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Running For Cyclists: How To Get Started And Enjoy Running

– I know cyclist will always be cyclist, but sometimes we don’t even bring our bike, we don’t have the time, or it’s not the perfect weather. So running is the best exercise for a cyclist undergo. Today, because I’m not an expert, I brought our own Heather from GTN. She’s going to help us […]

Yoga For Cyclists – Yoga With Adriene

– Hey everyone and welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I am Adriene and today we have an awesome practice for you. We’re tackling yoga for cyclists today and of course this practice is for anyone. Super great for the calves, the glutes, the lower back, the mid-back, the upper back, the chest. You name it, […]

8 Mountain Bike Training Mistakes To Avoid

8 Mountain Bike Training Mistakes To Avoid

– In this video I’m gonna talk you through some of the really common training mistakes. Some of these I made as a pro mountain bike racer. Hopefully you can avoid them and make your riding better. (dramatic whoosh) (upbeat music) A classic training mistake is just to work in your strengths. So for example, […]



– And scene, one hour. (bike wheels spinning) Morning, Trainiacs. Friday morning, really easy recovery spin, 60 minutes averaging 91 watts. Nothing to share, nothing to talk about. We are however gonna start putting out some race specific efforts getting ready for Coeur d’Alene, maybe even racing this weekend, so we are gonna walk through […]

30 Minute Workout – Indoor Cycling Hill Climb Training

Hello, everybody. Are you ready for a 30-minute session aimed at improving your climbing? Yes? Well, let’s get straight into it. We’ve got four minutes to get ourselves warmed up for the hard work that’s still to come. And to keep you motivated today, not only will you have me telling you what to do, […]

My Bike Rack that also holds a helmet and shoes: DaHANGER

(door opening) – Morning, Trainiacs. Everyone, everyone is always asking me, “What are the bike hangers in the backgrounds “of your videos over here?” Like this one, this one right here, where you hook the saddle onto this little felt part here, and you got room for your helmet and shades, or, even your shoes […]

The Worst Things To Say To A Cyclist | GCN Show Ep. 352

– Hi, this is the Jones’ with Springfield Brewing Company. – On Red Mountain Pass in Ouray, Colorado, welcome to the GCN Show. – Welcome to the GCN Show. – This week, phrases that no cyclist wants to hear. Now you can either avoid using them, or deploy them with devastating effect. – We’ve also […]

Kate Hudson Does Her First Post-Baby Cycling Workout — on Thanksgiving! – News today

 There’s no turkey coma for Kate Hudson this Thanksgiving.  On the biggest eating day of the year, Hudson opted to get in her first cycling workout since she welcomed her third child, daughter Rani Rose, on Oct 2. Get push notifications with news, features and more. Follow Following You’ll get the latest updates on this […]

Triathlon Cycling Shoes vs. Road Shoes

Triathlon Cycling Shoes vs. Road Shoes

– Should I actually get tri shoes? Bam. Learn from my mistakes. What’s up, trainiacs? You know what? About two days ago when I first emptied out the entire office into my living room, I was a little bit ashamed of it, but you already see my shame now and you’re really not going to […]

Fast Fitness Workout – Get Fit With GCN’s 30 Minute High Cadence Bike Workout

Fast Fitness Workout – Get Fit With GCN’s 30 Minute High Cadence Bike Workout

Hey I’m Paul, and welcome to a 30-minute spinning session with the GCN team. Let’s go through who’s here today. At the front row we’ve got Jessie, Matt, Lucy. Bringing up the rear in the back is Dan, Emily, and Simon. This thirty-minute journey is going to test us all, all our fitness, our strength. […]