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How Important Is FTP To A Professional Cyclist?

here at GCN we’ve got several videos about how to improve your ftp, your functional threshold power, which is the power that you can sustain around about an hour but just how important is ftp to cycling performance and could you be a professional road cyclist is without a very high functional threshold power at […]

How To Ride Your Bike In Hot & Humid Weather | GCN’s Pro Tips

How To Ride Your Bike In Hot & Humid Weather | GCN’s Pro Tips

– It’s that time of year when many of us in the northern hemisphere are contending with really hot temperatures and possibly humidity as well. They make for some tough riding conditions, and so here are some tips on how to cope with it. And yes, it might seem strange listening to advice on this […]

GCN’s Tour Of Flanders Preview Show | Men’s & Women’s Ronde Van Vlaanderen 2019

(upbeat music) – It is the first cobbled monument of the year and it is my favourite race of every season, it’s the Ronde van Vlaanderen, known in English as the Tour of Flanders. – For this preview show as you can see we are back sipping some typically tasty, and strong, Belgium beers at […]

How Can I Warm Up Like A Pro? | Ask GCN Anything

How Can I Warm Up Like A Pro? | Ask GCN Anything

(dramatic swooshing) – Hello again, welcome back to another edition of Ask GCN Anything. – This week, power meter or light weight wheels, how far can I lean on my tires, and what is a good warm-up? – Yes, all of those questions coming up. Don’t forget that this show is all about us answering […]

10 Standout Cycling Moments Of 2018

10 Standout Cycling Moments Of 2018

– Coming up, the best moments of the 2018 pro cycling season. (boom) (whoosh) (energetic music) At the start of 2018, Pete Sagan had won over 100 professional cycling races, but only one of those was a monument. The 2016 Tour of Flanders. However, he doubled that tally in April by winning Paris-Roubaix and didn’t […]

Indoor Cycling Training – 20 Minute FTP Session With Surges

– Hello and welcome to a GCN indoor training session. This one is just 20 minutes long. But do not worry, it is still going to make us fitter and if it’s your kinda bag, it’s also gonna hurt. The focus is to boost that all-important threshold power, so the maximum power you can sustain […]

What’s The Best Way To Stay Motivated While Training? | Ask GCN Anything

(dramatic music) – Hello, and welcome to Ask GCN anything. This week coming up we have your questions on how to train for an Everesting attempt, how to improve your sprint power, and many other cycling related questions. Don’t forget to be in with the chance of winning a free three month subscription to Zwift, […]