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BICYCLE Garden Decor – Easy!

Making a Bicycle Garden Ornament. Hi this is Coreen from Capn America Projects! Be sure to Like Comment and Subscribe. This is the bike that I started with to make the lawn ornament. It is very retro classic looking bike but we can’t ride it anymore. I removed the dust so that the paint would […]

Mavic Comète Ultimate Shoes – Behind The Scenes At Mavic HQ

– These are the new Mavic Comète cycling shoes. And they have been surrounded by quite the hype since they were launched just a few weeks ago. Now fortunately for us, Mavic have actually invited us out to their headquarters in Annecy, France to see just what all the fuss is about. And we will […]

Choosing the Right Triathlon Bike Saddle

Choosing the Right Triathlon Bike Saddle

– Who, what, why, where, when, saddles, and how to select the right one for you. Now as far as split nose saddles go. (grunts) (upbeat instrumental music) What’s up, trainiacs? Very quick video today because I just got in from a 30 hour saga of flying yesterday and I had a bad Larabar this […]

Giro d’Italia Inside Line – Tech News From The Mountains

We’re here for another extra tech news with Caley Fretz from Velo news. Caley, when we spoke last it was down in Southern Italy, we were on flat roads talking aerodynamic road bikes and aerodynamic TT bikes. Now here we are in the mountains, what are the changes that people have made to their bikes […]

The Polarization Lab

Chris Bail: So what we found surprised a lot of people, we thought that breaking people’s echo chambers would make them more moderate, what we actually found is that breaking the echo chamber made people more extreme. This experiment made things worse, not better.We think that the problem runs a lot deeper than echo chambers. […]

Motorcycle Demo–BG Performance Oil Service

Hello friends, I’m Casey Greseth, motorcycle enthusiast, self-taught mechanic, amateur bike builder and also a Field Trainer for BG Products. Now I’ve put together a number of motorcycles over the years. It’s been a lot of trial and error and when it comes to things like cleaning carburetors, what I’ve learned is I only want […]

Triathlon News Aug 6, 2019: Lance Armstrong Makes Millions off Cycling

Triathlon News Aug 6, 2019: Lance Armstrong Makes Millions off Cycling

– What’s up, Trainiacs? Welcome to this week’s Triathlon Newsday Tuesday where in this week’s edition of Tri Newsday, one of our favorite bike companies does some big money hustlin’. Another company in the endurance world is like the opposite of big money hustlin’. There are no money lazying. And, we gotta get those views […]

Team Sunweb’s 2019 Cervélo S5 Aero Race Bike | Joris Nieuwenhuis’ Pro Bike

– This is the new Cervelo S5 Disc of Team Sunweb Cervelo, replacing the previous sponsor Giant for 2019 and let’s have a look at the bike, which is probably the most strikingly different in the complete world tour selection. (deep bass music) So the frame has actually taken a complete redesign and overhaul compared […]

Blake’s Bike Packing Adventure Round The Isle Of Wight | GMBN Epic Rides

– Welcome back you beautiful people, today I’m on the Isle of Wight, where I live. The weather is amazing, it’s Friday and I can’t wait to get out on my bike, but look at what I’ve got to ride. (upbeat music) Yup, I am going bikepacking around the Isle of Wight. I’ve ridden here […]