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Game Of B.I.K.E. – Who’s The Most Skilful GMBN Presenter

– Welcome to GMBN Game of BIKE, where I’m gonna put these professional YouTubers through their paces. They’re competitive. They’re hungry. It could get messy. Let’s get on to the first challenge. (peppy reggae music) Okay, challenge one, we’ve got two purposefully built trees. We actually made them ourselves. They’re not real trees; they’re fake […]

How To Build Confidence On The Bike | Cycling Skills With GCN

– Confidence on the bike requires time in the saddle, but if you’re not very confident you’re probably not going to want to ride your bike, so it can become a little bit of a vicious circle. Well, today I’m delighted to say that I am joined by GCN Espanol’s Maya to help us out, […]

10 Cool Ways To Get Off Your Mountain Bike

(upbeat music) (laughing) – How you all do it, yeah? So, that’s getting off your fat bikes at the end of the trail, or at the trail head, wherever. But, I’ve got a few ways to make it even more fun, to make you look cool. Plus, maybe embarrass yourself, or to help save you […]

How To Ride Ruts Like A Pro | Essential Cyclo-cross Skills

How To Ride Ruts Like A Pro | Essential Cyclo-cross Skills

– Ruts, R-U-T-S ruts. You know when you’re having a bad day you call your mom up and you’re like “Mom I’m not doing good.” And she says, “Honey it sounds like you’re in a rut.” Well that’s not a good thing, but on a Cyclocross bike being in a rut is actually an amazing […]

How To Dismount & Remount A Cyclo-cross Bike | CX Skills

How to get on and off of your bike has been discussed on GCN by many prominent riders. Now, like a good old recipe from your grandmother, it’s passed down through the generations. I learned it a certain way. Maybe the Belgians learned it a different way and their cookies taste different than our cookies […]

6 Things To Leave To Pro Cyclists

– There are some things that you just got to leave to the pros like this, this and this. – Make sure if you do enjoy this video you give it a thumbs up and click on the bell icon because then you’ll get a notification every time we upload a video. And I’m telling […]

Bikes Up, Knives Down | Using Cycling To Fight Knife Crime

Bikes Up, Knives Down | Using Cycling To Fight Knife Crime

(people yelling) – [Guy] The amount of people that storm the city on bikes, yeah Bikestormz. (dramatic music) – [Narrator] Go on any news website at the moment in the U.K, and you’ll be met by a number of headlines about the issue of knife crime among young people. In 2018, there were 21381 knife […]

How To Bunny Hop A Bike | GCN’s Pro Cycling Tips

– The ability to bunny hop is not exactly crucial for us, as road cyclists, but there is no doubt, that on occasion, that skill can get you out of some serious trouble. And there’s also the fact that if you need to negotiate a curb on the way to a cafe stop, it gives […]

How To Ride A Fixed Gear Bike

– Now Chris and I have come out here today with a single goal in mind, and that is to learn to ride a fixed-gear bike. – I haven’t ridden on fixed-wheel bike since I last raced the track in 2012 with this guy, and that was a world away from riding a fixie in […]