entire office into my living room, I was a little bit ashamed of it, but you already see my shame now and you’re really not going to […]

Custom-fit Shimano cycling Footwear | SHIMANO

Shimano Custom Fit Insoles are designed to augment and enhance the fit, comfort and performance you expect and receive when you purchase Shimano Dynalast footwear. Who can benefit from custom insoles? Any rider wanting more comfort, and the improvement in performance that can result. It’s especially beneficial on long and tough events, like gran fondos […]

Brand New Cycling Helmet & Shoe Tech At The Tour Down Under

– I’m an absolute lover of cycling shoes and I’m always jealous when I see what the pros are using. So what better place to start for 2019, then to Tour Down Under, the opening World Tour race of the season? Let’s have a look at what they’re using this year, and while we’re at […]

How To: Clean Your Bike Shoes

Is this a shoe washing video? Why do I get stuck with all the washing videos? Don’t we have an intern to do this? Evan, get over here! Hazelnut latte? Two sugars? Yeah. Alright, great; wash my shoes, do a good job. How To: Clean Your Bike Shoes When chasing adventures on your bike, your […]

How To: Clip In to Your Pedals (2-Bolt)

Well hey there! How To: Clip In to Your Pedals (2-Bolt) Clipping in to your pedals using shoes with cleats gives you a better workout than riding with platform pedals. You use your quads, hamstrings, calves, and core to add power to your pedal stroke. It also gives you a more balanced pedal stroke that […]

How To: Clip In to Your Pedals (3-Bolt)

How To: Clip In to Your Pedals (3-Bolt)

This product is for you! But wait! If you order within the next hour, we’ll send you two shoes! How To: Clip In to Your Pedals (3-Bolt) When you like to ride fast or want to stay fresh for long days on the road, you want all of the energy you put into the pedals […]