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How Do I Ride Blind Corners Without Losing Speed? | Ask GCN Anything

– Welcome to ask GCN Anything. It’s that time of the week when we go through all your questions, all about cycling. And in this week, what do we have in store? – This week have how to stay motivated whilst commuting, how to maintain your bike on a long multi-stage event, and which bike […]

9 Ways To Make Bike Rides More Enjoyable | GCN’s Pro Tips

– We all love riding our bikes, but what if you could make your ride even more enjoyable? Well coming up, a whole load of decent hacks to do exactly that. (biker crying) What’s up? – I’m just crying tears of joy. Such a beautiful ride. (funky dance music) – A squeaking, creaking bike which […]

Should You Train Like A Professional Cyclist?

– So what is it that the pros actually do? (upbeat music) Well, to work that one out we need to look at a full calendar of racing. Some pros will race 60 to 90 days a year. Riding one, two, or maybe even all three Grand Tours. Other pros may race a little less, […]

Are Cleats More Efficient Than Flat Pedals? | Ask GCN Anything About Cycling

– Another week passes by in a blur, and we’re here yet again in the show where you ask the questions, and we do our very best to answer them. Now first up we have this from Anthony King, who asks, “This Saturday I’m riding the short version of L’Etape Australia. Unfortunately, the forecast is […]

5 Cycling Descending Mistakes To Avoid | GCN Pro Tips

– Getting it wrong going up hill is bad enough, but make a mistake when descending and it could have far more serious circumstances. So here’s what to avoid when the road goes down. My first time. (intense bass digital beats and music) For the vast majority of the time that you’re plummeting down hill […]

Top 5 Ways To Lose Weight Through Cycling

– [Matt] Christmas is over. It’s the new year, so no doubt many of you will be thinking about how to lose some excess weight ahead of the summer cycling season. – [Simon] The good new is, though, that you are in the right sport if you want to lose weight. Cycling is a fantastic […]

Emma’s Buffalo Bike Challenge For World Bicycle Relief

– Here I am, trying to ride up to Pescul in Alta Badia on a bike that weighs 24 kilos, and not only does it not have a compact chain ring, it actually doesn’t have any gears at all. What the hell am I doing? (rhythmic guitar music) Well, the story starts with a conversation […]

How To Corner On A Cyclocross Bike | Emma Does Cyclo-Cross Episode 3

– Here we are, it is lesson three of my attempt to learn cyclo-cross. What’s up next, Si? – Well, today we are gonna be looking at how to control a bike in loose and slippery conditions. It’s one of the big fundamental differences between road, where hopefully you almost never lose traction and off-road, […]

What Should You Upgrade Next On Your Road Bike? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 24

(dramatic music) – Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. – Coming up this week we tackle the age-old question, what should your next upgrade be? – We take a look at an unreleased bike currently being raced on the World Tour. – Yeah, and one that isn’t being raced at the World Tour, because it’s […]