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10 Stunning Bicycle Concepts Made by Top Car Makers

What’s up YouTube, have you ever wanted to buy a bike made by a high-end car company, of course not Number 10 Mercedes-Benz smart e-bike do you think you’re smart? Well, you should try out the smart e-bike this bike uses an aluminum alloy frame, Gurgaon pc2 petals, and mogera mt. 4 hydraulic disc brakes. […]

5 Bike Inventions That Will Make Bike Thieves Jobless

– Bikes are stolen like a lot. Two every minute, over a million every year, and that’s just what’s reported. That’s why we’re so excited to bring you Linka, the world’s first auto-unlocking smart bike lock. Linka can do a lot of cool things, but at its core, it’s a powerful lock that’s hard mounted […]

Cafe Racer (Bicycles by Oto Cycles)

Cafe Racer (Bicycles by Oto Cycles)

bicycles I never was a big fan of these means of transportation from my perspective they have one big problem gravity I’m one of those guys that like being pushed and not the opposite and that’s exactly why I’m going to show you these amazing machines the first time I saw these I thought exactly […]