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How Do I Ride Blind Corners Without Losing Speed? | Ask GCN Anything

– Welcome to ask GCN Anything. It’s that time of the week when we go through all your questions, all about cycling. And in this week, what do we have in store? – This week have how to stay motivated whilst commuting, how to maintain your bike on a long multi-stage event, and which bike […]

6 Top Tips For City Cycling

6 Top Tips For City Cycling

(upbeat music) – Many of us bike riders will at some point be faced with some form of city cycling. Some of us less often, but the chances are if you ride a bike you will at some point find yourself negotiating a big town or city on two wheels. – Yeah, but I think […]

What Is Your Favourite Cycling Training Session? | GCN Asks The Pros

– I’m in the middle of the mayhem of the Giro D’Italia, but I’m asking the pros what is their favorite training session? (upbeat electronic music) Now what is your favorite training session? – Um. – Um. – Um. – Um. – Favorite training session, just a long, long ride with good mates, nice caf […]

What Would You Change About Professional Cycling? | GCN Ask The Pros

– I’m at the Giro d’Italia and I’m asking the pros if they could change anything in pro cycling, what would that be? (uptempo music) If you could change anything in pro cycling, what would it be? – The climbs. – Yeah? – Yeah. – Keep it flat? – Keep it flat. (laughs) – Think […]

How To Fuel For Cycling | Bike Ride Nutrition Explained

– Nutrition and training go together however if you have one without the other, you’re not going to get the desire effects and ultimately, you’re not going to get fitter, stronger, and faster. After all, we are all aspiring to be better and more well-rounded cyclists. (playful electronic music) Right, let’s start off with a […]

Cycling In Winter – Special Edition | Ask GCN Anything

(whoosh) – Hello and welcome to Ask GCN Anything. – Yes, and this week it’s a winter special. So, for all of us here in the Northern Hemisphere, the weather is turning, so we’re gonna answer all those questions on winter riding. – We are. But don’t forget to use the hashtag #ASKGCNTRAINING and you’ll […]

Pro Cycling’s Pressure Gauge, Are We Close To The Limit? | GCN Show Ep. 331

– Welcome to the GCN Show, the 25000spins Coromandel Classic 2019, Whoo. – Whoo. – Hello and welcome to the GCN Show brought to you by our mates at Wiggle. – This week pro cycling’s pressure gauge. Are we close to the limit of what is humane? – Yeah, but at the other end of […]

Can You Burn 10,000 Calories In One Ride? | The 10,000 Calorie Challenge

– How many calories? A hundred and thirty-four. You got another one up there, James? Thanks, pal. You got another box? – I did just neck three. Sorry. – That’s all right. Good thinking, that. That’s 390 calories. (James laughs) (dramatic music) We could just keep going. Will we be able to? I am really, […]

When Did You Start Shaving Your Legs? | Ask GCN Anything

When Did You Start Shaving Your Legs? | Ask GCN Anything

– Welcome to Ask GCN Anything, and this time, it’s our first time as the new presenters, flying solo. – It is, we’ve been let loose, and no one’s holding our hand today. – So we thought as a way to help you get to know us better we’d start with Yu_Lock’s question. He writes, […]