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How To Train On Your Commute | Threshold Workout

(upbeat music) – I like to do my training first thing in the morning, if possible, luckily for me, I have about an hour’s commute by bike, which is perfect actually for fitting in this snappy little FTP session. Now because I have a bit of a tendency to faff in the morning, over a […]

Climbing Clinic With Óscar Pujol | Ask GCN Anything Special Edition

(cinematic music) (speaking foreign language) – Mate, I’m gonna have to stop you. It’s an English show, come on. – Sorry. – Yeah. – Welcome to Ask GC Anything. – Yes, and this week, we’ve got a climbing special. So I’ve been out of rope and fellow GCN presenter and world class climber– – Ex, […]

How To Train At Sweet Spot For Cycling | Triathlon Training Explained

(lighthearted music) – Welcome back to the Triathlon Training Explain Show, powered by TrainingPeaks, and this week, I’m out on the bike, and I’m gonna be delving into Sweet Spot. Now, you may have already heard of the term Sweet Spot training, or perhaps you’re already using a little bit of Sweet Spot training in […]

How Do I Ride Blind Corners Without Losing Speed? | Ask GCN Anything

– Welcome to ask GCN Anything. It’s that time of the week when we go through all your questions, all about cycling. And in this week, what do we have in store? – This week have how to stay motivated whilst commuting, how to maintain your bike on a long multi-stage event, and which bike […]

How To Improve Your VO2 Max | VO2 Max Explained

– [Dan] A high VO2 max has long been linked with elite athletic performance. So to give you a few cycling examples, Greg LeMond recorded one of 92 and a half. Chris Froome’s is apparently just under 85. Whilst his young Colombian teammate, Egan Bernal, the super climbing talent, apparently has one just over 90. […]

Train With Team Sky | GCN’s Aerobic Cadence Workout

– Welcome to the Wahoo KICKR Team Sky /GCN aerobic session. 30 minutes long. But first off before I explain the session, I’ve got a real roster of talent around me, as you can see. On my right from Spain, David Lopez. Give us a wave, Dave. Thank you very much. Philip Deignan, just to […]

Are Road Pedals Faster than Flat Pedals? | Clips vs Flats Hill Climb Challenge

(metallic whooshing) (hypnotic EDM music) – Three, two, one, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up! What is the best upgrade you can make to your bike? Now, some people would say making the transition from flat pedals to clipless. – Clipless is a confusing name because you do, indeed, ride clipped in, […]

How To Train And Prepare For A Gravel Cycling Event

– Riding a gravel event could well be a little bit different to what you’re used to. Whether that’s road racing or sportives, or just the local club run. Endurance, self-sufficiency, and comfort could well become more important, and so your training is gonna need to reflect that. As Katherine here knows all about. She’s […]

What Is Your Favourite Cycling Training Session? | GCN Asks The Pros

– I’m in the middle of the mayhem of the Giro D’Italia, but I’m asking the pros what is their favorite training session? (upbeat electronic music) Now what is your favorite training session? – Um. – Um. – Um. – Um. – Favorite training session, just a long, long ride with good mates, nice caf […]

Rebuilding Old Road Bike Wheels & Using Lube Whilst Cycling | GCN Tech Clinic #AskGCNTech

– Hello everybody and welcome along to another (beep) Why’s do ya keep saying (beep). Ah, it’s GCN Tech Clinic. Let me spell Tech right, here. Okay (beep). Welcome along to another edition of the GCN Tech Clinic. This is the point in the week where we answer your tech-related questions. It is the first […]