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How To Lock Your Bike In Town | GMBN Tech’s Guide To Urban Bike Security

How To Lock Your Bike In Town | GMBN Tech’s Guide To Urban Bike Security

– Having your mountain bike stolen is about the worst thing that can happen to any of us mountain bikers and if you’re going to lock your bike up in public, you better make sure it is really, really secure. Now, we’re going to show you just how vulnerable the mountain bike is and we’re […]

Neil and Blake Push A Fat Bike To Its Limits

(playful music) – Blake today, I’ve got a surprise for you. – I love surprises. – Dude, this can be sweet. – Ooh, can’t wait. – Think you’ll enjoy it. – It’s that a new bike. (laughter) – A fat bake. A canyon dude. – Sweet. This thing is fat. – You know what? I’m […]

Fat Bike Vs. Enduro Bike | Fun or Fast?

(rock music) (record scratching) – (laughs) Wow! I bet that guy’s on Strava trying to get this segment dialled in. What a idiot. (whistling) (fun upbeat music) (whistling) (hard rock music) – Think of the gains, woo hoo hoo! Woo, that was fast. Woo! Yes! Wa-pew! Personal record, woo hoo hoo! I am so damn […]

12 Common Bike Maintenance Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

– Whilst maintaining your mountain bike is actually fairly straightforward, it could be really easy to get a few things wrong. Especially if you rush something, if you don’t quite know what you’re doing, or if you just take a chance on something and don’t do your research. So here are some classic mountain bike […]

Top 10 Mountain Bike Life Hacks

– I’m back with a bunch of hacks. This time it’s more focused on MTB kit in your life, and how to look after it all. So, here are my best MTB life hacks. Hydration bladders, most people use these if they go for a decent ride. And I think, if you’re like me, you […]

How Not To Wash Your Mountain Bike After A Ride

– [Narrator] How not to wash your pride and joy, we recommend that you do not follow most of these practices. We had to show you how not to do it, so you don’t learn the hard way. This is for your entertainment purposes only. – Oh man, look my bike’s still muddy. At least […]