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[S2 – Eps. 27] What am I doing??

[S2 – Eps. 27] What am I doing??

I can’t believe I’m doing this Good morning internet, it is 10:30 in the morning and welcome back to the channel My plans for today changed a little bit, or well, I was planning to ride on today but here the weather is good today but where I was planning the weather is pretty bad […]

[S2 – Eps. 24] Visiting Pigeon Mountain. Wait, WHAT?!

So when they first named this mountain probably the people thought that they were pigeons over there, pooping on the cliffs Good afternoon internet, it is 17:15 in the afternoon and welcome back to the channel I am in Punta Arenas, in Chile and I am now walking towards kind of a main road to […]

AFGHANISTAN motorcycle trip – travel documentary 2018

Hello friends, here we are again Claudia and Peter with our Suzuki V-Strom. Today we’re a little bit nervous because there is a special part of our trip. Today we want to take you together with us to Afghanistan. We will write you the piece of paper, address, guesthouse, governor, checkpoint. When you arrive there, […]


You know why this is the best trip for us? Why? Because I got to get here on a motorcycle, and now you get to play with flowers. True Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back. Today is a big day. I’m super stoked because finally after eight months of owning my bike, I’ve got […]

Himalayan Motorcycle Adventure – Full movie

motorcycle adventure dirt bike TV proudly supported by adventures back in England Rally Raid products giant loop in the United States and adventure motor in Australia [Music] all right [Music] I know what a cracking for you look at those mountains they go all the way to the horizon just brilliant mountains you serious those […]