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Uh-oh! The Three Meerkats Have a BIG Motorcycle Problem | Cartoon for Kids

(cheerful music) (exciting music) – [Man] Mr. Monkey, Monkey Mechanic, was organizing his tools when suddenly (bell rings) the garage bell rang. A visitor! Mr. Monkey loves having visitors. Who could it be? – Hello! – Oh, hello there. I’ll be right with you. – Hello. – Uh, hello again. Just one moment, I just […]

* MOTORCYCLE * | Bikes For Kids | Things That Go TV!

* MOTORCYCLE * | Bikes For Kids | Things That Go TV!

G’day, Reggie Roo here. What has two wheels and a loud engine? A motorcycle. Here is a silver Motorcycle. And here is a motorcycle rider. He puts his Helmet on. Making sure it is fastened tight. Hi Mick! Today he is taking his motorcycle out for a ride. The keys go in the ignition. And […]