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BH Ultimate | Created by elite cyclists

Nerves, motivation, adrenaline. Only seconds until the start. I’m surrounded by the world’s top cyclists and I know that the start will be crucial. Rider and bike. Bike and rider. The bond between us grows so strong that we end up becoming one. I was there at the start of this project. I was part […]


you might have seen it already hey guys what’s up, that’s how we start usually you have might noticed now that I am on my free coaster hub again and we are doing Slopestyle free coaster challenges on my Slopestyle free coaster bike a free coaster hub is a hub where you don’t have to […]

The Hottest 2020 E-Bikes At Eurobike | Eurobike 2019 Part 2

– Day two at Eurobike and today’s all about the bikes. We got everything from 120mm travel up to 160, and up to those big Talon bikes at 200mm travel. But it’s not just about the travel, it’s about the motors. We’ve got everything from the German brands, across the Far East, we got Japanese […]

WES Winner Nico Quere’s Giant Reign E+ Pro | EMBN Pro Bikes

WES Winner Nico Quere’s Giant Reign E+ Pro | EMBN Pro Bikes

– Nico Quere is the winner of the first-ever WS International Enduro Series. I’m here with his giant Reign E bike. Let’s have a look at some of the details. (electronic beeping) Okay, first and foremost, this bike is the 2020 Giant Reign E bike. It’s 160mm travel, front and rear. Although I think Nico […]

Bike Talk – Mathias Flückiger’s Radon Jealous | SHIMANO

Hi guys, this is my new bike: the Radon Jealous. And I’ll now show you some details. As you can see, the bike is equipped with a full Shimano XTR groupset. I prefer normally a single ring in the front. For example a 36T. When it’s a little bit steeper then a 34T is the […]

The World’s Steepest Climb? | Extreme E-Bike Climbing Challenge: The Slab

The World’s Steepest Climb? | Extreme E-Bike Climbing Challenge: The Slab

– I’ve ridden this years ago, on my mountain bike, people have ridden down it for numerous video segments, people like our own Martyn Ashton have ridden down it. – Oh wow, it’s kinda steep then. – Yeah, but we’re gonna go up it. – Really? – Yeah. – What are we talking? – I’m […]

Filipino Cyclist Tours Jakarta, Indonesia By Bike

Let’s go on a trip to Jakarta, Indonesia. Let’s go! Finally, we are now in Jakarta, Indonesia The time now is 12:49AM We arrived at 12:30AM, we left Manila at 8:30PM so around 4 hours flying time I booked a Grab taxi I’m waiting for it now From the airport to the city in Jakarta […]

7 Things You May Not Know About E Mountain Bikes

– Now if you’re a mountain biker thinking about an e-bike these are few things you might not know and how an e-bike differs from a mountain bike. (relaxing music) The term e-bike means there has to be pedal assist. Anything with a throttle is not an e-bike. And anything that assists you over 32 […]